Book Your Travel - Online Booking WordPress Theme

Book Your Travel - Online Booking WordPress Theme

We believe that the BookYourTravel theme has single-handedly kick-started a revolution in travel themes and is directly responsible for drastic improvement of the tourism niche – with several thousands satisfied buyers, we can say that our customers agree.

This fully responsive WordPress theme was designed and developed specifically for travel agencies, tour operators, car hire companies and others in the tourism niche. A fully translatable theme, BookYourTravel boasts features such as a powerful and completely integrated booking system, an availability checker, advanced filtering, front-end management for partners, review system and much more.

The most advanced booking theme, yet easy to use


Your site will always look sharp and utilize 100% of the screen on every device. BookYourTravel also features an adaptive navigation menu on smaller screen sizes.


Our theme is easy to setup and comes with predefined demo content. This allows you to quickly setup your website to match our demo. All demo photos are also included. No more pain with building your new website from scratch.


BookYourTravel was built from scratch on W3C valid and semantic HTML5 code with best SEO practices in mind, which allows search engines to easily index the content of your website. The code is clean and strictly adheres to WordPress standards.


9 beautiful color schemes are included and are ready to be used. You can switch between them from Theme Options in the admin panel.


BookYourTravel supports RTL (Right-to-Left) languages with no extra coding required. A RTL stylesheet is build directly into the theme and you can enable it with one click in Theme Options.


BookYourTravel theme includes all necessary files in order to be translated in the language of your choice. It is also compatible with the WPML plugin.


A powerful booking system has been developed especially for this theme. It includes an advanced search, availability checker, special search results with advanced filtering and more. Bookings can be created by users on the website or by admin in the dashboard. The system will always deduct items correctly.

You have the option to choose, whether you want to use the full booking system with payments or use only the reservation system with no payments and manual booking confirmation. There is also an inquiry form provided for each accommodation/car rental/cruise/tour, for users to contact the respective managers directly.


Users can leave reviews after they complete a reservation. Admin can also insert them from the dashboard. The system calculates the score and displays it as user rating. Reviews can also be disabled from the Theme Options. You can create as many parameters to be reviewed as you want with our dynamic fields builder.


BookYourTravel theme includes custom register, login, forgotten password pages and a front-end platform for users to easily change their user data and see their past bookings and reviews.


A designated area for your partners is also provided. It consists of a custom registration page and a front-end platform for partners to easily create and manage accommodations, rooms and vacancies. As admin you have the option to restrict immediate publishing and hold partner generated content for review.


Integrated WooCommerce for Online Booking System, the theme is bundled with PayPal (for accepting credit card & PayPal account payments), Direct Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery.


Each accommodation / car rental / cruise / tour / location data type has its own tabs and fields builder in Theme Options. Here you can build your own tabs that are displayed on single accommodation, car rental, cruise, location or tour page. You can also create your own review parameters. Use simple drag and drop for ordering and positioning.


Countless logically organized and structured Theme Options offer you convenient tools. Powerful yet easy to use for beginners and pros alike.


For several page templates additional configuration options will appear, after you publish the page, where you can easily fine tune your content to the last detail.


With Contact Form 7 you can easily create and manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the forms and the mail contents flexibly from the admin panel.


BookYourTravel comes bundled with the very popular Slider Revolution plugin for you to create a responsive (mobile friendly) or fullwidth slider with must-see-effects with all content always readable by search engines. You can customize this slider with a convenient drag&drop backend to suit your needs. This plugin features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of other easy to set options to create your own effects. An $18 value – yours free.


The homepage is fully widgetized. This means that there is one template with unlimited layout possibilities. Sidebars, widgets, lists, you name it and all with a simple drag and drop populated from the WordPress Widgets area.


10 custom widgets are included and can be used throughout the site. These widgets are:

BookYourTravel – Accommodation List

You can choose how many accommodations you want to display in this widget, how many accommodations you want to display per row, what do you want to sort them by (Title, ID, Random, Publish Date, Comment Count), define whether you want to show only featured accommodations, filter by accommodation type(s), such as apartments, villas, hotels etc. and accommodation tag(s) such as beachfront, family, wellness etc if you want to fine-tune the content. You can also set the display mode: card view is used for content areas and small mode for sidebar areas.

BookYourTravel – Car Rental List

You can choose how many car rentals you want to display in this widget, how many car rentals you want to display per row, what do you want to sort them by (Title, ID, Random, Publish Date, Comment Count), define whether you want to show only featured car rentals, filter by rental type(s), such as economy, mini, sedan etc. and car rental tag(s) such as city, electric, luxury etc if you want to fine-tune the content. You can also set the display mode: card view is used for content areas and small mode for sidebar areas.

