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Job well done! I love the fonts you used, they go very well with admin interfaces.

//Tož pekné to je :) Oproti predchozí sablone je to výrazný posun k lepšímu. Hodne štestí s prodeji!


Thanks a lot!

//Dík, je hezký vid?t tady taky n?jakýho ?echa :)

Thanks for this great theme. I have just one problem with the pagination part. Pagination UL has a background of;

.pagination ul {background: url("img/pagination-arrow.gif") 51% 0 no-repeat; ........ }

Active page’s (which is 3 in your template) arrow position is given with percentage (51%). This makes it nearly impossible to adjust the position so a page number other than 3 (let’s say 2) would be seen as active.

Is there a quick workaround for this problem? That would be great if you provide separate arrow div or something.




I’m really sorry for this foolish bug. Thank you so much for reporting this!

I’ll fix it today and then send you a solution. (And I’ll also upload fixed version to Themeforest.)

Thanks again


Hi, I’m done with the pagination’s bugfix and uploading it now. Please send me your e-mail and I’ll send you the new modified CSS back.

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Just like everyone else here, I love your design. Its very well laid out. I just have one request. I am developing my solution in .NET and in that technology you can only have one form tag within the html. This as you can guess messes up your code slightly. What would you recommend I do it solve this. Maybe an example of the css needed to resolve this.




I guess you use .NET web forms technology that force you to have only one form in one document. There is no way how to rebuild Boxie Admin to fit in one form in general. I’m not experienced in .NET web forms very much, so I can’t give you any advise. But I can recommend you ASP .NET 3.5 framework – it allows you to have as many forms in one document as you want and it’s much better than old web forms I think. I hope it’ll help you.

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The problem is having multiple forms means the application will postback multiple times and the dev environment for some reason hates additional forms. If my logic is correct your only using forms in your css as a sort of container for standard form elements. So if I want to create a registration form I would need to make sure all the fields are enclosed within a form tag or else it would not look as good as you designed it. If this correct will it just be a case of editing the css and replace form with maybe another container type like a div id? What do you think?


Yes, I think you have a good idea. If I understand the pholosophy of handling one form per page in your .NET, approach you mentioned should work. So please try to replace form tags for example by div.formcontainer or something like this.

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I think you’re missing blue-login.html

epipheus Purchased

Nevermind, it’s index.html


Yep, it’s because of the live preview – blue login page is the default one.

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Bravo gwaihir! very nice job. It worth a lot.

I would like very much, you to embed a toolitp function in it. It would give an extra point.


Great interface. Absolutely love it. I have a couple of questions before I use it for my project:

1. How are the rounded corners achieved? Do they work on IE / Opera?

2. Can I change the rounding radius of the elements easily?

3. Does this include a css reset framework within it ? If not can I use it with a framework like blueprint or YAML ?

Thanks! and keep up the great work!


Hi apurva,


1. No, they don’t work in IE/Opera. They’re achieved using -webkit and -moz box-sizings as well as pure box-sizing property for the upcoming future.

2. Yes, you definitely can, because rounded corners are made only with CSS . No need to change any background puctures.

3. Yes, I included Eric Meyer’s CSS reset (with couple changes).

You can have a look at live preview and look around the code and CSS . Moreover, if you use firebug (extension for Firefox), you can easily test to change rounded corners’ radius.

Thanks for your interest!

firstly i would like to say that this is the easiest to use and best looking CSS styled template i have seen.

i purchased a few days ago and so far i have seemlessly intergrated it into my custom PHP coded CMS system without any problems, untill today, its not a big problem but i hopefully would like to workaround it and fix this issue if possible as my customers are asking for the newly updaed script i have 95% finished.

the problem is using mootools.js

when i try to call it;

<script type="text/javascript" src="Includes/js/mootools.js"></script>

the dropdown menu stops, when i remove it my lightbox stops working (obviously as i removed the .js include reference)

is there a workaround for this at all?

also litle problem when lightbox does work (but nav doesnt) the lightbox popup screen is placed behond the css tables can this be fixed also?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

if its easier we can proceed to email if need be.

once again awsome work so far, im a happy customer.!


Thank you so much, Jacko. I’m glad you’re satisfied.

I’m not too much experienced in JS so I can’t give you solution to your jQuery vs. Mootools problem. But I propose you to try to rename prefix of jQuery methods written by me from $ to jQuery (eg. $(”...”) to jQuery(”..”)).

Regarding the Lightbox behind the tables – it probably causes the low z-index (CSS property) of the lightbox you’re using. Please just try to increase z-index property of your lightbox wrapper (its z-index has to be higher than z-index of the tables (or item which is above your lightbox)).

I hope it will help you.

Thanks again for your praise.

