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mpana2010 Purchased

How can I make the Right Sidebar show on the Destinations page. The widget is there but it only shows for the accommodation page.

Hello, I purchased your template, but could not find the plugin woocommerce payments, how can I fix it? thank you!!


Avramis Purchased

The search box at the top right of the page in <BYT Accommodation bookings> doesn’t give any results even if we add a full name of a self-catered accommodation that exists in the list.

This is a serious malfunction and needs to be fixed as this is a very useful functionality especially for the theme users that have already added many bookings in many properties and they already have a long list of bookings to search in. Your positive reply will be very much appreciated. Avraam


webinti Purchased

Hey i’ve opened a ticket on your forum support. Can u answer me please ? ^^ Thanks a lot


MockyJnr Purchased

Hi, I upgraded to the most recent version and have a number of issues, I have emailed you as you helped me out before, Can you respond please my client’s website is not functioning now. Thank you


Giocarmweb Purchased

It is possible to choose what information show inside the widget “Explore our latest vacation homes”? I have to modify the source code? Thanks

Hi, Is it possible to sync the reservations calendar with the reservation calendar made on airbnb.com? Thank you

Hi I have an extra field does not show.I tried to add but I can’t. Thanks in advance.http://s29.postimg.org/x55798mfb/Screenshot_1.png

I just purchased your theme because of the features i was reading in the support forum it had or was going to have-

Based on your comments to other people. There are a few things that we are able to change.

1-Only selfcatered show in search (no selector is better, since we wont have hotels, only apartments that are selfcatered.

2- In comments you said it was possible to change the order in search fields; i.e.

1-where, 2-when, 3-number of people the appartment is suited for… Ok maybe the 3 question was not commented, but we would like to make it so, if possible.

3-No Sitewide search besides Logo in header.

4- I didn’t see the following in your comments, but we would like it so. Is that we can set minimum stay in Vacancies instead of set it in the Acommodation. We have three or four different Minimum stays depending on Season. For now we are doing it duplicating appartments for each different minimum stay.

I hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks for your help

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Is it possible to add the function to delete Vacancies from the frontend?