BookYourTravel – Cruise List

You can choose how many cruises do you want to display in this widget, how many cruises do you want to display per row, what do you want to sort them by (Title, ID, Random, Publish Date, Comment Count), define whether you want to show only featured cruises, select cruise type(s), such as family, senior, luxury etc. and cruise tag(s) such as adventure, family, last-minute etc. if you want to fine-tune the content. You can also set the display mode: card view is used for content areas and small mode for sidebar areas.

BookYourTravel – Tour List

You can choose how many tours you want to display in this widget, how many tours do you want to display per row, what do you want to sort them by (Title, ID, Random, Publish Date, Comment Count), define whether you want to show only featured tours, select tour type(s), such as city, daily, weekly etc. and tour tag(s) such as adrenaline, history, nature etc. if you want to fine-tune the content. You can also set the display mode: card view is used for content areas and small mode for sidebar areas.

BookYourTravel – Location List

You can choose how many locations do you want to display in this widget, how many locations do you want to display per row, what do you want to sort them by (Title, ID, Random, Publish Date, Comment Count) and define whether you want to show only featured locations. You can also set the display mode, card view is used for content areas and small mode for sidebar areas.

BookYourTravel – Post List

You can choose how many locations you want to display in this widget, how many locations do you want to display per row, what do you want to sort them by (Title, ID, Random, Publish Date, Comment Count) and define whether you want to show only featured locations. You can also set the display mode: card view is used for content areas and small mode for sidebar areas.

BookYourTravel – Search

An advanced search form that can be used on the home page or elsewhere for filtering the search results page. Advanced search parameters are fully editable. You can select what general search filters do you want to show (What, Where, When, Price range, Rating, Stars), make catered / self-catered accommodations / car rentals / cruises / tours searchable, define whether to make accommodation / car rental / cruise / tour types visible, change all default text and more.

BookYourTravel – Address Widget

Here you can insert a title, your company name, address, phone number and email address.

BookYourTravel – Social Widget

Linking to your social media profiles has never been easier. Insert your Facebook & Twitter IDs, add URLs to your Youtube, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Vimeo, Pinterest profiles and RSS feed and you will be fully connected.

BookYourTravel – Home Feature Widget

A set of boxes that stand out for displaying additional content on the home page or elsewhere. They are perfect for listing services, information about the website/company, contact etc.


On every page you can choose whether you want to display left sidebar, right sidebar, both sidebars or none. You can assign any number of widgets to each sidebar.


BookYourTravel theme supports MailChimp and MailPoet plugins for you to connect your website with your email marketing campaigns.


An extensive documentation is provided, online and offline. Facing a problem? No worries, when you purchase a copy of BookYourTravel, you also gain access to 5 star customer support and free updates for life!

As you can see, the list goes on and on…

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What our customers say

5 star rating
I bought several themes and your support is the best and most helpful and friendly that I have tried. You deserve 5 stars !!!


5 star rating
The design and makeup of this site is excellent but it is the fantastic customer service I received when I had a problem that really excels. I had an unusual problem, local to my timezone only, which made it almost impossible to find. Their support team never gave up and worked hard to resolve my issue. I will be using this theme again.


5 star rating
Great team with great support!


5 star rating
Great Theme Fellas :) One of the best in ThemeForest.


5 star rating
A perfect theme for Car Rental, Travel and Accommodation Booking website, was hopping such a theme will be available till I found this, am really impressed. Thank You Guys


5 star rating
This theme is the best! Thank you!


5 star rating
Liked the initial features, and with constant updates makes me love it more. Pleased by the fact that theme has good customer support, even though i only browsed existing posts so far, which was enough for me .. all the best to your team!


5 star rating
excellent support team, quality design and easy to use


5 star rating
Great theme, and easy to follow code


5 star rating
Rating for All reasons : design, quality, support… Got nothing to say negative for the reasonable price. A great work ! Thanks


5 star rating
Brilliant had no issues. You cant get better then this. Im a new fan of “themeenergy”. Well Done keep up the great work.


5 star rating
It is one of the best theme I’ve ever used…


5 star rating
It’s a great theme with all the features that I wanted. It is well written and the support is awesome.


5 star rating
Great design, works perfect, often updates with new options added, and amazing customer care. It doesn’t get any better than this.


5 star rating
Hi, thank you very much for this theme, it´s exactly what i need – have been searching long time for this…i also be happy abiut the documentation included and for the great support.


5 star rating
very well featured theme, it’s all you need for your travel company.


5 star rating
Great Customer Support, is not normal to find people like you. I glad I bought your theme, you gave me the help I needed, now I have exactly the product I was looking for. Thank You


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Fonts and Credits




- Fixed extra items layout problems.
- Send booking emails if a property is marked as "reservation only".