Interestingly , I get horizontal scollbar on IE 8 but IE6 , Firefox and and Chrome are fine. Could you please verify that thank you.


Hi drunkpanda,

as you can see, the live preview works well in IE8 (no horizontal scrollbar will appear). So it seems you’ve made some mistake in the code.

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Hey is there any chance I could get a real black version of this? no white in the background all black? I want to match a fairly dark app.

it includes the .css file which you can edit to have a black background.

gwaihir i can email you a link to my custom admis cms scipt with your template on if ya wanna check it out :)

quick question, anychance of helping me out trying to add a hover in the css class for the odd and even rows? i got it to highlight individual just not the whole row..


Yep jacko,

Basically, you have to set CSS rules like these:

.box .content table tr:hover th, .box .content table tr:hover td { some properties } .box .content table tr.even:hover th, .box .content table tr.even:hover td { some properties }

Unfortunately, :hover on tr doesn’t work in IE6 , so if you want to have it compatible with IE6 , you have to use some JS framework instead of just CSS :hover pseudoclass…

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I found a slight bug with IE6 and the menu. Basically if the menu text is a little longer it looks horrible in IE6 . Try changing the text Dasboard to “Dashboard Home” and you will see what I mean. Any fix for this?


Hi m_josiah,

I know that and fix for that is mentioned in the CSS on the line 102: /* Set your width for section switcher (only in IE 7 and older, modern browsers will set optimal width automatically) */


m_josiah Purchased

Ah totally missed that. Honestly this admin skin is really good stuff. What would make it even better is maybe some sample dialog effects. I created some dialogs but it ruined your great design.


I see m_josiah, I thought about even more features, but I wanted to keep it simple. But maybe I’ll make some Boxie Admin II in the future. At this moment I’m working on some another templates (not admin) so I’ll see…

Hey, I’m loving the layout, just curious before I buy though, what icons are included, or what icon set did you grab them from. I’ve just found recently with a few templates that they only include very few icons, or none at all (understandable licensing issues).

Cheers again, Pete


Hello whiteraven,

The whole DRF icon set is included – http://www.iconfinder.net/search/?q=iconset%3Adrf

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i really liked your admin template and bought it,thank you

but in my opinion datepicker, sortable, TiniMyce are missing to make it a great tool…

i will probably add these features to your template. If you wanna grabb the final code, let me know…


Thanks nikophil,

if your code works well, I’ll really appreciate that. It would be great if you allow me to add your code into the Boxie Admin.


Hi gwaihir

Great work!! Very objective and clear, nice colors. Since this layout doesn t look in the same way on IE, before to buy it, I have tried a workaround for the layout to look the same in firefox and IE. The problem as you know is that IE doesnt recognize css border-radius, so I have tried to use the javascript library DD_roundies, and worked great. Please take a look at http://www.dillerdesign.com/experiment/DD_roundies/

After referencing the js library in the page, it was just to code the following lines to make things look better on IE :

DD_roundies.addRule('.boxin', '8px');
DD_roundies.addRule('.button', '5px');
DD_roundies.addRule('.roun', '8px 8px 0px 0px');
DD_roundies.addRule('.msg', '5px');
DD_roundies.addRule('.tag-gray', '5px');
DD_roundies.addRule('.txt', '5px');
DD_roundies.addRule('.header', '8px 8px 0px 0px');

Please let me know what you think and if you have a better suggestion. Thanks Aleks


Thanks a lot Aleks!

As the library you’re suggesting is from the author of the dd_belated_png library, I’m pretty sure it will work well. Anyway, I have written that into my todolist and will check it out as soon as possible and if goes everything well, I’ll implement it.

Thanks again.

Hello gwaihir,

Thanks for Boxie. Great theme and exactly what I need.

Quick question: where do I find the CSS for the button text?

When I change the font and font size percentage, the button text stays s the original font (Myriad Pro) and as the original font size. How do I change these?

Thank you! Scott


Hello Scott,

thanks a lot for purchasing Boxie, I’m glad you like it.

In order to change button’s font-family and size, you have to edit the .button selector on the line 150 in CSS file.

My pleasure ;)

Interestingly, I found your template can’t display Chinese on Google Chrome but IE and firefox are fine.


It’s definitely not any bug, Boxie admin uses utf-8 encoding. It might be some rendering issue in Google Chrome.

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I love this, It’s coded fantastically!


Thanks a lot, Kevin!

Hello gwaihir,

Any ideas why this happens in IE8 ? (http://img.skitch.com/20100331-qwmjq4jf12qc86jatmedrkb5p5.jpg)

I’ve narrowed the nav bar, but the code for the switcher itself is still the same. Any ideas?

Please let me know. Thanks!

Regards, Scott

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Sorry Scott, but as long as you don’t show me the source code, I can’t help you…