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surprised. no1 replying. good theme but no support.

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I have read thru just about all the comments to find this answer with no luck. I am trying to make the home page slider images link to pages within the website and also link to specific urls instead of linking to posts. You said in your comments 5 or 6 months ago that you would be making that change in an update soon. It does not appear that you have done this unless I am missing something. Now I read that you are not answering any more questions. So has anyone else figured this out? Will you be updating so that is possible???

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wow – reading thru the comments again looking for answers and now I’m surprised how many comments go unanswered. I will think twice about buying another theme from this author. I love the design but now I’m afraid I’ll never get any answers. And the help document is ok but not great. It seems like Akay has checked out (last response was a month ago and the 2 month before that) – so if you buy this theme I guess you don’t really get much support except from all the comments. I hope I’m wrong. He said over 5 months ago that he would be updating the functionality of the slider to allow for links to pages and not just posts.

Has anyone else been able to figure out how to make the home page slider link to pages or urls and not just a post?


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Since the author does not seem to answering questions and the help doc is pretty minimal I need some help from the community – It seems other are having the same problem.

How do I make the blog look like a blog?

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For those looking to re-direct the homepage slider to a page or outside url, you can download the plug-in – LINKS TO PAGE and that works pretty nicely as a work around for now.

Hey Akay / Comment readers

Just wondering if anyone figured out a way to get more than one portfolio page/category to work. I saw that sub-cats of the main portfolio should work, however when I do that the sub category only displays as a regular blog style category.

Any suggestions?

Also just curious when the bosspress update will be coming out?

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I’d like to see an update for wordpress 3.o menu functionality. This should be a simple to do and a good tool since the menu is not flexible. Every page is created is shown and it is a bad solution. I’d like to see more support since this template was sold 510 times and counting. It is a great design template but with a little more work it can be the best selling template ever! Wrong strategy from Akay. I am sorry for him.

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@ruiganga Hi! I purchased this theme too and made support for WP3 menu system.

Open file header.php and cange this code: http://drp.ly/1K0IfW

to this code: http://drp.ly/1K0G2N

Open file functions.php and add next code (for example into line 326 after symbol } ): http://drp.ly/1K0B3u

I hope it helps.

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All you need to do – add ID of portfolio category into theme options page (example: http://drp.ly/1K0OdO )

Otherwise all category pages would looking like portfolio. After that you can create category Blog and posts. So blog will look like a blog.

Hope it helps.


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Hi! I LOVE THIS THEME .. but I have a question!

Is it possible to remove the links for the “main” menu buttons, and not for the submenu links?.. i want them to still be there, but not clickable.

PLEASE .. help!


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@petterberg Hello! Try to make steps from pre-previous my post about WP3 menu system. You’ll be able to create your own menu. Even without links – just create Custom Links and keep URL area empty.

Hope it helps


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I’m looking to change the MONTH .DAY.YEAR time stamp on the blog post to be DAY .MONTH.YEAR for example to look like this 09.27.2010. This has been asked by a couple people in the comments but I can’t seem to find an answer. Anyone out there that can help? Thanks

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Open files index.php, home.php and single.php

Find next code:
<?php the_time(‘j.m.Y’); ?>

Change to this code:
<?php the_time(‘m.j.Y’); ?>

Having a problem with Safari v5.0.2. When you click on the categories link it causes the main nav to get screwed up. It seems to push the category link into the other links.

Teste it on IE and Google Chrome and it does not happen.

Hi Akay – I really like your theme. Awesome! Just a couple of questions -

1. What do I have to edit to set the front page fader images to link to a dead page – in other words, be invisible or make the link dead.

eg: in wordpress menu, you can simply make the page ‘about’ for instance a dead link by putting # in the URL of custom links and your page link name in the label – so ‘about’ – then becomes unclickable. Can you tell me how to do this in bosspress?

I understand the slider images need to be attached to a category – but I need this category to be un-viewable. Please help!

I Really am enjoying the rest of the theme – A massive task – Well done!

Thanks for reading. Hope you can help :)

Does anybody have code for modifying BossPress so that I can place a different version of a logo on the 2nd-tier pages. In other words, I have 2 versions of a logo. One is reversed (white) so I can place it on the home page to reverse out of the slider graphics. But I want a black version of the logo for the 2nd tier pages.

Hi all!, I’m working on a custom support forum for now, will be available as soon as possible. As you see support with comments not good enough, im not able to follow it :( will have a support forum with search option soon! Thanks for your understanding. I’m coming with cool suprises!

The theme doesn’t seem to scroll in IE. Is there are fix for this? I’ve had a bunch of people complain about it when they are viewing my site. I had a friend purchase it for me that is why I don’t show up as someone who has paid.

Thanks so much for not responding.

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Hi Akai , I’m having problems with the new entrances, I cant see how to put the work detail image. I’ve gone the theme options menu after updating to the latest wordpress.

It is very urgent that you can solve this because the web need to continually be updated, please tell me something as soon as possible.

For when you have an update on the issue? Surely be many new improvements, but now I need help solving the like can set the thumbnail preview to the portfolio.