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Does this theme have a dark skin?

You can select custom color on header footer areas. Mid section doesn’t yet. Thanks :)

Are we sure this works with the very latest WP 3.5.2?

I manually install the theme, but when I click activate or even Live Preview I simply get a blank white screen. If I choose Activate it actually causes the server to start throwing 500 errors.

I’ve installed many themes over the years, but have never seen one act like this.

Ok, I thought I was missing it. The linkedIN URL is broken still though. Hope that can be fixed.

What was the problem of linkedin sir?
Have you added there http:// prefix?

Update: I just updated the theme with auto prefix (http://) on social links


Works great now! Thanks! But, the Google+ link seems to be missing the : after http

Is there already a solution for cc_chapman´s problem? Would like to hear you fixed it before i buy this theme. Is it a problem with the theme or a problem with his server?

Hope server problem so. I didn’t receive email from him yet.

Thanks :)

HI guys I get this error when I activate:


Just upgraded to WP 3.5.2 and pretty annoyed!

There looks conflicting function name with your Advanced field plugin. Please deactivate this plugin first and use the theme. Probably one of those change function name


If this plugin really important for you, I can update the function for you with a different name. Thanks

Suggestion for a feature to add in an update.

Currently in the Blog, Carousel and other elements that use a Featured image it shows the little icons to expand or click through on the images. I’d love to be able to toggle it so that the default is when you click on an image it goes directly to the post.

Sure, stay tuned next update :)


Hello, I’m setting up the theme, first off great job on this theme. My only frustration is the section on the Page that is being defined as a Featured section is showing the name of the page. How do you remove this section from the page? I know that if I add a featured image it shows there, however when going to About it shows about and I would like to have that removed. Any help would be great.

I think it is not only title text, it is a title area. Right?
I just updated the theme with new option which hides title area there. Please stay tuned and update the theme to v1.2

Thanks :)


It seems there may be a bug with the theme options for Brave.

I’m having two issues: I cannot make any custom css changes to the theme from the theme options panel. All code input into the custom css form field have no effect after saving.

Secondly, I cannot change the global color of the theme – it seems stuck on #660066. Any changes made in the theme settings under ‘Skin Options’ have no effect and are not working. This is a serious bug and please give timely support to your customers as some queries on your support forum have not been answered in over 3 days!

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you,

I was on vacation last few days and sorry for my late response. Please try this FAQ answer.

Also I updated the theme recently and don’t forget to update the theme there

Thanks a lot

Pre sales question: Hi we really like this Brave template.

Only one question is there RETINA?

Thanky you so much for answer, Šárka

Hello, Sorry it isn’t. Thank you for interesting

Is v1.2 available yet? Thanks.

Yep. You can see change details from item profile and changelog.txt fiel. Thanks :)

Thanks, but once I installed 1.2 it seemed to have compromised a lot of the look and feel…a message in the dash said that Envato and LayerSlider plugins needed to be updated to achieve compatibility but even when I installed the latest plugins the theme is a shadow of what it was…is there something beyond these updates that needs to be done?

Yeah layer slider updated. Please updated it there as described on “Initial Setting UP” of the documentation.


Where can I purchase wide homepage banners like that? Can you send me a message with an URL if you know?

Can I use the homepage wide banner included in your demo?

Theme includes LayerSlider.
You can get layer slider data from download If you purchase.

Also demo images from Photodune.net. Check the item description and credits

Thanks ;)

Hello. I really like this theme, it is very complete but sliders seem too large for my website (I checked all home options in the demo). Is it possible to change easily the measures with the site builder or with CSS? I just tried with my firebug and i couldn’t. Thanks!

Looks all my sliders are Full width. This is a Layer slider and it has an option to set width and height there. Also you can show this slider on any custom place ie inside the page content.

Thanks :)

Hi I love this theme I’m thinking about purchasing it. Is it possible to add additional portfolio categories to the filterable portfolio section (ie: music, web design, etc.)? Thanks!

Yes. It’s all dynamic :)

Hi. The theme is great and works very well so far.
I have a question:

Is there a way to add a link to show a portfolio with a filter? In other words, if I have a portfolio with filter / tabs for “All”,”Red”, “Blue”, “Green”, can I create a link that will direct me to the portfolio page displaying only items assigned to “Blue” ?


Diego M.

Sir, Looks there don’t have a dynamic solution for that. Please just create a page that displays your blue posts. Then put button or link that directs your new page at top of your portfolio page etc.


Hi, great theme, I just purchased it :) Is it possible to import the democontent from your preview?


Yes, please get demo data from xml-data folder in downlaod archive. If you are new to import xml data, please watch this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2tqFODO1i8&t=4m23s


Hi – Is the problem caused by WPML and the Page Builder (APB) solved (I read about it from one of your customers in the Themeton forum)? I need to be able to translate the web content (including what is created via the APB) to other languages without breaking the WP Admin. Please confirm. Thanks

WPML creates new posts for every languages. Therefore page builder don’t have problem on multiple languages. If there have problem with that you can tell me and fix it there


Hello all,

Probably you see some problem on pagebuilder If you’ve updated your wp to 3.6. Looks this version has high z-index on that gray overlay.
Please add this simple style in framework/post-type/style.css file
.ui-widget-overlay{z-index:80 !important}
There need some small css glitches but above style solves big problem. Also this issue updated next update.

Thanks :)

I bought the theme and loaded it. But when I go try to edit any of the Page Builder items, the popup window is grayed out and doesn’t show the content. Can’t edit anything. Please help me. I have posted this onthe forum but have gotten no response in nearly 3 days!

I thought straight update is better than explaining all situation on support for every customers. Then I was busy to update for it. Recently I’ve comleted fixes and updated the theme and it is almost ready to reviewed by reviewer http://d.pr/i/wigi . This version (2.0) has compatibility of wp3.6 and tons of updates. Please check changelog.txt field there

But sorry for my late response. Thanks

How long will it take before the updated version is reviewed and available? I can’t wait any longer to fix this. I have to get this site going. I don’t want to but I may have to switch to another theme if I can’t get this resolved today or tomorrow.

Update integrated already. Please update it there. Thanks

Please assist me. I put in the fix noted above for the gray overlay issue in the Page Builder. The gray overlay aspect stopped, but the content of the popup window is still not visible. it is squeezed into a 20 pixel vertical strip along the right edge of the popup. It has a scroll bar but it only scrolls within that 20 pixel width. I still can’t edit the content or put new content in to a new item.

How do I do that, please? Updates says the theme is up to date.

You can get update instruction from documentation file. Also you should clear cache of your browser because update has css changes


Thank you.

Hello, I have the same issue as chris180 above: When I go try to edit any of the Page Builder items, the popup window is grayed out and doesn’t show the content. Can’t edit anything.

Please help me out.

Please update the theme now. Issue is fixed :)

Is there an easy way to update this theme? I’m not seeing it in any of the options.

You should read documentation file first. There has detailed instruction of update.