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Wicked design!!

Are you going to be offering this as an HTML template?


Thanks, yes in 2 days :)

jmeagher Purchased

Akay, really nice work. Greetings from foggy San Francisco. I bought your theme with about 10 minutes of deliberation. Who says good design doesn’t pay?

I’ll throw in another vote for what someone mentioned about being able to dissociate the slideshow from posts. Not that I would want to get rid of that functionality, but being able to insert an image without creating a post every once in a while would be a nice +.

Also, I’d like to change the expand icon on the popup images to something with a larger background so it is more-visible against certain images. I can’t seem to find a png or gif for that anywhere – can you nudge me in the right direction?



Hi jm, thank you so much for your comment and purchasing also. Yes i’m going to add the function we talked about on next update it would be fine ;) About the icon, i prefer to check it on http://www.smashingmagazine.com/ there are good free icons there. Have a good works, cheers!


I have searched for a lot of themes around here and this one seems to be pretty close to what I am looking for, love it. It is pretty much exactly how I want my site to perform, especially how the portfolio is laid out.

I just need to ask a few questions:

1) On the Portfolio page, is it possible to make some of the clickable entries popup a vimeo lightbox instead of going to a post/entry?

2) I like the style of ‘lightbox’ you used with just the black borders but I prefer to see a “X – Close” button somewhere on the picture or around the frame. Is it possible to change the style of lightbox you used without messing anything up?

These questions aren’t really all that important because I think I am going to buy this theme anyways :). Thank You.


Hey mate, sorry we are in a different time zone i was sleeping while you are awake :) Yes it will be easy to change just will change 1 line or replace the image.

Tweak589 Purchased

Hmmm the prettyPhoto lightbox is not working for me with Vimeo movies. It just sits there with a little loading black box. Any help please?

Youtube videos work fine, etc.

If I wanted to update to the newest version of prettyPhoto, how would I go about doing that?


<a href="http://vimeo.com/8245346" rel="prettyPhoto" title=""><img src="images/thumbnails/flash-logo.jpg" alt="Vimeo" width="60" /></a>

This is the code how vimeo works mate. About updating, just replace the js and the image folder it will be updated if nessesary.

Tweak589 Purchased

Sorry, nevermind, was easy to update, and now Vimeo works. I just noticed that you had taken out the ‘close’ UI and title from the lightbox and put it back to normal, and changed the theme.

I am a little concerned with how the drop down menu works in Safari because it wants to disappear when I start go passed the 2nd or 3rd option. Pretty annoying. I may just disable the dropdown menu altogether (need to figure this out).

Overall a great theme, and with some editing it will look fantastic. Thanks Again.


Yes i disabled them, there were no need to update :) if was okay if you just remove the lines i added. About dropdown, its working fine i check in safari also, what version are you using?

Love you theme… it was almost a snap to set up, though I’d rather the nav be just pages and blog, rather than having anything to do with categories. The documentation is pretty great. But my real question: How do I change the date format? My client and I are in the US, and I need to make it month – day – year.


Well, I found the date format thing in 3 places, but still can’t find the Gallery page one.


Hi mate, its in archive.php file. Thanks :)

cichy Purchased

Hey Akay, really great theme. Is it possible to view pages in slideshow on the homepage instead of posts? If so, should I change something here:

<?php query_posts(‘showposts=50’); if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); $showcase_image = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘showcase_image’, $single = true); $showcase_color = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘showcase_color’, $single = true); if (!empty($showcase_image)) { ?>

sorry if the question is stupid, I don’t know much about php.

Thanks :)


Hi, no it’s not. But im going to add a external link custom field on next update, this time you can give the link of your page, cheers.

The theme front page link in porfolio post, is it possible to link to a regular page or a blog post.

Thank, the layout of the site is super…


In next update you will be able to give any link to the showcase items. Thanks.

Hey there, do you have a live demo in the black version?

Also: 1. is it possible to change the portfolio page to full-width?

2. If you wanted to could you have every page styled like the homepage, with the large photo slider?

Thanks – I love it!


Hi there is no preview but there is a screenshot. By the way, if you can include 002.css file after 001.css (they are in same folder) in the page with firebug, you can see the black versions preview also.

1. Portfolio is a category, if you don’t enter your portfolio ID it won’t appear, so yes you can create a page with full width page template and use it as a portfolio. But it wont be a category, it will be a static page.

2. No its just homepage. Cheers!

I think someone asked this already, but I don’t think I saw an answer.

From the portfolio page, is it possible for each thumbnail to open a lightbox gallery (or the integrated prettyphoto) instead of the portfolio post page? If so, how?


Hi, portfolio items are connected to post detail, so its not possible in this type need some modifications with custom fields. Need to modify archive.php file.

wombat1 Purchased

Hi Akay

Great theme. Actually i have most of your themes bookmarked. Very creative interactivity features, excellent work.

i was wondering, would it be possible through simple .php editing to be able to do the following, and if so could you tell me where to edit.

When a user is in the portfolio, there is a list of subcategory links in the sidebar. I want to maintain the subcategory links in the sidebar when the user navigates to each subcategory page or individual entry page.

I would use the Category widget, but it always shows all the categories not just the subcategories for the category you are navigating, and even worse the categories would be in one column, it looks so much better when they are in two columns.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi mate, thank you so much first.