- Added import/export feature for Theme options.
- Fixed issue with executing shortcodes in extra fields



- Add dashboard booking listing for the missing missing custom post types in front end (tours, car rentals, cruises).
- Allow for execution of shortcodes in extra fields.
- Upgrade of revslider to 5.0.8 to fix WPML incompatibility that was breaking widget translation with WPML.
- Fixed mailto link in address widget.
- Fixed i18n date display in search widget
- Updated Sample Slider
- Updated Slider Instructions



- Fixed translation of admin metabox labels
- Upgraded RevSlider to version



- Fixed issue with one-off tours max people dropdowns not reflecting correct state of availability.
- Resolved issues with some tours not being added to WPML cart properly.
- Resolved issues with certain scenarios where dynamic fields and tabs were not translated by WPML.
- Upgraded widget constructors with __construct to comply with php 5 and WP 4.3 requirement.
- Upgraded RevSlider to version 5.0.4. Please follow instructions on this page to upgrade your RevSlider to the latest version:
- Upgraded WooCommerce templates to latest
- Implemented translation of datepicker for multiple other languages



- Security update for the prettyPhoto plugin


- Fixed important UTC date issue (for certain timezones dates were off by a day)



- Fixed comment date time issue.
- Fixed date validation issue for certain date formats in frontend submit.
- Removed duplicate social widget title.
- Fixed non-repeating tour and cruise search issue.
- Fixed tour, cruise and car rental booking list methods to include user_id check.
- Added responsive table support for booking tables.
- Removed duplicate woocommerce cart totals on cart page.



- Fixed custom tab and field translation issue for WPML.
- Fixed "more info/less info" translation fix for accommodations and cruises.
- Fixed "General info" tab not showing on single locations.
- Fixed non-repeating tours schedule issue.
- Fixed non-repeating cruises schedule issue.



- Upgraded RevSlider to Version 4.6.92
- Fixed post not defined warning in theme utils
- Show facilities tab if not hidden
- Fixed tour max count issue.



- Fixed undefined entry_id in FrontEnd submit
- Fixed a tour issue


- Redirect to after login and logout fixes.
- Upgraded WooCommerce cart template to latest.
- Improved tour booking mechanism to better take into account max people when showing what's booked and what's not booked.

The following two fixes are in relation to the following post:
- Properly escaped add_query_arg calls with esc_url and esc_url_raw (fixes possible vulnerability)
- Upgraded TGM-Plugin-Activation to 2.4.1 to properly escape add_query_arg (fixes possible vulnerability)



- Removed not needed echo that was causing cart is empty with woocommerce.
- Removed php version incompatibility in includes/theme_utils.php
- 'Gallery images' and other keywords now translatable that were previously not.
- Fixed checkbox layout for frontend submit.



- fixed wpml translation issue for location custom fields on single accommodations.
- set default min days stay to 0 for accommodations.
- allowed extra tabs showing on single car rental.
- extra tabs no longer shown if no fields are present or if fields are empty on custom tabs.
- fixed issue with search when "What" field is set to be hidden.
- fixed issue for tour prices appearing as 0 in firefox and opera.
- fixed issue where when WPML is used, different languages had different number of search results.



- fixed broken mailto link in contact page template.
- fixed js error in widget search.
- fixed issue with date format and tour schedule in tour booking form.
- added filter for breadcrumbs
- blog pager bug fix.
- fixed dateformat issue for other language settings (e.g. portuguese default date format was causing issues).
- fixed tour max people 1 for some php configurations error.
- fixed extra fields issue for car rentals and cruises
- fixed first display tab content when first tab is hidden in theme options.
- fixed listing in admin to only list vacancies/schedules for properties owned by user if user is not admin.
- fixed issue with widget small mode causing list items to display in small mode.
- added "Add vacancy", "Add schedule", "Add booking" buttons to top of admin pages.
- resolved timezone date issue with booking forms.



- "What" part of search widget is now hidden when only one What search option is enabled.
- Bug where tour schedule was using same price for all schedule entries of same tour is now fixed.
- Date format issue for search widget, admin and frontend submit that was causing problems for a lot of people is now fixed.
- The ajax url wp-admin/admin-ajax.php didn't work in certain installations. This is fixed by making use of admin_url built in function call.
- Language file has been updated with missing keywords.
- Car rental form was not showing booked dates as booked after the last major upgrade. This is now fixed.
- Frontend submit forms were having issues (not showing room types, accommodations etc) when admin had enabled content moderation. This is now resolved.
- Fixed WMPL ribbon weird behavior
- Fixed several css issues



