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nixip Purchased

I get this error message when i install the theme:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_called_class() in /home4/dvision/public_html/rentdeluxe.com/wp-content/themes/BookYourTravel/includes/theme_utils.php on line 922

Please help! Thank you


nixip Purchased

This is sorted thank you

Great to hear, thanks for posting back. For anyone else running into the problem, you need to use php 5.3 or greater for the issue to go away.


nixip Purchased

How do i hide What? on the home page, i’ve already disabled Cars, Tours, and Cruise but can’t seem to find how to disable Hotels. I need only one accommodation type so this selection is not needed at all. Thank you

Did you add the search widget to the empty by default Home Content Widget Area sidebar via Appearance -> Widgets?


This theme seems to be too unfinished to be used in final production sites.

1. I am facing a lot of issues. I just am unable to add new plugins directly from Dashboard. I have to download it on my computer and upload it on the site for it to be installed and activated.

2. The side tabs of Tours, Hotels and Cruises remain visible on Location page even if there is no Tour, Hotel or Cruise for that location.

3. Thinking that I may have uploaded the files wrongly on the server or maybe a few files did not get uploaded properly, I reuploaded the files from Filezilla. Now my Location page side tabs do not work and their content is visible on the Location page. The Accommodation single posts do not show at all, even though the Accommodation listing page shows all the Accommodations, but clicking on any of them takes me to an empty page.

I resaved the Permalinks but nothing changed. Now I can’t see my Accommodations at all.

How can I get my work back online?

1. There is nothing in our theme that would restrict you from adding new plugins from your dashboard. In fact, our theme asks you to install plugins including the MailPoet newsletter plugin and Contact 7 Form.

2. The side tabs on location pages show and say “There are no cruises, or hotels or tours if there are none. If there are cruises, hotels or tours associated with a location then they are shown. This is a feature.

3. Looks like your FTP client may have jumbled your files. You need to set Transfers -> Transfer Mode -> Binary and reupload all files. This is true of any php files, not just our theme’s.


Thanks for the response. The Binary mode upload has helped things. So I guess Filezilla’s Auto mode wasn’t good enough.

1. How can I hide Cruises side tab on locations which do not offer any.

2. Regarding adding plugins I have been getting this error for hours. – http://www.farhorizonindia.com/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/screenshot-www.farhorizonindia.com-2015-08-02-05-40-07.jpg

3. The side tabs’ content area titles need to be editable. Ex. – Reviews tab’s content area title says – Accommodation review scores and score breakdown. I need to change it, but except for getting inside the template file, there is no other option. OR wanting to change Availability to Accommodation I’ll have to edit the template file.

4. I really need to be able to add multiple locations to a Tour post. How can that be done?

5. An accommodation’s location on google map is zoomed in too much. How can I zoom it out a little bit?

6. An Accommodation has the fields Address, Website Address, Contact Email Address in the edit area, but these are not visible on the front end. Where have they gone?

7. Inserting an image from ‘Add Media’ inside a Location, Tour, Cruise or Accommodation gives only one option – to insert it in full size. Why don’t we have an option to add images in Thumbnail, Medium and Large sizes as well?


ojoahumao Purchased

Hi, How can I make some fields in my Submit booking form not mandatory? Thanks

You can look in includes\plugins\frontend-submit\frontend-submit.php

In particular, have a look at function _initialize_accommodation_fields and look for the keyword required.


byzancio Purchased

I think I fixed the problem but now, at the single accommodation pages, the slider does not appear.

What is this in reference to?



Triwayco Purchased

Hello, we have recently bought the theme and is now in the process of customizing it and running into the following questions. Please be so kind as to provide us with an answer on the following queries:

1 – Do you have more documentation / tutorials on how the booking system works? At this point we just understand how to get things published. The booking system advertised seems very vague in reality. Please advise.

2 – When viewing any listings (hotels / cruises …) the enquire now button is activated when adding the email address of the company / hotel / car rental organisation, opening the contact form with the heading that reads: ex “Use the form below to contact car rental Ford Mustang directly.” We want to use this function but have clients contact us instead. How can we change the heading to read: “Enquiry – Contact form” instead (keeping it generic)? Also, is there any way of changing what the contact form fields are?

