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Great Work. Really Loving this theme!

Thanks! We’re quite proud of it ;)

Thanks Ugurkan!

Great work , good luck

Thanks LioIT!

great theme but you have some problem with menu

Please submit a ticket on the support if you need help.

do you have a read me file to see how to update?

Nope. The only thing you have to to is to replace the old files.

Isn’t working for me, says it’s missing the stylesheet. Won’t upload.


What do you mean? What are you trying to do? Please bare in mind that this is not a WordPress theme.


My bad…I thought it was. Sorry, I like this theme but how can I update it?

In order to update it, just download the latest version and replace all the files. If you’re interested in a WordPress version, we’re currently working on it!

Hi all, This theme does support Turkish characters?

There should be no problem.

Does the countdown page not actually countdown, is there something extra that must be done to make it work?

Hi pharill,

The countdown actually works but you have to change the date to be in the future. You can do that in /js/main.js line 136.

The current date & time was set to July 31, 2013 15:03:26, which is why the countdown is showing 0.


I had a template a while back that didnt showcase good when the length of time was in 3 digits, example, 100 days instead of 10. Does yours accommodate 3 digits?

Nope, it was designed to accommodate only 2 digits.

You might want to edit the main stylesheet (main.css): Replace .maintenance-countdown>div{width:130px;} with .maintenance-countdown>div{min-width:130px;} or a fixed width that suits you best.

hi,nice theme. but have a problem with changing fonts. i want this theme in persian and i have to translate it but i can’t change fonts. i do the steps correctly but i have problem yet. the fonts are changing but after just 3 or 4 seconds,they changing to default. i delete google fonts but it’s bad yet. thanks.

Why can’t you submit a support ticket? Please go to and explain your issue.

yes,and i haven’t an Envato Purchase Code….Can you help me?

If you did purchase the theme, you have an Envato purchase code. If you don’t have an Envato purchase code, then you didn’t buy the theme. It’s as simple as that. Don’t expect to get support if you illegaly downloaded the theme.

Hello, i’can’t make the twitter plugin’ work, even if i’ve removed the first name for my own log in twitter, nothing happen’.

Hi there,

Please submit a support ticket and I will help you to fix this ;)

FYI, I used the following plugin:

Cheers, Julien.

Please make this for Wordpress! Pretty please!

Hi, is it possible create a dynamic sub menu on the hotizontal menu?


Menu 1 Menu 2 |_Sub 1 | |_ Sub x | |_ Sub y |_ Sub 2 Menu 3


Hi there,

The current navigation menu only support one level of sub-menu.


Amazing work, good luck;

I don’t know anything about web code and design. Do the package include a site management plugin which is friendly to unprofessional user for changing the website layout, update information, customize the web, change color, etc? If yes, can you send me a screenshot of the site management program to:

In addition, is it working good with Vietnamese?