- fixed issue with language ribbon not working well for WPML due to recent WPML upgrade.
- fixed captcha issue for different language booking when using WPML.
- fixed empty cart issue for WPML when booking.
- fixed issue with room types and frontend submit.
- fixed tours max 1 bug.
- fixed issue where location items in lists were not showing a price when location is associated with only 1 accommodation.
- fixed WPML styling issues
- adjusted slider speed


- sidebar positioning was missing.
- allow post type file override in child theme.
- fixed hiding of gallery after booking form is open (was broken due to lightSlider upgrade).
- another issue with partial date booking resolved.
- fixed missing argument error in frontend submit.
- proper labels are shown under Things to do on single accommodations (even if labels are changed under Location extra fields).
- fixed slider responsiveness
- fixed several css issues
- frontend submit users can see their own accommodations (fixed bug)
- search only available properties is set to true by default. if not set, then don't show the when filter.
- fixed issue where cruise facilities were broken if accommodations were not enabled.



- Refixed partial date issue
- Fixed search widget datepicker format to follow WordPress option setting.
- Added new settings to allow making each custom post type searchable from widget options.
- Upgraded lightSlider plugin to v1.1.1



- Resolved issue with "Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by" in /includes/plugins/metaboxes/meta_box.php
- Fix for default widgets being loaded (wrongly) into header sidebar
- Reintroduced separate sidebars for single accommodation, tour, car rental, cruise
- Fixed several css layout issues
- Fixed theming css issues


- fixed issue with database upgrade failing for some users.
- fixed issues with get_default_language call undefined.
- fixed issues with html validation in search.
- fixed WPML list properties issues.


- fixed issue with registration.
- fixed style.css to have the correct version (v6.00).
- removed hardcoded table names


- added option for users to individually set sidebar position (left, right, both) for any page.
- added central widget area to home page for list widgets to be addable.
- added accommodation, tour, cruise, car rental, post list widgets that can be added to any sidebar in card or small mode.
- added multiple options and filters to each of tour, accommodation, cruise and car rental list pages to make as useful as possible.
- added locations for cruises.
- added options to show tour, cruise, car rental, accommodation counts on location items (cards).
- added car rentals, cruises tab to single location page.
- added tag like taxonomy to accommodations, tours, cruises, car rentals (in admin and also appears in page list, as well as in right column of single view).
- added thank you message after review form is submitted.
- added thank you message after inquiry form is submitted.
- added minimum days stay setting to accommodations to restrict bookings based on this parameter.
- added theme option to set default currency symbol
- added theme option to show currency symbol before or after price.
- fixed dates so that WordPress option date format is used everywhere to show region-specific dates
- fixed rewrite rules so that users can now have /locations list all locations, and /locations/germany show germany single location.
- fixed search by price feature for tours, car rentals, cruises and accommodations.
- fixed search by date feature for tours, car rentals, cruises and accommodations.
- now listing all hotels, self-catered, tours, cruises, car rentals on single location under specific tab instead of listing only first 10 of each.
- users can now have /locations/europe list all locations in europe (if europe is marked as "Display As Directory?") and /locations/europe/germany show the actual location Germany .
- improved booking form so that dates are selected in availability tab instead of in form itself (for tours, accommodations, cruises).
- provided reset button for booking form to allow clearing of selections (for tours, accommodations, cruises).
- user roles for frontend submit have been configured correctly.
- separated regular user dashboard menu from partner user dashboard menu
- user activation process for user registration improved.
- search widget was completely revamped and can now be used to hide/show filters, and change filter labels all from widget admin area.
- search widget is now used on homepage as well as in sidebars. 

- moved folder framework to includes/framework
- moved folder plugins to includes/plugins
- removed file page-user-room-list.php and replaced with page-user-content-list.php
- removed file page-user-accommodation-list.php and replaced with page-user-content-list.php
- removed file page-user-accommodation-vacancy-list.php and replaced with page-user-content-list.php
- removed file page-sidebar-both.php. Instead, users can set positioning of sidebar using default page template via metaboxes (after page is published or saved).
- removed file page-sidebar-left.php. Instead, users can set positioning of sidebar using default page template via metaboxes (after page is published or saved).
- removed file page-sidebar-right.php. Instead, users can set positioning of sidebar using default page template via metaboxes (after page is published or saved).
- removed file page-no-sidebar.php. Instead, users can set positioning of sidebar using default page template via metaboxes (after page is published or saved).
- removed file page-hotel-list.php. Instead, users can select catering type in Accommodation list template.
- removed file page-self_catered-list.php. Instead, users can select catering type in Accommodation list template.
- removed file sidebar-left-search.php as it can be achieved by sidebar-left.php.
- removed file sidebar-home-above-slider.php as it can be achieved by sidebar-under-header.php.
- removed file sidebar-home-below-slider.php as content is already addable to sidebar-home-content.php
- updated documentation



- Fixed issue with room prices all being the same
- Upgraded to latest Rev Slider version (4.6.5).
- Fixed tour schedule admin issue
- Self-catered room count wasn't being set to 1 from frontend submit. Fixed.
- Contact form 7 wasn't displaying map even when coordinates set. Fixed.
- comment_form() support added.
- Url-escaped all occurences of home_url() echo.
- Removed plugins/urlify tests folder, .gitignore, .travis.yml, composer.json, INSTALL, phpunit.xml, files as they are not needed.
- Added wp_title filter support
- Removed use of STYLESHEETPATH and TEMPLATEPATH. Using get_stylesheet_directory() and get_template_directory() instead.
- Removed deprecated screen_icon() calls.



