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bwymore, why don’t you write in our ticket system as I suggest only one comment above yours?
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nobody00 Purchased

how can i activate the review system?

Will this theme be updated for Wordpress 3.4?

Can I update slide show with the same form of post item?

Example: When I post some news, the same Image goes to slide show?

This theme works with WP 3 .4?

My social media bar on the left hand side seems to be a bit buggy. You can’t see the whole bar, it cuts off right around Tumblr. Any solutions to this problem?

How can I add Pinterest and Google+ to the Subscribe and Follow social media bar on the right? (The one that already has Twitter, Facebook and RSS )

Okay first, I really-really want to buy this theme, but I wonder got any way to integrate this theme with Timthumb? I like to use Timthumb as it not have to set featured image if we want to show thumbnail in homepage. It will be fetched automatically to show it in homepage, and it would save time a lot.

So the featured image need to upload first into internal hosting before it can show thumbnail homepage right? I always use external hosting such as Imageshack and etc because it can save my hosting’s space.

Anyone can help me to integrate this theme to Timthumb before I buy this theme? I want to confirm first if anybody can help me, if got, I will buy it. If I need to pay an extra charge, please tell me how much and I will consider it first. But make sure its not too expensive.

Thanks in advance.

samphai Purchased

will there be any updates? or will i be notified if there are updates?

Hi, first of all let me say this is a great, fast and clear theme, one of the best ones ive bought.

Just FYI Ive seen some comments saying that the facebook like in the static block in pages and posts sometimes doest get shown correctly, y believe this depends in the language the web has been deployed in english having the work like will not produce any issue in spanish it will be “Me gusta” what cause the facebook like box to not be shown to correct this i have done a bit larger the box in the css stylesheet and also increased the weight of the iframe in all the files that use this. Hope this helps.

Best Regards, and once more great theme!

Awesome theme! Just wondering how I can add a background image?

nobody00 it is activated by default!

Lakjin I am not sure about that sorry

diogodaluz if you add a post with the correct tag it will automatically be pulled to the slider.

anthonydaconti If you open a ticket in our support system I’ll see if I can help. The item comments section here is only for comments.

cuppy I am not available for freelance, but I am sure you can find somebody to help you with that.

samphai updates will be made if needed. You will get notified by the internal update notifier.

alvarezskinner exactly :)

cullenkernan described in the knowledgebase of our ticket system.

SUPPORT ONLY ON http://support.themesector.com


I have upgrade Wordpress to 3.4 and the theme works fine.


Thank you Sebastian, you are awesome!!!

Compatibility hereby confirmed for 3.4

I have sent you a ticket. #2378 :D

One Of the Best Wordpress Themes to date, looking to purchase next week for my Life Insurance Website .

Hey there,

I just purchased the theme and when I try to install it in wordpress.org it’s saying that the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Any idea how to fix that?

elitesocialmediausa upload only the theme folder, not the whole package you downloaded.

prejudice from this morning is that I can not activate the slider, I can not even see it, now I have wordpress 3.4 but I tried with previous versions without any success … sorry the translation

punkynaro89 please go to the support system and add a ticket there: http://support.themesector.com –¬†we will solve this :)

sadjad1 Purchased

Doeas this theme work for wordpress 3.4.1 ?