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Hi pixelwars, I was looking at purchasing this template because it looks very creative and an excellent piece of work.

However, I can confirm that there is a problem with Google Chrome (used 43.0.2357.124). For me, the portfolio section is not loading properly (see: http://oi59.tinypic.com/1427tbr.jpg ) I would like to note that once this site caches, it loads perfectly fine – however, as you know, having it load properly for a first-time visitor is very important.

As soon as this issue is addressed, I will purchase.

Hi, i just checked it on latest chrome (43.0.2357.130), it looks fine to me, sorry i can’t detect any issue.

Obviously there is an issue since you have had multiple reports – we aren’t all imagining things. I even provided you with a screenshot.

I am sure many others like myself are going to pass on this item just because you are so unwilling to investigate problems if they don’t hit you in the face.

I appreciate the design but do not appreciate the lack of initiative based on multiple previous reports.

hi..can you help me to configure contact form

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi…i contact support for configure contact form…but i don t receive answer…can you help me to configure contact form plz…thanks

Hi, i just checked and saw that your topic was replied a day ago;