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Yes, the following would make this sell better – I would also purchase if:

Light-boxes were included WordPress version More activity on elements (like dwhitmore says)

Anyways, it’s a great looking theme, but would take to much work to make it a usable theme on my end.

Chad Purchased

Could you please explain how you made the PSD layers for the images inside these images?


Example, the “person” image centered in that main image, how did you get it to be layered/blended in to the box image itself?

Its important you explain this because we cannot be limited to a few different types of images throughout the site.

Thanks for understanding.

Chad Purchased

No support, awesome.

No support, yea thats why i didn’t buy this either, and they wont release a wordpress version, i actually don’t think they know how lol.

As goes for the image, play around with your inner shadow and stroke settings, they mighta did it a different way, but this should give you the basics of it i guess.

Inner Shadow http://imanto.net/up/11-12-2010-3-38-33-AM-de30.png

Stroke http://imanto.net/up/11-12-2010-3-39-40-AM-7399.png

I dont know if this is what you are after but if its not, let me know.

Chad Purchased

Support is disgraceful here. Don’t buy from this author again.

Chad Purchased

Bug in Opera


The top sub-menu bar (the one with heart icon) is vertically crushed, top aligned in Opera.


Royman Purchased

i wait long time pleases wordpress !!!


My favorite site. I would buy it in an instant if it were on wordpress.

demo not working :S please demo link


Thanks for letting us know.

It is fixed now.

Royman Purchased

RIP for wordpress version ? long time !!!!!! :(

No fonts included? What fonts are being used?

What a shame a WP version doesn’t seem to be on the way – it would obviously do very well. I’d be in for sure.

Just make your own wordpress out of the files from this purchase.. Thats what I am doing ( well a friend is doing it for me )


Thanks for the support and letting me know what fonts you use since you didnt include them.


When do you have the Wordpress version done? I would really like to buy it if possible, even though its not from these guys here.

if its okay and not illegal of course..

do u design custom template, I have a requirements for only PSD for magento template. plz give me ur mail ID.