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Hello, I would like to use your wonderful controls on a bootstrap based website. Is it easy to extract just some of these controls or do you have something available I can buy without getting the whole theme? Would be just a matter of including a css? Thanks in advance and keep the great work.


Hello, did you receive my email?


and you’ve got my answer?


yes, and replied. Thank you very much :)

Can’t run on IE v 7 , 8 ,9


Hey, you can not run?

“Admin-template can be configured to show the fields in accordance with the privileges of user. for example: Subscriber, Publisher, developer, administrator, etc.” in Can be used to wordpress


Hello This is the template html. Permissions and other administrative functions are things of use and programming. This is the HTML and CSS so that you can use for anything. Extra wordpres template is not included.

jay23 Purchased

Bought it and playing with it , love it.

benekid Purchased

next update?


Good day, about the end of the week.

missing a lot of files, speak of the jquery files. It is possible to get an update on my mail?


Hello, thank you for your purchase. What you are missing, please send me an email


When I download the template, the launch of Google Chrome Browser and tool developer there are missing libraries. Could you send me via email or FTP the template with all its dependencies correct? Thanks in advance.


look at the comment above, maybe it will help

ronald02 Purchased

Hi, bought the template – it’s great! Just a quick question: I am struggling a bit to get all the files in the right place (and order) in the Rails asset pipeline. If you – or anyone else – has experience in this, I would be very grateful for a little bit of help. :)


Greetings, thank you for your purchase. do not use all the included js. only those that you need. See Complete tmp_xxxx, but I found some bad lines in files. I will send you by e-mail

Hello, this is a great job!
I’m very interested in purchasing this item, but i think you need some fix in mobile portrait version.
For example when you expand the “green” menu you cannot scroll the page, because if you do it over the menu, the page doesn’t move down.
Are you planning next updates?
Thanks in advance


I look at it. On what os? update will be Sunday – Monday

I’m using Galaxy Nexus (Android), with stock browser (preinstalled).

Other things found (device/browser):
  • Main menu !important: as explained above(Android/Stock)
  • Selectpicker: onClick the element don’t mantain focus and hide options in milliseconds (Android/Stock)
  • Select2: multiple not working, single display both spriteCss arrows (Android/Stock)
  • Bootstrap spinners: mousewheel not working + scroll on top on buttonClick (PC Win/Chrome)
  • Datetimepickers: when time or date disabled, can’t see the appended icon and plugin not working (Android/Stock)
  • Clorpickers: only “using events to work with the color” is working (Android/Stock)

Hope this helps ;-)
  • Wysiwyg editor in Demo Form > Article: onClick “Edit HTML” lost html formatting, for example bold text.. (PC Win7/Chrome)
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Hi, Nice Template and loaded with lots of goodies!

My question is: There is an arrow at the bottom left of the side menu that does not seem to function. I added more links to make the menu extend past the bottom bar and I click the arrow to see if the menu itself would slide up to have access to click the links which extend below that bar and nothing happens. Is there a fix for making that possible?

Thanks in advance..!

ahking Purchased

Hi Again,

Guess I was not paying attention. Found a slim scroll bar on the right side of the menu as a rollover. Sorry for the bother!


ok, there is the preparation for the toggle block

How can I find the missing files?

  • Failed to load resource boo-admin-v.1.2.0/assets/js/lib/jquery.date.js
  • Failed to load resource boo-admin-v.1.2.0/assets/plugins/bootstrap-fuelux/all-fuelux.min.js
  • Failed to load resource boo-admin-v.1.2.0/assets/plugins/bootstrap-datetimepicker/js/bootstrap-datetimepicker.js
  • Failed to load resource boo-admin-v.1.2.0/assets/plugins/pl-visualization/easy-pie-chart/jquery.easy-pie-chart.js
  • Uncaught TypeError: Object function Date() { [native code] } has no method ‘today’

hello, I’m sorry, please correct the link to js. assets/js/lib/jquery.date.min.js assets/plugins/bootstrap-fuelux/js/all-fuelux.min.js assets/plugins/bootstrap-datetimepicker/js/bootstrap-datetimepicker.min.js assets/plugins/pl-visualization/easy-pie-chart/easy-pie-chart.js

Hello, how do I put decimal numbers in the line chart? Like this: R$ 12.452,57


Hi! great work… look…could you help me with this… i want load a modal window after one click on one button… i have something like this

$("body").delegate('#btn_form', "click", function() {

but it dosent work… i think is something with DOM… do you have a suggestion? thanks in advance!

I already fix this… in case somebody have the same issue… you just have to set preventDefault.. thanks anyway…

Great theme, waiting on next update to purchase.

Was wondering if you could include a optional search bar on the left side nav menu. Like at the top or something, would make things easier.

Otherwise looks great and very clean and I love that you are taking the time to update. Most other authors stop updating after a while and dont even respond to comments.

Keep up the great work.

Hi all, I would like to apologize to everyone, but I will be unreachable still a week. I deal with the personal problems. Then I’m back with updates and support. Thank you for your understanding

When is the next update?

jay23 Purchased

The DateTimePicker example on component-form-elements.html is not working for me. Was it suppose to work when i clicked on the text box ?


I do not have access to ie7 or ie8, and we start development on this project tomorrow (I was hoping for update by then but I understand, thank you for letting us know this time). Can someone please test for me if the modal works on ie7 or ie8? Thank you.

Hello, great template. I tried to use the component upload files, but it has a bug. If you click add files, select the files and click OK, they are not loaded on the screen, the function does not work. Now if you first drag and drop the files and then click add files, the bug does not occur. The problem is that every user will first click add file. There is a provision for fixing this problem?

thank you