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congratulations with new theme. Good luck with sales :) Looks nice

Congrats ! Theme Looks Nice ! GLWS :)

Really Awesome Design ;)


Thank you, sir :)

Nice work! good luck!

Well, purchased the theme and ofcourse i like it thats why i purchased. I am Developer and i can easily get into the code and fix the issue which i am going to share with you. The reason is to ask you or to make you aware about this.

The description (or the tagline or the second line below title) does not work. It works on Blog page, but not in the page templates of home and portfolio. Even on portfolio items. I have tried several places where you have given input box for that but no, it did not work.

So for myself, i will just get into the source code and fix but want to know if i missed something or you will fix and upload the updated one ? Kindly do let me know.

Sorry if its me who is missing something, but i thought its good idea to share with you and ask you before i get into the code and do it with hard coded text.


Hey – cheers for your purchase. I can assure you the custom page-heading fields are working for all post-types: posts, pages, portfolio items & custom page templates.

I whipped up this quick video to show you where I’m editing the subheadings: https://www.screenr.com/hyRN (the video froze after editing the portfolio post heading)

Feel free to shoot me an email via my profile with your admin login if you want me to take a look at where/how you’re entering the headings.



Dear Paul,

There is a spelling mistake in custom types php file in your theme. Where custom description is spelled “custmo” so please correct that. For my copy, i have corrected, but not everyone will have the coding knowledge. I have a little bit but you are expert :) So fix it for others. Just informing you.

Contact form is also not responsive, so you might suggest some other contact forms instead of contact form 7 which you are suggesting because even in your demo, it does not work well with responsive. Atleast on my android set.

Thanks M.Hanif


Cheers :) you’ll receive an update notification email soon to let you know when the typo fix has gone through.


Nice theme! However, I have the same problem as user ‘hanifonline’. The page description does not seem to be working.. Afraid i have to fix this in the code. Not an expert however. How do i get it to work?

Also: the Masonry pages are not working properly. I have to refresh every time I want to see the page correctly. The portfolio items are overlapping.

Can you help me?

Thanks in forward, Sander


Hey Sander – you’ll receive an update notification email shortly as we’ve updated the theme to fix a typo. Cheers :)


Hi Paul, thanks! Looking forward to the update!


There is a spelling mistake. Open your theme files, then goto

includes folder

then goto custom-fields.php

and correct the spelling of cusotm_page_description



Around line 60.

It should then work properly. I am a purchaser myself, but just helping you out so you don’t need to wait for support to answer :)

Thanks Muhammad Hanif


Cheers Muhammad – update notification will hit everybody’s inboxes soon.


:) That’s great. Best of luck!

Thank you very much hanifonline for pointing this out! It’s fixed. Have a great day

Hey all – the theme was updated recently to fix a small typo, everything’s smooth sailing now with the custom page-heading fields.

Hey Paul,

I just purchased this theme. Love your work man.

What font did you use to create the “B.” logo?


Replied to tweet :)

In both the homepage and homepage masonry layout, all posts are displayed. I think the more correct behavior would be to display only three items.

I’ve fixed this in my copy by changing the query to:

$homeposts = new WP_Query( array( ‘post_type’ => ‘post’, ‘pagination’ => true, ‘posts_per_page’ => 3, ) );


Each to their own, sir :) 3, 6, 9, everybody is different. Glad you found what works for you, of course.

Good looking theme, just a quick comment to let you know you should fix the background image to be at least 2560×1600 as for users with large monitors the background will not be sufficiently large and will show a blank white space on the right side.


Cheers for the heads up! :)

Hey mate – IE8 seems a bit funky. I’ve tested your demo and the logo and menu get messed up a bit. Can that be fixed? Would be good to get it as far back as IE8 (don’t care about 7).


Hey – cheers for the heads up :) I’ll take a look into that.

Hi :

I had some problems when I used this theme.

It always show twice when I upload pictures in portfolio items. Even I already deleted the images, it still existed. Could you help me fix it?

Thank You


Hey – please open a ticket at paulwinslow.ticksy.com – this is where we manage all of our support :)

Hi Paul

I have a problem with the theme. I would like to create archives for the individual Portfolio Type. I want to create filter above the list of portfolio.

How should I do ? Thank you.

Sorry for English :)


Hey – building-in a filter function would require a bit of work from a developer so that would be a separate modification gig. You could try Envato Studio :)

Hello Loved the theme and would like to use it on my website.

I would like to know: You can view the thumbnails in the display of blog posts on the bottom of the home?


Do you have a page where I can see the panel of the theme and to “test drive”?


Paul, if I can install a plugin I can put a shortcode social bar at the top menu? Could you tell me what file I put?


These are all customisations, mate. Perfect for an Envato Studio gig but I can’t offer customisations to the theme in support.

Hi. You is expected to release an update to the new versions of wordpress?


The theme is smooth sailing for the newest releases of WordPress. :)