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Hi, can I use this template for Blogger? thanks

Hi ecstaticperson, this is a HTML template and it is not directly compatible with blogger. Cheers

can this template be uploaded into workers, i was under the impression it could?

Hi Gianfranconatale, What do you mean by workers? this is a straight HTML template. Cheers

Is it just me, or is the live demo failing?


we would like to use it as a language learning page, the user can select if he would like to buy a CD or download the file (same as the option of in a eBook store – buying a hard copy of a book or get it as downloaded eBook file ). can we use it for this purpose ? is it limited to one product ?

thank you mayan

Hi Eradmayan, Yes you can use it for that purpose. You can add additional buttons or duplicate sections of html such at the download section to achieve this. Cheers

Hi there! I just recently purchased your Booker Theme for wordpress. I look forward to install it but the theme download package is missing the style.css file. Is there anything I should be adding or missing?

I purchased this item yesterday and here is my verification code: 07704f08-7513-4ceb-b535-a555c57e443b

Thanks, Malena

Hi Malena, thanks for your question. The file that you are looking for is called main.css located in the CSS folder. This file controls the styles and where you are able to change aspects like link colours etc. Thanks

Hi Kenny!

Thank you for your reply!

I did notice the main.css is in the CSS folder, I am having issues with the theme itself. Wordpress is telling me the Theme is broken, as it must have a stylesheet and a template and the description of the error is that the template is missing.

I am unsure if the package I downloaded is missing file or not. I have tried to add a style.css file to import the main.css – in case this was the error, but no luck!

Could you help me out! Thanks! Malena

Please disregard previous message… sorry about this.


Jonakey Purchased

Hey , I Can’t install It My WordPress Site , Its Give me Following Error

Stylesheet Missing .

Here Is My Purchased Id , Kindly Send a Your Theme File Again Without Any Error .


Hi Jonakey, This is a HTML theme. Cheers