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I’m having issues trying to get the slider to show up on the site? I followed the videos too


I can’t see that you have bought our theme.

I can email the receipt from paypal.


Please send either purchase code or contact us with the account you have bought it.

Are you aware the homepage content backgrounds don’t appear for iOS Safari browsers? Been trying to figure this out by myself for awhile thinking it was something I did because of some customizations I made. Although I tested on your “Live Preview” link and noticed your having the same issue. I’m not sure what it could be, I’ve been pretty stumped.


Bordeaux is not designed for mobile phones and tablets.

Update: Found it! It’s related to the dimensions of the background images. I reduced the dimension size from 20,000px height to 1024px height and the backgrounds appeared fine on iOS Safari browsers. I read somewhere the limit is 2,000,000px (widthXheight).. I don’t think that is exactly accurate. 1024px may be not enough for some people but it is all I needed. I adjusted the following files: block-3-content-bg.png, block-2-content-bg.png


Thank you for informing us ;)!

Hi there I just recently purchased your HTML theme. I was wondering if there is a support forum that I can log in to? So this way I can find out how to set up my reservations page. thank you


You should edit reservation.html file for that and add php code to it.

Hi there would it possible that if you can provide me the PHP coding for the form such as contact form and reservation form that can send send off to an email? Thank you


Please contact us via contact form and we will provide you with more details. Contact form is located in our Themeforest profile page at bottom right corner.

Is this theme compatible with Prettyphoto to show big images?


Sorry, but we haven’t tested it. This theme uses timthumb.php to generate thumbnails for posts.

I purchased this item and it is great the only problem I have is that not what steps I need to enter my email reservations appreciate your help I am new to this greetings from Barcelona Spain


I’m sorry, but I didn’t exactly understood what you ment, maybe you could explain more?

consultation in relation to the previous question was related to the configuration of the reservations page. come as no php files, as are configured to receive this information in my mail


So basically as I understood you want to receive email whenever someone makes a reservation, yes?

Sorry my English is very bad but trying to say that. configure php files as I can get


I’m sorry, but I didn’t understood what you exactly ment. Could you please try describing more?

not know the procedure for filling a php file and make the link with the reservations page you can get the files needed to run and get in my mail the information


So basically you want to have option that when someone fills reservation form, all details is sent to your email address, yes?

right is what I want


Okay, could you please send us your email address and ftp details to our email? You can do it via our Themeforest profile page by using contact form in bottom right corner of the page.

hello, Im about to buy this item. I saw to versions one for Wordpress and this one the HTML …

My question is, why is the WP one more expensive? is the HTML somehow less capable? or the difference lies in how easy is to implement?

I have very basic HTML knowledge, and some understanding about CSS , what I do manage is Photoshop so I can work no problems with PSD files… on the other hand, I have a little experience with WP and I do know it is better for BLOGs.. but I’m not sure for a (relatively static) web page like this one for a restaurant….

Please, any hints in why should I go for one version or the other is highly appreciated.


It is because WP is based on Wordpress CMS (with administrator panel), but HTML is plain HTML website.

well thanks that I understand, but… which one is, easier to implement? or which are the advantages of using WP instead of plain HTML ?


If you are using WP, then you will be able to edit all of the features via admin panel (you won’t need HTML knowledge).

I post it as a new question because I’m not sure you get updates to old ones. Thanks for your answer, I do understand the difference, which is, basically and according to you, the administrator panel. Now, as I said, I will do this for a client, and the plan is to have a static webpage, they are not interested in adding more info like in a blog (which IMO will work better for them using the administrator panel from WP.

So, I would like to understand which would it better for me, as I am the one who will implement their website?


If you are familair with HTML then you should be enough with HTML version, otherwise WP version would be the best.

Understood, I just bought it, I hope I can do it completely on my own, if I get stuck at some point I will return to ask… Thanks!

Hello, I purchased this a while back and just noticed that the links I set on the homepage slideshow images don’t work. Ideally, each image in the slideshow would be able take the user somewhere inside the website…can you tell me how to make this happen? Seems like it would be a pretty common request… Thanks!

Could you gives a link to the page where the problem encounters so we can see it in live?

Thanks, I sent you a private message with the info =)

I purchase HTML version, but not include php file for Contact form and Reservations.

How to get that PHP file?

Purchase code: b6968d85-93fb-4710-9962-d576faceb3ba

I think You have to put this information (HTML version does not provide any PHP files.) at your product for make decision for by customer.

I just spend money and time !!!!

That is why it is called an HTML version not PHP version. Also, while viewing the item, on the right side, there are display what files are included in the download.


Can you suggest me an image size for featured-image-1.png ? Which size fits best ?

Could you specify where exactly this featured-image-1.png is located in the site?

Oh, sorry :) At the right corner of any page, where there is also a comment and five star. You can see a croissant or cup cakes randomly. Is it clear ? :/

The feedback images at are in 470×144px dimensions.

Do you have corresponding Facebook page template? It would be nice if you have facebook template also so that we can apply main website and facebook page the same look.

Unfortunately we do not have such feature right now.

Another question…reservation page ( has following legends and corresponding display in the calendar. How does it get to know the reservations? I believe what you showed there can’t be achieved in real using the provided html—it is just a visual. Please confirm

Free reservation space Some reservations available Reservations not available

Here you can see everything’s nicely working on wordpress: the reservations are fully operating.

Great!!! I can see that. Question is, out of the box html template has all the code to achieve this or is this not possible with just HTML theme I purchased. I didn’t purchase wordpress as I want to use this HTML theme with Concrete5 CMS.

HTML is just the layout, you will have to integrate it in the Concrete5 by yourself.

I have bought your template but I don’t find the dump file. Could you send me this file?



We can send you the xml content but we do not provide the licenses for the images our demo content provides. You will have to either not to use them or purchase the licenses for them.

Give us a mail on this regard. You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Ok, thanks. I have sent the email.