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you posted the msg “Sure, working fine i have tested, i will update it this weekend for wp 3.0 menu support. Cheers.” 8 months ago.

I bought the theme today and found out it still does not have WP3 Menu support !

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In your theme instructions it is very difficult to understand how to put in the home slider gallery…you talk about custom fields also which i have looked everywhere for and can’t find…am puzzled. Is there a simple way to do this? From what i gathered, the photos for the homepage come from posts? if so, i have put two posts on, one with an image but still nothing.


I found adding this hard also… I’ve wasted some time messing about with this template and here is what i have found out.

  • The custom fields are located under the “screen options” tab in the top left corner of your post screen… check the box and it will appear below
  • Showcase slider photos are only available via post like you said, but you can download a plugin to redirect the post to a page on click, if so inclined
  • lastly, the author doesn’t offer a lot in the way of help or support.
  • Hope it helps, good luck

    ps I know I’ve seen it in the 18 pages of comments, but anyone know how to remove a category from the main menu??? i hate sifting through this message board.


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Thanks a bunch MichaelX for taking the time to write that out for me – now all up and working.

In regard to the main menus – I believe the way I adjusted these were by creating the categories i wanted (no pages) then posting a post to each so it appeared.

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one way to resolve that is the implementation of WP3 menu. where you can customize the menu.

Ya thanks Limecity,

I did this and it seems to be working fine.


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Michael, how you manage to implement the WP3 menu into the theme?

i followed ivanov instruction on the implementation. but doesn’t seem to work at my end.

i created a menu set called ‘primary’. added new menus but no changes seems to be done.

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Can anyone get the lightbox working?

I got a wp 3.1 update and can’t find the custom fields.. Did search for “screen options” but did not find it, maybe thats only for WP 3 .0..

So my images in the gallery and on the homepage do not show up..

Anyone to help me in the right way.?


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this theme doesn’t work with WPML plugin. multi language. the slider doesn’t show up after switching to different language.

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Anyone else have an issue when updating to WP version 3.1.3?

I just did and everything is not working properly!

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I sure wish I could get an answer on this. It is not working after I made the update to WP 3 .1.3!

How do I fix this?

casey154 Purchased

I actually think I figured it out after some time… It had to be a plugin as i deactivated all of them and refreshed the page. Everything works fine now.


I loved this theme so much.. and so did all of my readers.. but.. I will have to deactivate this and switch to thesis theme..

this reminds me of the life lesson about buying web products.. that support options are more important than product itself..

Is it possible to change the nav menu to transparent?

I’m servicing this theme for a friend…apparently since the theme lacks Wordpress 3.0 menu support, you have to force it in there. I followed a tutorial on how to do it. Basically you need to add add_theme_support( 'menus' ); to functions.php

THEN around line 51 of header.php, modify the nav container to this instead:

<div class="nav"> <?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'sort_column' => 'menu_order', 'container_class' => 'menu-header' ) ); ?> </div>

Your Appearance/Menus will still say theme lacks Menu support, but if you create a custom menu, it will appear in the header.

Awesome, thanks man, that worked!! Love people who bother to write out helpful code for you.

Support for this theme is garbage. Very disappointing would never recommend.

Does this slider support pngs? I am looking for one where I can have a transparent background.

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This theme cannot be viewed in Android OS. can it be fix?

i don’t know if someone is reading this, but is it possible the slider working in version 3.8?