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One more thing… can you tell me what font you used for you logo? i like it. I’ve tried others, but i can’t get anything that looks close enough.. thanks

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where I can download widget “latest blgs” how yours?


If you won’t enter any widgets to sidebar1 it will be appear automaticly :)

Guys, please vote if you happy with your theme, thank you :)

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I bought your theme because it looks stunning! Love the look.

However, I’m not going to be able to use this theme for a current project because of the way you’ve set up the homepage header. It would be much more useful (or more flexible in its uses) if the header on the homepage was NOT connected to a particular category and blog post.

Instead, if you were able to upload any picture / graphic you wanted for the header rotator and then have the option to point it to whatever URL you wanted (or no URL at all) without it creating menu items you could use this template for TONS of sites.

Love the header rotator… hate how its implemented in the theme’s admin.

Just my $0.02


Hi mate, Good point. The homepage showcase is related with post be because it’s the best way to organize it. Otherwise i have no idea about how to organize it with wp options etc. do you have any suggestion so i can think on it for you?

Best regards.

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Hi Akay,

Well, what I’m advocating is you disassociate the homepage showcase with posts / categories. Instead users would be able to go into Theme Options in WP Admin (ie Appearance > BOSSPRESS ) and upload 2, 3, 4, how many ever pictures / graphics they wanted and associate them with whatever URL they wanted.

The advantage of this would be the theme would be much more flexible and wouldn’t dictate navigation to the user.

So, for example, maybe on the homepage you want to have a picture or graphic splash for your about page or contact page, a current special deal, and 2 of your 3 offered services, 1 recent portfolio item and 1 of your most recent blog posts.

Currently you can’t do that because everything has to be associated with a post (instead of a page or anything you want) under a specific category.

Anyway, that would mean more work on your part! So I’m just throwing it out there. It would make the theme more flexible (and for me useful).

Thanks for the time!

Great looking theme for sure!!


What about adding a new custom field to the post? If there is a custom field showcase_link, the post will be shown as a showcase but not shown in blog or portfolio categories, also will be connected to showcase_link’s value. Maybe it can be more useful if okey i’m going to include this function to next update. Cheers.

sethneal Purchased

Hi Akay,

Sorry for the delay, got ambushed with this whole work thing.

Yea, that would be a great feature.

Also, I guess if you could use the custom fields on Pages (as well as posts) that would be a workable solution.

However, your solution might actually be more flexible if it was an optional link. So, maybe you wanted people to go to the blog post you wouldn’t put it in. Or, if you wanted it to direct to a page on the site you could.

Thanks for being responsive. Great theme and great support.


Okey im going to release it on next update, cheers!

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Hi, and thanks for a great theme! I´m probably stupid but how do I find/create a portfolio/category ID for my settings? Please…


Hi mate thanks for purchasing first. Create your category first, then go to categories menu under posts tab. Rollover your portfolio category, you see the link finishing with cat_ID, get this numder then use it :) Thanks.

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Great product man,

After reading a few other suggestions here I found a few plug ins that help customize more options for home page image slider.

I found these two plugs to disable any page, category etc showing up in menu header and another plug in to easily redirect a page or post to a new url or wherever, in case one wants to create a bunch of image slides from many posts then just redirect all those to one specific page. for example I made a bunch of posts in your theme using you showcase image field, then I activated the redirect plug in on those multiple posts all pointing to same Service page I made. I also checked off to disable those posts to not shw up on header so if anyone selects any of the images rotating it automatically points to the same service page without ever going to the post where I used the showcase custom field.

One other quick suggested.. please add more details on Instructions about how you must upload at least two images in order to see the showcase slider to show up on live site. I spent hours trying to figure out why my image slider wasn’t working after i checked site from my first post.

Also we need a wide page template added with no sidebar! I saw someone here posted in comments that they added this? can you make this available?

Thanks for the epic theme!


Hi mate, we are not able to include plug-ins into the theme file, so im going to resolve this without using any plug-in.

Yep, you are absolutely right about adding information about submitting 2 posts at least. Sorry about it if you spent hours on it :)

Im going to include the page template you want on next update don’t worry. They all coming at next update thanks for your nice comment and for your suggestions, have a good works.

Akay as I wrote before great theme. One question I think it is my mistake BUT can you help me out. I followed your help file. But I can not show the image in de slide as in my category http://turkey-realestate.info/

I’ve uploaded a jpg image via WP, created the custom fields, give the portfolio ID in de the setting BUT still I can not show the image!

