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Hi Dan, 1) The anchor tags and the Heading wrapped in them are deleted. Only the “reading and selected a static front page and blog page, but the last two times that I posted a blog page, it changed that setting to make the blog the front page.

Thanks, Thabiti

Hi thabiti,

Did you set up a custom “blog” page when you changed the homepage setting? I’m not sure why the anchor tags are deleting automatically. Ive tried it and it seems fine. Can you send me your login details and I could take a look?


Hello, Do you think to add “featured images” in a next update? in fact, i think it’s a shame not to have this option. Thanks, Thierry

Hi Thierry,

Thanks for the suggestion, I will definately consider this for a future update.

Ok, thanks ;-)

Whenever I do “italics” it places an but when viewing it the italics is being ignored. Please let me know what in your theme is overriding this and how I can fix it.

I see that since the first release, there is no update, do you know when you’ll make one? Thanks, Thierry

Hi Thierry,

I’m currently revamping the entire framework at the moment so it could take a while, but will be worth it!


Yep, thanks for reply, then, i will wait ;-)

Best, Thierry

Hi, i will use the site in french. Is there a file that can translate the site or i have to change it directly into the code?

Great theme!

Hi Tanaphone,

Does this happen only on IE10, or earlier versions aswell?

- Dan.

Hi Dan, i did not try with other version. Sorry. Do you want me to open a ticket? It seem i’m also having issue with WPML pluging.

Hi Tanaphone,

I have not tested with that plugin yet. If you’d like to give me some log in details, I’d be happy to take a look. Contact me through my profile page.



Congratulations on your theme. I would like to buy it, but first i need you to answer some questions: 1 – I check the demo, and when use it on a iPAD, the nivo slider is outbonds. Is there a problem there? Or , can we configure the size of the Nivo slider? 2 – Is it multilingual? I meen can be switchable in different languages? And if so where can we put the language switcher? >(on the Header? on the Menu?) It is important to know this thinks before buy it

Thanks a lot


1. The theme isn’t responsive so you may need to zoom out a little when viewing on mobile devices. 2. The theme is translation ready, but you will need to translate using software.

Thanks for your interest :)

Hello, I like very much your theme, I bought him but when I go to the options ” Brand x ” nothing works is written: Option Updated Updated/Options reset / Error! Help me please I am French, excused my English


If you contact me through my profile page, I’d be happy to take a look.



The issue with the Skin Builder seems to be a common one but there is no mention of anything related to it on the documentation. Even when somebody have asked about it here the author solved the issue privately and did not post a fix to it. I did write to the author using his profile to try to fix this problems and no response in the last 12 hours or so.

Hi josemhg,

As stated in the e-mail I sent you, have you tried clicking on “options reset”? That sometimes fixes the problem.

Thanks, Dan.

Hi, i cannot see the skin images on my web site.

I set it on the dashboard but on the web site doesn´t appear

My site is (it has a ip redirection to


Hi again :)

I have now fixed the problem and everything seems to be working fine. I also removed the testimonial slider as I assumed you wanted me to.

If there’s any more problems, let me know.




This is the better support i have had on Themeforest. Thanks very much!

Thanks :)

Enjoy the theme :)

Hi Awesome theme congrats!

Can you please tell me how can I add content on the homepage under the featured area?

Hi ChrisUni,

You can add content simply by going onto the WordPress dashboard, adding a page and using the one of the homepage templates then adding content to it normally just as you would a blog post. More is explained in the documantation.


Do you think to make a update a day? Regards.

Option Panel in lagging badly under the new wordpress version…

no such file exists. I have screen shot…

I discovered this must be a Safari issue. Working fine in Google Chrome

Just realized that file I mentioned is only in later versions of SMOF. I’ll test this on Safari later and see if I can come up with a solution.

Screen shot:


I need XML file for this theme. Can you send me ?



Please send me an email via my prfolie page



Great theme, one small problem with it. The shortcode generator is not visible in WP 3.9.1.

Any suggestions on this are very welcome!

Thanks in advance

Hi wimmo,

This is a problem with the newly updated TinyMCE editor in WordPress 3.9.1. I’m currently working on an update.

The shortcodes should still work fine. You just have to manually type them out for now :)


Hi Dan, Firstly great theme. The round slider fits in perfectly with our brand. Question … I know the them is not fully responsive (an awesome update if you could though) but is there a way to ensure that the site always opens to the full viewing width of the browser it opens in on mobile devices. It always seems to be just too wide and you have to zoom in slightly to see all the content on the right?! Thanks in advance, Sebastian ;)

Dan, one more request …. With the Shortcode Generator not working in the updated WP version. Is there somewhere to find a list of all the available shortcodes?

Thanks Sebastian

or even if I could get the demo site to import as reference?

Hi Sebastian,

If you email me via my profile page, I’d be happy to provide you with the XML file to import the demo site.

Thanks, Dan.

Hi there. I’m working with a client that bought and downloaded your theme – Thank You – but we need shortcode’s list to add them. I’ve searched here but could not find direct link. Can you please supply tha list, or let me know whrre it is?? Thanks!

You’re welcome :)

Hi there. We still seem to be missing 2 shortcodes – specifcially how to pull Portfolio and Latest Posts to homepage, like the demo. Can you update me on that? Or if not shortcodes, what did you use?

Hey IrishBlake,

I believe I was using a combination of nested shortcodes to achieve that look. If you like, you can email me via my contact form and I can send you the XML file so you can download the demo content?


Can you please provide me with the xml to import the demo content?! Thx in advance!


Yes :)

Please send me an email via my profile page and I’ll email you the XML file.