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Just a quick note to say what a great theme here is an example I built for someone who is very very pleased with it

All the gallery pics are uploaded after each party/event and then put into a password protected page which shows a slideshow of the nights pictures.


Great theme

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The blog on my setup looks like a photo gallery. I’ve been reading through the discussion to find someone else with this issue, but thought it would be easier just to ask.

How do I make the blog look like a blog?

Hi … I am working on this theme and too many of my posts are coming onto the homepage. I only want three to show up and all of them are showing. If I change the number in the Wordpress settings…it changes how many thumbs show up in the portfolio pages.


Please, how do i hide the header logo just on the front page.

Hi Akay, got this doubt regarding facebook and twitter plugin.

I am using Tweememe Retweet Plugin and Facebook Like plugin.

The problem is, the Tweetmene Retweet Plugin, when selected to show on homepage, shows below the horizontal line, which makes it look as if it belongs to the next post. How can I show it above the line? http://www.sandeepbali.com/blog

Secondly, for Facebook Like plugin, when selected to show on homepage, it doesn’t show up there. While it shows on pages and individual posts when selected respective settings. http://www.sandeepbali.com/2010/03/not-so-easy-to-be-an-entrepreneur/

How to resolve this?

Thanks Sandeep Bali

With this code:

if (!empty($showcase_image)) {

Is there a way to show a default image if they leave the custom_field blank?

Please look at followtheprince.com Look under the “Site Name Header” or the Title of the page. There currently is a comma ”,” before Every page Title. How can we remove the comma ?

Thanks Akay

Hi all, i was not avaiable to check the comments nowadays, just a quick check; all the answers are given before just check the old comments im sure your answer is writen here before, im just waiting for WP 3 .0 to update for new changes, WPMU support, navigation support etc.. Thanks for your understanding, best regards! I love you all ! :) I will re-check the comments at the end of this week, for your information… Cheers!

Hi Akay,

I have BOSSPRESS theme and I want to display the subpages from one page on all pages. Is this possible? If not, how can I delete the ‘Sub Pages of’ section from the page with sub pages.

Thanks in advance.

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Images for my posts and pages are only showing up on the left. I’ve even selected a right align, but they still show left.

Any advice on this issue?

Hey guys, I’ve got couple of questions here..

1. How to remove my “slider” category from the top nav ?

2. I’ve got like 30 pages on my site, and I want to put only 5 in my nav. At the moment, all the pages are showing in the top nav and the site looks really weird.

3. The font size on the center column on the home page is slightly bigger than the other two, any suggestions ?

That’s all, thanks a lot ! :)


how can i increase the number of portfolio posts to display on the gallery page? As of now it stops at 10 ? Thanks

First of all – this theme is awesome! I Love it! It´s so hot – can´t descripe it, but now I really need your help – I would like to have the portfolio design on my starting page – I found the code in the archive.php within a if – else – loop but I am not so familiar with php. So can u please post me a snipplet of code, that I put on my home.php underneath the slider, up to the three columns – showing the portfolio style of all articles in category id=1 ? Please help me – I run really out of ideas now! Awaiting your answer and kind regards from Germany! I LUV THIS THEME ! Go everybody and buy it! ;)

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Simple question. I need to translate the Comments area. I’ve translated everything inside comments template PHP file but I still have some work to do. I can’t find where to translate:

- “Visitor” says: <—here I want to translate says - JUNE 10 , 2010 AT 12 :08 AM I want to put this another way or just delete. I need also to translate the month name.

Thanks for your help.


Hi mate, it should be releated with your lang file not the theme i guess if you transleted all. Thanks


One question: is it compatible with polish characters (ISO 8859-2)?


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Hello friend!

How do I create a blog page?



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I think the code has changed, because I can’t delete the catagory’s from the menu. How can I do this ?

Hi, Akay

When will update theme to support Word press 3.0 ?


It’s working fine with 3.0 now, but im going to update it this weekend for wordpress 3.0 menu support feature. Thanks.

Hi Akay,

Is the theme compadible with WP 3 .0 ?


Sure, working fine i have tested, i will update it this weekend for wp 3.0 menu support. Cheers.

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Hi men, nice theme, I am using your theme for last 5 months and everything is working great… But, in the last upgrade of WordPress 3.0. and my showcase_image or the MAIND slideshow in the front page’’ is no working; I install everything aging, but is no working. ANY IDEA OR FEEDBACK … OR RECOMMENDATION … THANK YOU FOR YOU HELP .