Can you help me out?

THanks dude


Hi canol, Thanks for your comment. The link you gave is not accessible for now, but if we are talking about the homepage showcase, you need to publish 2 posts with related custom fields at least. Could you please check? Thanks!

Thanks Akay,

the link is not accessible from Turkey (according provider). I understand the 2 posts, that is working, but now I dont see any posts in my slidebar 1!!


Hi mate no problem its okey if it fixed :) About sidebar, you need to add lastest posts widget to sidebar_main. Thanks.

Hi all! Please don’t forget to update your theme, full width page template has been added! Thanks.

Hi Akay. Thanks for the update mate.


Your welcome mate cheers! :)

instead of blog i want it to show latest portfolio posts on the homepage in the bottom left column.. i like how it looks with the blog…

update changed in home.php




3 being my portfolio id and that seemed to work.


Hi mate, it would be better if you can change it like below;


Very nice job!

I love your works! Congratulation!

Can you offer me a plugin for contact form, there have a similar design as BOSSPRESS site?

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Hi Akay, I’m having a bit of trouble with the portfolio feature. I created a portfolio category, with 5 sub catergories. I’ve added the custom field values to the posts and when I click on Portfolio I get a page of preview images as expected. My problem is that when I click any of the subcategories (via the menu or sidebar), I see a list of posts instead of images. Do I need to enter Cat IDs for all the subcatergories in the Bosspress setttings page?



Hi jferrero, Just be sure you are selecting the main portfolio category and the sub category, not just sub category. Thanks.

jferrero Purchased

Thanks Akay!

Great theme.. I am looking to purchase but would like to see the black version. Currently there is no image to see what the dark/black version looks like…



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New to wordpress and purchased this, but for some reason I cannot get the homepage slider to work. I do not even have a “homepage” button under categories within the Admin.

I have cleared the database and reuploaded everything from wordpress and this theme a couple times and still have no luck!

Hope you can help…

Thanks, Casey


Everything okey just add one more item :) You need to add 2 items at least to make showcase working, as it written in help doc ;)

casey154 Purchased

Ok, I am an idiot! :)

I misunderstood the help text. I knew the whole time it was me as the other users had no issues! Sorry to waste your time, but thank you so much for the help as it was driving me insane! :)



come on mate, no problem :) have a good works, thanks for purchasing.

Very interested in buying this theme. A few pre-buy questions/comments:

1) Does this theme support Wordpress’s threaded comments and replies?

2) Maybe it’s just my eye, but the fonts and sizing for the individual post’s comments area don’t click with the rest of the theme. I can’t say why. But it doesn’t look “smooth” like the rest of the theme.

2) Do you recommend a way to change/remove the hover features on the portfolio page? I’d like to modify it so that on a mouse-over the portfolio image brightens but the rest of the page does not fade out.

4) Can you show the demo theme with 125wp, flickrrss, or a contact forum plugin installed? It is very useful for buyers to know if extra css will be needed to make plugins visually match the theme’s grid, styling, etc.

5) Can you post a demo of the black version of bosspress?

Thanks so much. I think BossPress is a beautiful theme and I look forward to supporting your design efforts with a purchase!


Hi mate,

1) Not for now

2) Which browser are we talking about? Couse they should be the same fonts.

3) Sure its easy, i can say how to.

4) Its widget ready you can easyly add your widgets but im not able to create new demo page for now :(

5) If you can add the 002.css after 001.css file (they are in the same path) with firebug, you see the black version, but im not able to create a new demo page as i said, but you can see it in screenshots

Thank you so much!

1) I got the black preview working with your firebug css edit. The porfolio page looks really sharp in black. Could easily be used for a music group, etc.

2) I hope you consider coding threaded comment support for the theme. Many users will appreciate it.

3) If javascript is turned off the front page slider does not show. This is expected. But can you code a method so that if javascript is off, the browser will display the most recent slideshow image? The porfolio page also suffers a bit when javacript is turned off, the user has to click directly on the moving post title to access the portfolio post. Would be easier if the click would register on any area of the image.

Thanks again!


:) i understand but i think there is no need to code any specific page for users which not using javascript, i don’t think that there is a browser without javascript support, also if you disable the css it won’t seen good its something like that :D But thanks for your suggestion, cheers.