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Holy crap, this is a sexy admin skin!!! More colors please?!


I guess it’s some Firefox’s rendering issue or something. However, it depends on which fonts have you installed in your computer – if you have “myriad pro”, then you’ll see myriad pro (it’s the font that skin was mainly made with), if not, you’ll see helvetica or arial and it’ll look a bit diferrent than the screenshots.

epipheus Purchased

Well I bought it last night. If you could add an all black theme when you get the time that would be awesome.

epipheus Purchased

You are AWESOME for adding colors!! I’m glad I checked back TF didn’t alert me to the update!

JJkos Purchased

Very nice, thank you!

I have also sent you an email, if you can reply it I would be grateful!

Regex Purchased

Great template, I love your menu style! I’d like to see some other color schemes too ;)

Awesome admin! Love that main nav. I haven’t seen that before. This is a great addition to the category.

Do you plan on implementing any of the JQuery? The tabs dont work.


I use jQuery to pop-up the navigation and to add some classes to table rows etc…

Tabs doesn’t work because this is an HTML template, it’s up to user what content he’ll add. And switching tabs using jQuery is pretty easy. If any user won’t know how to do it, I’m here to help.

gwaihir, excellent best admin skin i have seen on here yet!

More color options would be great ;) but gorgeous as it is!

Well done, good luck with sales!

Thank you guys, I’ll think about more colors. ;)

Simple but still very nice:)

Great template, but i would like the jquery tabs implemented by default too. Good Job aniway :)

How do you set up your admin page to your website?


It depends on purpose and content of every website. I can’t give you a tutorial how to build the administration using Boxie Admin in general. Anyway, the template contains the documentation, so if you know HTML & CSS , you should be able to create your own administration.

Great work – my client will love this – I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

I like it – thanks for this nice kind of work!

I love your structure and well documentation. Thanks for creating this!

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Thanks for the tabs and the new colors :)


You’re welcome, Arsenico!

So guys, as you have requested more colors and working tabs, I have made them. Enjoy!

I’m having issues with the image submit tag that you’re using on the header search. Is there any possible way you could create me a version that uses a normal submit button, but is styled with CSS instead?

The issue I’m having is that HTML , when a form is submitted using an image, automatically includes the x and y coordinates when sent to the server. It’s then embedded in the resulting url when doing a GET request.

If you could help me out, that would be great! :D

Update: I was able to figure it out myself. Nevermind! :D

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hi, awesome template, thanks.

can you help me with a problem. i am trying to add some more javascript but they wont work unless i take out your line of code which references the jquery-1.3.2.min.js

do you know why this might be affecting other javascript?



Thanks rcharris!

I don’t have any particular idea how to solve your issue. But I think it may be some collisions between names of functions/methods etc. So you can try rename them and you’ll see.

rcharris Purchased

hi i tried to rename and this doesnt change anything

i have noticed if i take the line of code out this disables the dashboard drop down main menu and then the javascript i need works.

is there a way to make the dropdown ‘dashboard’ menu static as a menu bar but keep the icons etc?

thanks again



Please send me your javascript file or fragment of code with description of how it should work (or .zip archive containing your modified files, javascript etc.) and I’ll try to make it work.

rcharris Purchased

hi gwaihir,

im using alpha 5 as a database, you would need this to see what i am trying to achieve.

i do like your skin and wanted to use my database in your skin.

iis there a chance i can have a nav menu instead of the javascript dropdown menu?

thanks again for your help.


Please, if you want to consult your problem here, use “reply” to relevant comment instead of writing new comments.

I don’t know Alpha 5, but as I realized, it’s a relational database tool (with some ajax functionality). So maybe it’s using some methods or objects with same names as in jQuery.

I have got one more idea: try to find all ”$” characters in javascript in and replace them with “jQuery”. Maybe it will help you.

It isn’t possible to change admin’s dynamic menu to static one without difficult code rewriting. I can propose you to try to use some another js library to use for menu showing/hiding if that little tip above won’t help you. For example Dojo toolkit, Mootools or Prototype.

rcharris Purchased

thanks, ill try your options. thanks again.