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What else can I say, great design :)

Great template, like it

Thanks for the comments :)

Can’t believe how quick this came up. Only submitted a few hours ago! Kudos to the review team :)

alegogh Purchased

You’re great designers! have you thought inserting skins with lighter colors?


Hi alegogh, thanks for the purchase!

I may update this theme at a later date with some extra skins :)


any chance of a version Wordpres it?


Yes, if sales reach a certain number :)

Beautiful work – Kudos


Thanks sticker!


This is totally amazing, but i wanted to purchase,, but then saw a little issues and i have attached the the screenshot, please have a look at the borders, any ideas on how quick it can get fixed?

The border have got issues on wide displays!


Please advice on this!


Hi tBeza,

Are you talking about the footer at the bottom not being aligned? I am aware of this, and a fix is on the way


A quick fix for the footer issue is to go into each CSS skin file and on line 11, add “50% 0” towards the end of the line…


Hi SubatomicThemes?

There is a problem when viewing the theme on wide screen displays, have a look at the screenshot i sent you in the link earlier…


I’m not sure what you mean? The template has been built for a 1800 pixel display.

alegogh Purchased

Hello, there are some iussues with contact form. Try to not compile it all and see how it works… regards

alegogh Purchased

About the previous message, try to fill only the email adress… the check form doesn’t work correctly. And I have to add another problem: I do not receive the email: naturally I changed the line with my email adreess: $site_owners_email = “myemail@myemal.com”;

No messages received on my (ipotetic) myemail@myemal.com.

Best regards


Hi alegogh,

Are you using a gmail account? If so, then there are some more changes that need to be made in the sendEmail.php file. This is covered in the help file. Email me if you have any more problems.


Wow, this is amazing. I could spend hours just looking at it. Congratulations on your spectacular work.


Thanks! Really appreciate the comment :)

alegogh Purchased

FOR ALL WHO EXPERIENCE ISSUES WITH CONTACT FORM : I changed sendEmail.php code in: if ((strlen($contact_name) < 2) || ($contact_name == “Enter Your Name“)) { $error[‘contact_name’] = $error_name; }

if (!preg_match(’/^[a-z0-9&\’\.\_\]+@[a-z0-9\]\.([a-z0-9\-]\.)[a-z]{2}/is’, $contact_email)) { $error[‘contact_email’] = $error_email; }

if (((strlen($contact_message) < 2)) || ($contact_message == “Enter Your Comment…”)){ $error[‘contact_message’] = $error_message; }


Hi alegogh,

Thanks, I got your email.

Strange that it wasn’t working before though, I tested it many times and it was working fine.

As long as it’s working now though :)


The theme is not wide enough for a lot of displays because the backgrounds are too small. A lot of people use a 1920×1080 resolution, and then your 1800px width backgrounds aren’t wide enough.


Just to let everyone know, there will be an update to this theme to address a few issues.

- It will be optimized for widescreen displays (up to 1920px as lorenz0 pointed out above). - There will be some more PSD files to make modifications easier.

It will be uploaded within 1-2 days.


Can this theme be installed in Wordpress? I downloaded the theme zip file and can’t seem to locate the file I need to upload directly into Woordpress. I’m a novice, so please be gentle with any instructions.



Hi the theme is great!

I have one issue though, the display on mobile is not very good. Any updates coming soon?



Hi Signature14,

Thanks for the comment!

This template is not responsive due to the way it’s been built. I may add a responsive version at some point though,

Regards, Dan.


This is not a wordpress theme! You will not be able to use it to install on Wordpress

wow atlast it was fixed…so i am going to purchase it….Cograts man!!! Good luck with more sales!!!!


Thanks tBeza :)

aioannou Purchased

Hi there.

There is a problem when viewing the pages in small windows! If you try to reduce the size of the Browser, lets say 600px, and scroll to the right corner, it appears a vertical region of background over the body of the page. Any suggestions to fix that? Thanks


Hi aioannou,

Thanks for reporting that.

To fix this, open “style.css” and add the following to the body tag:

min-width: 960px;

I’ll update this with the fix. Regards,