- Fixed bug of all accommodations appearing in My Accommodations in front end submissions menu.
- Fixed bug of Location dropdown not being populated in front end submission accommodation edit.
- Removed weird AAA echo in location search.
- Fixed country dropdown in WooCommerce
- Fixed rtl header css issue



- Fixed bug of all hotels and tours appearing on each location.


- Add option to hide header ribbon via Theme options (General settings)
- Added Location meta box to tour, hotel, self catered list page to filter by location.
- Added max number of adults and children to self-catered accommodations (set from edit accommodation scree, used 5 if none set).
- Fixed issue with tour map not loading on tab switch
- Added captcha to inquiry and contact form
- Fixed review field values not showing up in single tour, accommodation, cruise view
- Fixed group tour price being calculated wrong in WooCommerce cart.
- Reduced number of queries used across the board, especially in -item.php templates
- Significantly improved search mechanism
-- Search mechanism now uses WP_Query for querying (accommodations, tours, car rentals, cruises, locations)
-- Search mechanism sorting now works
-- Search mechanism "show only available" now works.
- Added support for html tables and lists in meta boxes
- Fixed error of search form showing when all search options are disabled
- Fixed null error in accommodation sidebar.



- Renamed is_woocommerce_active to byt_is_woocommerce_active to avoid conflicts with other plugins.
- Fixed error on tour and cruise issues caused by sql bug.
- Fixed issues with inquiry form when user is logged out.
- Fixed home header position if admin bar is open


- Search filter is now a widget - with translatable fields.
- Home page search widget fields are now editable from Theme options -> Search results.
- Search widget fields prepulated based on query string values.
- Autosuggest feature added to location search field.
- Resolved issues with cruise weekly type not working
- Partial date booking issue resolved - after upgrade, existing users must go to Theme options -> Upgrade tab and click the "Fix partial booking issue" to fix existing bookings.
- Dynamic tabs and fields are now translatable via WPML - after upgrade, existing users must go to Theme options and click Save for the dynamic strings to properly register with WPML.
- Booked date range issue resolved - if date between two dates was booked out, one could still book the date range and the already booked date appeared a price 0.
- Dynamic fields allow more HTML tags now.
- Issue with cruises and tours end date resolved.
- Direct include of jquery ui removed. Resorted to using built in jquery ui libraries instead.



- Resolved issues with registration/confirmation mails not being sent on register
- Added ability to synchronize review counts/scores from Reviews tab in Theme options (bottom of Reviews tab)
- Fixed issue with reviews not showing correct rating scores (admin must also run Sync reviews action mentioned above at least for this to then work).
- Grid view / list view switch resize fluid items fix
- Fixed reorder dynamic tabs and fields in options issue
- Fixed hardcoded table names in accommodations.php
- Resolved issue of duplicate terms being created in woocommerce
- Updated language files with latest translatable terms
- Fixed issue with comma in address on contact map 
- Fixed issue with cruise schedules
- Fixed issue with inquiry and review buttons not working



- fixed leftover bug in functions.php and single-tour.php
- hide hotels/self catered count if accommodations are not enabled


- Added cruises and cabins data type / scheduling
- Added Front end accommodation/room type/vacancy submission
- Added new page templates for front end listing and submitting accommodations, room types and vacancies
- Content contributing user registration mode
- Removed type archive list page templates, and instead added type parameter in admin for reach of hotel, self catered, car rental, tour, cruise list pages.
- Dynamic review fields for tours/accommodations/cruises editable/addable/removable from admin
- Dynamic extra fields for tours/accommodations/cruises editable/addable/removable from admin
- Dynamic tabs for tours/accommodations/cruises editable/addable/removable from admin
- Revamp of options admin page
- General code refactoring
- Upgraded WooCommerce templates to 2.2.4



- Fixed image photo dimensions issue


- Updated sample data
- Various small css issues fixed


- Revolution slider added. Removed old, buggy sequence slider.
Note: your old slides will be lost. You must activate revolution slider and create new slider.
You must then create new slides and go to Theme options and select new slider under Home page tab.

