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My menu toogle disappears when clicked. What is causing this issue. Please advise.

Sample pages:

qusai84 Purchased

greetings, it’s great efforts and I used RTL theme but I noticed some features need to be adjust like “Popovers” in RTL theme are not aligned

is this great theme out of support right now? or author still support it? thank you

How to set descending order in datatables.

I don’t have that example in my template but you can read through this to know on how

I already try this, but not working…

i want to have jquery in html to change sort columm from 1 to 6 when i click to see this page


jtdiala Purchased

Hi, when menu is hidden and you hover on it, it will show the menu’s direct link, how about if you have a 2nd menu level link and 3rd menu level link? how will you show it in hover? I’ll just give you an idea, in porto he shows all I want to know because I want to purchase your template. Thanks!


jtdiala Purchased

Hi Themepixels, what .js and .css to add if I want to display the inline-calendar? Thank you.

just add the js and css for jquery-ui in your page


jtdiala Purchased

Thank you Themepixels.

How to Make left menu active in dynamic pages with one include file of menu in header.

In satic pages i’m able to make active with

  • ...
  • but i have only one include file with menu and i need to use it and activate the menu with one single file.


    jtdiala Purchased

    Hi Themepixels, how to embed a whole page without scrollbars? Thank you.


    jtdiala Purchased

    Do you have a third level navigation in left sidebar menu? Thanks.


    gkerl Purchased

    how to change fonts of your template

    Hi. A while (8 months) ago I asked a question unfortunately unanswered. Nevertheless, another quick question; I used the bracket template using PHP and MySQL. Sometimes the style is working and everything looks fine but sometimes it is a miss. This issue appears on different browsers … I used the browser inspect element and noticed when everything is fine 8 css files showing but when there is a mess only the default css is read and show … I could not find a clue for that :-(

    Hi, do you have a slow internet connection?

    Hi. I tested it with both slow and very good Internet connection. Unfortunately the problem happens sometimes. I will post you the link via private message.

    How can i use both validation and progress bar in form wizard ?

    Hello themepixels,

    I just realize that this template doesn’t have a built in capabilities to handle 3 level of left menu. do you have any suggestion or example of 3 level menu for this template ?

    I also look the live preview of your other themes, they also don’t have support for 3 level menu. do you have suggestion ?

    Thank you for your support


    sgnali Purchased

    Hi, in the dashboard page how can I make all the top panels (in your example: visits today, % unique visitors, page views and today earnings) same height? I’d like to accomplish this either with css or javascript.

    Thank you! Stefano Gnali