3 – For normal content pages, is it possible to add a slider below the menu and above the page content, as it displays on the BYT home page? Currently the slider only publishes into the content area. There seems to be little to no design options for normal pages. Is it really that limited?

4 – When creating our own BYT home page using the page template provided as explained in the documentation, the search box that is displayed over the slider disappears. The search box seems to only work with your BYT demo example. So we cant add our own, and we cant edit yours. Please advise.

5 – Also on the demo BYT – home page, the first section displays ‘our latest offers’. We assume that it pulls the category from the blog referenced ‘offers’. How do we change that? Cant seem to edit the text or inset our own category feed from bog either.

6 – Also on the BYT – home page, we would like to add content in between to the page, but seem to have no control over what content is placed where, or even being able to add additional text / images / sliders / like you should be able to with any page. How do we do this?

7 – Header area: We have selected not to display the ribbon (my account), and would like to add a custom menu button option instead by using the provided widget area. Currently when doing so, it still publishes in the same format as the ribbon wrapper and appears broken. How can we add our own widget as the function describes we should be able to?

8 – On the same note as nr 7 – We would like to remove the phone number and search bar, replacing it with our own widgets as the option for custom header widgets are available, but there is no option for removing it or even changing the text reading: 24/7 number. How can we edit / remove this? It all seems to be broken.

We would really, really appreciate the feedback.

Thanks so much!. Kind Regards


1. You will find our theme documentation in the zip folder you downloaded from ThemeForest as well as online here: http://themeenergy.com/themes/documentation/wordpress/book-your-travel/

Please read through the docs as scheduling and vacancy creating are described in detail in our theme docs.

If there is still something unclear please don’t hesitate to ask.

2. The easiest way to change the keywords a theme use is to translate it from default English to English US.

What I mean by this is open the languages/default.po file found in our theme folder using poedit (free software, please google it)... change the keywords you want changed, and save the file as en_US.po. Poedit will in turn create en_US.mo file in the same languages folder. When you now load the website, WordPress will use the keywords you specified in place of our default keywords.

We are working on making all our theme forms more dynamic (where fields can be configured from the backend).

3. RevSlider is only supported by our home page template. This is not a generic WordPress theme, it is a niche theme. We will however try and incorporate a visual editor for generic pages in the future.

4. The home page by default shows all widgets. However, it is completely widgetized. You can go to Appearance -> Widgets and add widgets to the empty-by-default Home Content Widget Area and then only those widgets will show on the home page. That includes the search widget.

5. Once you add widgets as described in 4 above, you can then control what each widget shows via that widget’s settings.

6. Same as 4, and 5, you can add text widgets etc to the Home Content Widget Area as you see fit.

7. Can you explain what you mean by “broken”? Please provide a screenshot or something. Thanks.

8. I have described how you can change keywords of the theme in 2. above. If you want to further customize the header, you will have to copy header.php to your child theme (please read our docs Customization section to learn about child themes) and edit the file there.


Hi. On my site contact form doesn’t work correct. More on image http://joxi.ru/v297jbxua9NqrG Thanks

How to remove explore latest offer or top destination on byt Homepage template and how to edit search box on the slider

Hello Team, Beautiful template and will purchase. Have a question, please bear in mind that I am a beginner. 1. I have an affiliate program with agoda – is there a possibility I can create links to transfer into agoda when they click on the hotels etc.? If so what is that called, I will need and where do I go in the admin pannel to accomplish this? Thank you for your time answering this, and I am sure I will have many more questions during the development of the site.


Awesome Theme. On the Header above the Menu( You have a telephone image with the text ‘24/7 support number’ ... how can I change this image?.... I have already looked into the ico folder in the theme but could not find this particular image. Thanks for your help. The text 24/7 i assume i can change iwth PoEdit? Thanks


for when your big update we have been promised three months ago? All evolve very fast, but yours theme is already old comparing their rivalry ….


Hi author i just want to remove all of the explore latest things on book your travel homepage theme how can i do that . and also,on the search i just only use tour and hotel howe to edit them.