- End date added to repeated tour schedules. Repeated tours can now be scheduled with end date in mind so that seasonal prices can be set for repeated tours.
- Fixed issue with cart is empty for WooCommerce
- Group price supported implemented for tours
- Vacancy issues resolved for when multiple languages are used
- User rating filter removed when reviews are disabled via theme options
- Search by location fix implemented
- Pager last page issue resolved for all paged templates

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.



- Search only accommodations with valid vacancies now fixed.
- Issue of sort by rating/stars is now fixed
- RTL support added

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.



- Fixed so that WooCommerce order creation does not delete booking
- Vacancies/Hotels were appearing once for each language when multiple languages installed. This has been fixed.

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.



- Updated Sample Content

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.


- Theme options are now WPML compatible - with help of wpml-config.xml
- Click on inquiry form cancel button now properly closes inquiry form
- Admin can now enable/disable captcha via theme options
- Single location page now has a gallery of images using jquery.lightSlider
- Website null issue has been resolved in contact page map
- Custom tables are now utf-8 compatible so non-latin text can be entered and used without problems.
- Admin can now enable/disable reviews via theme options
- WPML booking/vacancy/schedule compatibility was rechecked
- WooCommerce calculation issues resolved - if first X children are free etc.
- Single accommodation/tour/car rental - if fields are blank, labels are no longer shown
- Admin can now specify multiple contact email addresses for propreties by separating them with semi-colon (";")
- Google map issue, where you click on Location tab, then click away, then click back to Location tab, does not rerender map properly resolved
- WooCommerce booking details are now translatable
- Missing translations in admin added
- Booking is now properly deleted if item is removed from WooCommerce cart
- Search only valid tours/car rentals now implemented. Option added to Searching tab in theme options
- Multiple redundant functions removed
- Code revamped, improved and optimized throughout the theme
- Css layout issues fixed 

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.



- Tours not displaying prices fix

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.


- Tour/accommodation/car rental bookings can now be added and updated via admin dashboard.
- Captcha has been added to registration form and registration ligthbox
- Registration form issue with wysia newsletter plugin fixed when new users are registered.
- Car rental when number of cars available has been exceeded, booking is no longer possible.
- Accommodations, car rentals, tours can now be marked as "reservation only", and not processed by woocommerce even when woocommerce is active and used.
- Accommodations, car rentals, tours can now be marked as featured. Admin can set on Theme options -> Home page that only featured items get displayed on home page.
- Users can now link to tabs on single pages... like and the correct tab will open
- Custom templates like Accommodation list archive, Car rental list etc now can display custom content above the list (content that is entered via content editor).
- Car rentals, tours, accommodations dipslay lightSlider image gallery on single view with thumbnails and left/right controls.
- Accommodation facilities bug where user could not uncheck all facilities and save accommodation has been resolved.
- Locations show hotels that belong to their location "children" now. For example, location England will now show all hotels/tours/car rentals that belong to London, Manchester, Liverpool etc.
- Updated documentation
- Updated preview

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.



- Another incompatibility issue fixed

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.


- Added css/admin-custom.css so that you can style the admin.
- Fixed issue of html breaking on accommodation/tour/car rental lists when html is used inside description.
- Added a number of filters and actions (hooks) to many pages in order to improve usability of theme and simplify overrides and reduce requirement of copying entire files to child theme. These filters have been added to documentation for reference.
- Added single car rental screen, and single car rental permalink slug to settings. Settings need to be saved and the permalinks need to be flushed in order for this to work and to avoid 404 error.
- Improved car rental booking form to be in line with accommodation booking form.
- Car booking form now has a flexible dropoff location field.
- Improved tour booking form to be in line with accommodation booking form.
- Tour booking form now allows multiple people to be booked in one go.
- Improved accommodation vacancy and tour schedule calendar by doing ajax calls for vacancy days between month changes in order to improve performance and also allow bookings for future dates for as far ahead as vacancies exist.
- Fixed issue with registration lightbox requiring a “agree terms and conditions” checkbox be checked and that checkbox was nowhere to be found.
- Added location archive page that lets you specify a location parent (in order to list sub locations).
- Added inquiry form to tour single page
- Added inquiry form to car rental single page
- Adult/child count/pickup location/drop off location are now included in booking emails sent to admin and customer
- Various housekeeping tasks (like making overall code more Object oriented) etc.
- Fixed WPML issues with vacancies and prices.
- php incompatibility issue resolved

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.



- Fixed search results issue
- Added option to allow people to edit a tour schedule in admin

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.


- Fixed booking form children weren't being displayed for hotels bug

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.


- Search results issue fixed
- Loading animation IE fixed

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.


- Login/register lightbox fix (fixed broken jquery)
- Fixed booking form counting adult count even when per room mode was chosen.

