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Payment gateway? On this theme?

Hi, Your question is already replied. Please check response of previous comments.

Best Regards.

singup form and login form works in this theme?? and does the payment gateway works too??

Hi there,

Signup and login forms does not work dynamically in this template. Its an HTML template without any back-end and dynamic programming.

If you want this theme with complete ecommerce functionality (cart, checkout, payment gateway, blog, gallery and much more), you should buy its WordPress version. It can be viewed here,

WordPress version can meet all your needs and can be setup in few minutes.

If you get into any issues after your purchase, you can always open a ticket with our technical support at

We guarantee response to every ticket we receive.

Best Regards.

Hi, can You please update change-log or at least say what have been changed since first version? Thanks

Hello Citronek,

Changelog is updated. You can view it at bottom of theme sales page.

Thank you.

can I work with jsp in this template? thank you

Yes, you can use this template with any “Back-end Language” including JSP.

Thank You !

Hi CrunchPress, I am IT working in Library. I have lots of eBook and PDF and want to share to student and staff download for free so they don’t have to purchase it. Can we using it, upload eBook on to server and share?

I can purchase WordPress version theme if it is require too. I just want to ask: can I turn off the purchase function and let them download by click on the link provided?

Cheers, Tony

One more question: Do you have Wordpress version for ebook library? I love this theme so much.

I’m sorry to disappoint you but we don’t have WordPress version for eBook Library.

Thanks for your interest.

That’s ok. Thanks for fast reply.

Hi there , I don’t need this theme with payment opptions but what I need is that the cupon worked so I can sell the cupons on my other site and people get their books from this site is it possible? I mean does coupon function work?

Yes, they can download files once they provide coupon code. This is the correct version thats needed for all this functionality.

Thank you.

I have seen that one too but it is a bit expencive isn’t it possible to add download link in this one?

Hi there,

Its just an HTML template, its not powered by any CMS. To make it work you will have to edit it it any HTML editor and manually upload the pages each time you make a change to them.

Thank you.

and one more thing I am trying to use search function in the Demo but it seems like it is not working

Sorry, this is only HTML template, you should purchase WordPress version.


Can you tell me which shopping cart you are using ? ( cart + checkout )

is it opencart/prestashop…etc ?


Hello sarahpoulain,

I am sorry but this is simple HTML template. No dynamic functionality cart is attached in the backend. Only HTML page is developed.

You need to attach some CMS technology in order to make the cart functional.

For more queries please contact us at \\


Having trouble uploading this template. Uploaded the files to my FTP manager—used the raw HTML index code, and it still will not upload correctly. Can someone please help?

Hello sarahpoulain,

I think it must be your hosting server issue. But still We can provide you technical support through our support system at


Hi there authors at CrunchPress, here’s my purchase code for the Book Shoppe static template website: 11300665-552a-477d-a0f7-6f224137cf22 I just bought your templates from themeforest, and was wondering whether I could own the logo for that template as it closely matches logo ideas I have for a book store website?

If I cannot own it, could I please have one made similar to it and how much would you charge for that?

Thanks for your prompt response


Can you please open a ticket at You can ask the support representatives about this matter. They can guide you about the logo.



I downloaded the latest version, but the PHP contact form mentioned and in the online example is not included. Please update the release files and send the necessary contact forms. Thanks.


If the contact form is missed from the template then please open a ticket at our dedicated support team will provide you the contact form.

Thank You

hello i can’t install this theme in wp site i see this message probleme You can not install the package. Theme does not contain a style.css file.

thank you for    answer

i make the contenue of HTML folder in the root install wp . the store open good and i can not control in the theme book-store of the Admin Panel i not could see it in the list of templates template. please help me

hey I thought it is theme of wp you can retrieving my money or i can sell my license? ty

Hi there,

You are right, you bought HTML template and trying to install it in WordPress, it will not work.

All sales are managed through Envato. I recommend you to open a ticket here,

Best Regards.

Hi, This template is using an old version of bootstrap?

If not, they intend to create a version to bootstrap?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Sorry to disappoint you, we don’t have plans to update Bootstrap in this template.

Thank you.

Hi Flip slider and other slider not work in mobile view, check this url Please solve out my Problem

Hi, We provide customer support through our ticket system at

Please open a ticket there our support team will help you out.

Thank you.

I all ready applied for tickets but have no any response. Please its immediately.

Our support staff works Monday to Friday 10 a.m to 8 p.m GMT +5

Usually, we respond within 24 hours but it can take up to 48 hours. It depends on the number of tickets we receive. Also, some tickets are forwarded to our development team for answers which increases the response time.

If you refresh your ticket (by posting a new update), it will go to the end of the queue, so please do not refresh tickets if you want a fast response.

Thank you.

Do you give all your theme HTML template? HTML make your own software application.If you give all the HTML and other files we intend to purchase.

Hello Isimkayit,

We provide all HTML templates as you see them on demo.

Thank you.

Hi, I really liked your template and I want to use it. But I have several questions before I buy it and hope you can answer them:

1. Will I get access to the code so I rearrange the categories and colors 2. Can I add some kind of Adsense ? 3. Can I remove the basket and button buy to be redirected to another site?

I hope you will find time to answer me these questions in order for me to buy the template.

Thank you in advance

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in our product. This is an HTML template so you will have complete access to the code and you can edit it whatever way you like.

However if you interested in CMS functionality, I will recommend you to purchase WordPress version of Book Store.

Thank you.

So far, this theme sucks. First, it came w/ a Trojan virus when I downloaded it. The Envato people were very responsive when I reported it. But now I’m finding some of the configuration functions don’t work. The Upload Logo function doesn’t work, for one. Why? Because it puts the image in the Uploads directory, but the code is looking for it in the theme’s Images directory. So you have to put it there manually. Same with the Upload Favicon function. Also, it took me forever to figure out how to make the sidebars appear. Very un-intuitive interface that doesn’t seem to adhere to the more common Wordpress theme ways of doing things. I would not recommend this at all.

Hi there,

We apologize for your bad experience. I will look into it and thank you very much for your suggestion about the user interface.

As far as the logo issue is concerned. Have you tried attaching the post URL while uploading the image? When you are loading images, please make sure that you are clicking the button attach post URL before inserting it into the post.

Thank you.

Hi, first of all, thank you so much for this template, it’s exactly what I was looking for and it helps me much! I was wondering if it would be possible to add one piece of code to be able to integrate a Youtube video on these pages? Thanks!

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your patience.

Yes, you can add the YouTube video anywhere you want.

All you have to do is to paste the embed code. I am going to share a screenshot with you for better understanding.

Best regards,