The sub categories list is generating under sidebar.php file, line 8 to 49. I got what you mean and what you want but needs some changes i have no idea for now, im going to think on it if i can find any solution i will share it with you.

For example if i’m in a post, what should be shown there? just the parrent cats? or all categories etc. what you think about the logic?

jontyson Purchased

Love this theme.

Check out what what we did with it.



Thank you, looking great have a good works ;)

Hiya, Just a query as to when the next update will be out (linking to pages rather than posts)? Cheers


Hi, i’m little bit bussy but i’m going to release it in 2 weeks max. Cheers!


Thanks Akay – just a reminder :-p

wombat1 Purchased

Hi Akay

Thanks for responding so quick. Yeah i found the code in the sidebar.php Its all conditional, which i am just getting to grips with.

As far as how it should work, the idea is simpler than it sounds. Whenever you are on a page the sidebar should show all subcategories of the parent category for that page no matter whether it is a category, subcategory or post page.

For example

If you have a Parent category PORTFOLIO With three Subcategories DESIGN WEB 3D

Whenever you are on a portfolio category page, portfolio subcategory page or related post page that is covered by the portfolio parent then you will always have the three related subcategories in the sidebar. It stays the same if you click on DESIGN , or WEB or 3D When you are in a different parent category you have the specific subcategories for that parent.

I figured out a way with category.php files for the different categories but it would be better with conditional coding i think.

Here is an example of code that i think may work, but when i insert it in sidebar.php i get a php error. Something to do with the brackets.

Ive tried variations but the result does not layout in two columns it just becomes a single column list similar to using the category widget

<?php if (is_category()) { $this_category = get_category($cat); } ?> <?php if($this_category->category_parent) $this_category = wp_list_categories(‘orderby=id&show_count=0 &title_li=&use_desc_for_title=1&child_of=’.$this_category->category_parent. "&echo=0"); else $this_category = wp_list_categories(‘orderby=id&depth=1&show_count=0 &title_li=&use_desc_for_title=1&child_of=’.$this_category->cat_ID. "&echo=0"); if ($this_category) { ?>

Sorry about the length of the post. Cheers and thanks once again.

This is a fabulous, well designed theme that’s very well done, though I do have a couple of questions:

1) Is there a way to change the size of the title of the second widget-ready column on the homepage? It looks like it’s showing as an H3, yet column one and three appear to be H2 and I can’t seem to locate where the larger formatting is coming from.

2) Is there a way to link the home slider images to a page or other external link? For my setup, it would be idea if I could add a custom field or something to link somewhere other than the post.


Hi mate thanks so muck, your answers are below;

1) functions.php in theme folder, line 37 and 38, h2 tags should be replaced with h3.

2) this function is not included yet im going to release it in 2 weeks.



Thanks for the tip on #1 – that was the ticket! I’m also looking forward for the update that will address #2 – that’s great news!

Thanks again!

How do you set the blog to appear as you have it here:


My category, marked as Blog, is appearing as a gallery, which is nice, but would be easier if I could make it appear as a blog.



Hi, thanks for purchasing first.

I think you write a wrong category ID to BOSSPRESS settings panel, in wp-admin. Just be sure about it. Cheers.


Your theme is outstanding! When viewing posts in the portfolio, is there a setting to be able to see the other “categories” in the sidebar? If so, is it an simple setup?



Not for now but im going to think on it on next update. Cheers.

Hi Akay,

I really like this theme and after reading some of the comments, and going through some of my own frustrations, I really hope you will be able to let the slider have images without making them link to a post.

I have one other suggestion, I was having a heck of a time re-ordering the pages in the navigation, and after some digging around through the WP forums, I found that changing the ”<?php wp_list_pages(‘title_li=&depth=3&sort_column=ID’); ?>” in the header.php file did the trick, I removed the “&sort_column=ID” and added “sort_column=menu_order&” at the beginning after the parenthesis, now mine reads ”<?php wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=menu_order&title_li=&depth=3’); ?> and it works perfectly with the wordpress page order function. Going to Pages>Edit, you can change the page order, and this now works, instead of listing alphabetically only. This is just a small suggestion, but it was causing me a huge headache!

I have a question, is it possible to use a page as a blog without listing it in the navigation as a category? I see that even on your own blog on your site it’s .com/category/blog. Is this not possible because the front page (home) is a static page? I would love some insight if possible, using the Categories in the navigation doesn’t display the blog in an optimal way, in my opinion.

I really love this theme and I’m looking forward to your updates! Keep up the great work!

Best, Keegan


Hi keegan,

Thank you so much first for purchasing and your perfect suggestion, i will include this in next update also, nice idea, it can be useful.

About having the blog as a page, i think we need to create it as a page template but not sure about is it work or not. Couse there should be a paging etc. not sure about this, and how to do. Let me think on.

Thanks one more time, have a good works too.


Hi Akay,

I am so happy with this theme! I love it! You really are very talented. I’m glad my navigation suggestion was helpful.

I got my site converted over from SquareSpace to Wordpress using your theme, I made some modifications to it and thought I would share:


Thank you again, and can’t wait to see what your future updates have!



Perfect keep continue :)

mardin Purchased

he! ich have a portfolio category – this is the parent – and than 3 sub categorys! i put the portfolio category id in the setup… but how can i do it for the sub categorys? do it also in the theme setup? cheers mate!


mardin, i really couldn’t understand what you mean?