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.


- Price can be set on a per room or per person basis for each accommodation
- Added text field for Availability tab description for individual accommodation
- Moved calendar to booking form.
- Improved pricing table on booking form.
- Added "Loading..." feature when pricing table is being repopulated.
- Selected default count for adults and children dropdown (1 for adults, 0 for children)
- Updated styling
- Updated language files
- Updated sample data
- Updated preview

Files changed: Please see changelog.txt that is included in your downloaded file.


- Removed console.log from js files.
- Fixed duplicate room display in single accommodation screen.
- Fixed total price issue in non-default currency booking forms.


- Removed console.log from js files.
- Fixed duplicate room display in single accommodation screen.
- Fixed total price issue in non-default currency booking forms.


- Fixed price related issues


- Fixed currency install bug for new installations
- Fixed woocommerce styling


- Woocommerce payment enabled.
- Creation of daily, weekday and weekly tour types plus standard by-date tour types.
- New way to create schedules for tours and accommodations.
- Fixed issue where js files didn't apply to child theme. They do now.
- Extra info for tours/car rentals now not reliant on whether accommodations are enabled or disabled.
- Labels for meta boxes in admin are now translatable.
- Multiple currency issues resolved.
- Tour type and car rental archive pages added.
- Latest car rentals can now be added to home page.
- DB size of prices increased to 14 digits plus 2 decimals to accommodation currencies with large values.
- User account page fields editable again.
- Rates table added to accommodation booking form.
- When review is deleted scores are updated to account for delete review.
- Added number of adults and number of children to booking form.
- Fixed pager issue on archive pages.
- Updated Sample data
- Updated Documentation

Please note that this update will delete your existing vacancies.

v3.9.1: 20.03.2014

- Fixed registration page issue.
- Fixed admin vacancy and schedule price decimal place support.

v3.9: 15.03.2014

- Slider slides now WPML fully compatible
- Fixed currencies conversion to EURO issue 
- Decimal places saved as 00 in admin now fixed for prices of vacancies and tour schedules
- Front page now validates in HTML validator
- Fixed image alignment isszue in posts
- Fixed image responsiveness in posts

v3.8: 22.02.2014

- Added accommodation type archive page template so that admin can create /accommodations/self-catered/apartments, /accommodations/self-catered/villas pages etc.
- Added contact email address for tours and car rental bookings.
- Added booking can be sent to specified email address instead to admin
- Added simple number sum captcha to booking forms
- Added accommodation list template that lists all accommodations (hotels and self-catered).
- Added major WPML fix so that accommodations/tours/car rentals are properly listed when translated on multilanguage websites
- Added WPML fix so that correct page is pulled up for search results/my account/login/signup pages.
- Added fix to entire hide search box if none of the tour/self-catered/hotel/car-rental search options are enabled in theme options
- Fixed bug where latest offers on home page was not pulling up theme-options-assigned category posts
- Fixed css Chrome button layout bug
- Fixed search results bug
- Removed couple of other small bugs

v3.7: 13.02.2014

- Replaced css3-mediaquerries.js with respond.js for Internet Explorer crashing issue
- Temporarily removed compatibility for IE8

v3.6: 10.02.2014

- Removed jetpack dependence for newsletter. Added mailpoet and mailchimp newsletter styles.
- Fixed broken translations where php parameter was passed into translation function by mistake.
- Fixed broken currency conversion (dead webservice provider). Added European Central Bank currency xml support.
- Added automatic-feed-links support.
- Added default content width support.
- Remove miscellaneous bugs reported by theme-check plugin.
- Added better get_template_part support for accommodation, tour, car_rental and location custom post types.
- Added content pagination support.
- Adjusted element heights and fixed broken layout on all data-types lists
- Updated documentation

v3.5: 30.12.2013

- fixed header navigation bug
- upated widget areas

v3.4: 25.12.2013

- added above header and below footer sidebars on all pages.
- room meta information (like tax and price description) is now dynamic, no longer hardcoded.
- locations and sublocations now correctly show accommodations and tours in single view.
- locations and sublocations now correctly show accommodation counts in list view.
- fixed room count bug after booking increasing

v3.3: 20.12.2013

- Resolved issue with hotel and room counts not displaying correct on home page.
- Search results from and to dates now correctly passed on to single accommodation screen via url.
- Fixed issue of booking total price counting number of nights wrong (was always counting 1 night extra).
- Allowed html in text fields (pets, credit card info etc.)
- Added option to filter by room type in accommodation vacancy admin.
- Added button for users to be able to delete all vacancies for accommodations and schedule entries for tours
- Added css for more dropdown levels in main menu

v3.2: 10.12.2013

- Added Widget areas : home above slider, home below slider, blog index above posts, blog index below posts
- Fixed Sidebar so that on tours and accommodation, the sidebar with description appears regardless of whether the user added another widget or not.
- User phone number added to tour, car and accommodation booking forms and confirmation emails.
- Single location now properly lists hotels under hotel tab, self-catered under self-catered tabs and also I added tours under tours tabs.
- Location list item now shows Hotel and self-catered counts separately.

v3.1: 30.11.2013

- Contact form bug fixed
- Header ribbon css z-index issue fixed
- Drop down css opacity resolved
- Updated language files
- Updated Documentation
- Bookings send to different email temporarily removed

v3.0: 29.11.2013

- Tours implemented
- Tours single screen with review and booking
- Tours list page
- Latest tour offers
- Tour search capability
- Bookings send to different email -> admin email to send bookings to now configurable from Data tab in settings.
- Noslider class added to homepage when slider is hidden via theme settings.
- Facility name now shown instead of facility slug in single accommodation screen.
- Contact form bug (no javascript) fixed.
- Added support for child theme to allow for upgrade-proof customization.
- Updated Documentation
- Updated Sample Data
- Updated Preview

v2.1: 21.11.2013

- Issue with search not searching for the right accommodations when hotel search is disabled (it should search for self catered).
- Issue with room prices being the same when clearly different values are entered (previously code was wrongly showing min price for any room, instead of being room specific).

v2.0: 20.11.2013

- Allow creation of sub locations
- Added currency administration page
- Added car rental support with archive page and booking system
- Added WPML language switcher support.
- Allow turning on and off of latest destinations/locations on home page
- Added dropdown filter to accommodations vacancy admin screen to allow filtering by accommodation
- Fixed character count bug for accommodation description
- Fixed vacation rentals calendar issue where switching between months didn't show available vacancies
- Fixed Slider bug
- Added a navy color theme
- Sampe Data update
- Documentation update
- Preview update

v1.3: 9.11.2013

- Vacation rentals added as a separate entity
- Added ability to set posts_per_page for archives and for search results and front page via settings.
- Removed hotel archive page (the built in category-archive like page). Instead we have two page templates for which pages need to be created.
- Self-catered checkbox added to hotel adding page... if self-catered there are no room types and no room count.
- Availability calendar added for vacation rentals
- Changed from dead google currency api to new one (
- Option to show all hotels/self-catered or only ones with availability
- Removed absolute position on page header on inner pages (fix for bigger logos)
- Sampe Data update
- Documentation update
- Preview update

v1.2.3: 30.10.2013

- Color scheme change logo bug fixed
- Color scheme change Data content bug fixed

v1.2.2: 24.10.2013

- New tab in settings dedicated to search results.
- Users can now specify search results default view. Default is set to Grid view when installed.
- Prices in search results are now dynamic. On the same tab in settings as above, you can now specify price range bottom, price range increment and increment count to determine the prices that are displayed in the form.
- You can now specify decimal places to be shown on all pages by going to the settings Data page and setting the decimal places there in drop down.
- There is a new field in single hotel called hotel_contact_email. If this is specified, the hotel single page now shows a button in the right hand side under the review button. See the following as an example:
- Blog posts have been added to the home page. There is also an option to specify how many posts you want to show here.
- Users can now successfully change permalinks of hotels and locations. After change, user must go to Settings->Permalinks and hit save.
- Issue with currency symbol not showing right on first load of page has now been fixed.
- Heights of hotel descriptions on grid view have also been fixed.
- Updated Sample Data
- Updated Documentation

v1.2.1: 16.10.2013

- Custom slugs for hotels and locations have been temporarily removed

v1.2: 15.10.2013

- Enhanced currency list (based on all currencies supported by Google currency converter:
- Default currency selection in theme settings.
- Configurable checkbox list of currencies currently enabled on site (and appearing in toolbar) from theme settings
- Configurable speed of slider on home page
- Contact form 7 support
- Fix of search by not found location which previously showed result (eg search for asdasdsads as reported bug).
- Hide "What" field in form if only one set of data is enabled (eg only hotels, or only flights)
- Completed booking of vacancy reduces the number of available rooms for that vacancy. Once all rooms are taken, vacancy marked as null.
- If a booking (spam) is deleted, that vacancy room_count is returned to original.
- Added Accommodation types - so that we can have hotels, lodges, flats etc
- Search by accommodation type
- Dates allow past dates to be selected bug fix
- Booking price total now displayed in booking form instead of the current room price per day.
- Allow searching across multiple vacancy dates without prices disappearing (reported bug)
- Email sent to user on booking.
- Updated Sample data
- Updated Documentation
- Updated Preview file

v1.1: 30.09.2013

- Some php bug fixes 
- slider theming css fix

Official release: 26.09.2013