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The Custom CSS box does not seem to be working. If I edit a style in Firebug the element changes, but when I paste the edited style into the Custom CSS box it doesn’t change. This is the style I have edited.

h1.tt-element-title {     font-size: 32px;     font-weight: 300;     line-height: 32px;     padding-bottom: 15px;     position: relative;     text-transform: uppercase; }

My apologies. It seems to be working now. Thank you.

Okay. Custom styles need to refresh few times your browser. Thanks

Hello, I like this theme a lot and I would like to purchase it but is it correct that it does NOT work with the latest Wordpress Version 3.6? Will there be an update for the theme so that it will work with the latest version? Thank you.

It is compatible now. Fixes integrated with the download already. Thanks

ok great, thanks

I’m running version 2.0 of the theme on WP3.6 and am having a problem with pages.

I create a new page and begin adding elements from the page builder. However, when I save or publish, it deletes everything from my page builder section and creates a blank page.

Any ideas? Thanks!


Is the problem solved now? If it isn’t please send me your site address and login details. I want to check javascript problem and cause of this there.


It is solved. I deleted the page and created another new page and it seemed to work. Not sure why that happened but haven’t had problems since.

Sorry, Where can I find the Purchase Code?

I acctualy do not have a Linces Certification as mention on this image http://themeton.com/support/get-purchase-code.jpg is there a other way to recieve the Code?

This is just marketplace suggesting. There don’t have an another way to get this. Thanks

Hi, does this theme support self-hosted video?

a simple yes or no will do fine :-)

Sorry for the late response. It doesn’t support. I’m developing a new theme which supports self hosted video with jplayer. May I ask you what is your file format? Thanks for your patient.

Pre sales questions: (1) Is is possible to change the background color for your theme? If so, is it done using your theme settings or do I need to change the css code?

(2) I know this is not an e-commerce theme, but do you have any idea if it will support WooCommerce?

Thank you

Is there anyone on the support side?

1. Yes. Theme options has options.

2. I don’t exactly know and I didn’t tested it with Woo. Hope there have slight css changes requires because my previous theme support woo and there I made some improvements. So probably you should find another theme which is specially developed for shop.

Thanks a lot

Hello guys,

I was adding 3.6 styles bound with ”.version-3-6” class. But is was a version number. And when you updated it to 3.6.1 then css selector name changed .version-3-6-1 and makes that problem

So now i’ve changed it to .branch-3-6 and that means this style works all 3.6.x versions.

If you have a similar problem, please update the theme (fixed it on downloads) or add following style in bottom of “framework/post-type/style.css” file
/* WP 3.6 compatibility */
.branch-3-6 .ui-dialog .ui-dialog-titlebar{padding:0 !important}
.branch-3-6 .ui-dialog{padding:0 !important;z-index:300003}
.branch-3-6 .colorpicker{z-index:300005}
.branch-3-6 .tt-head-element{margin-right:20px}
.branch-3-6 .tt-title-container{padding-right:15px}
.branch-3-6 #cb_container_dialog{padding:0}
.branch-3-6 .ui-widget-header{height:auto;}
.branch-3-6 .ui-dialog-titlebar button{display:none}
.branch-3-6 .ui-dialog-titlebar .ui-dialog-titlebar-info{width:60px}
.branch-3-6 .ui-dialog-titlebar .ui-dialog-titlebar-info span{height:50px}
.branch-3-6 .media-modal{z-index:310000}


Hello, I am using WP 3.6.1 and at the page builder section, when I try to edit the features of an element, the edit box appears but its shaded and cannot be edited (it can be closed only using ESC) What type of problem is that?

Please update the theme. Latest version has compatibility changes with 3.6.1. Also you should try to use latest version always because it has lot of fixes and we can skip multiple issues with it

Thanks :)

hi, I have an issue with the themeton page builder, it just greys out my whole screen when trying to use any of the functions. worked fine before updating wordpress

I assume the fix isn’t in the style.css ?

Fix contains in “framework/post-type/style.css” file. Suspect your browser caching old stylesheet file and you need to clear cache of your browser and try again

If the problem persist when you did my suggestion, you should send a mail with your site information via mail or private message

Thanks again

cheers, fixed


When I go to edit anything on the page builder section of the web pages the screen just goes grey and I can’t then click on anything.

Can you help?


That’s great thank you, it is now working fine :)

I have this issue again, and I have updated both the theme and wordpress but still can’t access any of the page builder options. Help? :(

Hello, I’ve answered on your forum message. Please check there


Could you tell me why my slider images are pixellated every time? Even if I use an extremely high quality image, it still appears pixellated and looks awful.


Have you selected Full/Large size when you including images into your sliders? Please check it and let me know if there have still problems :)

Thanks a lot


When adding an image into the slider options, you don’t seem to have the option to add it as a full image?


this has now been sorted.


When adding an image into the slider options, you don’t seem to have the option to add it as a full image?


This also goes for adding any other images, for example I want to add an image using the page builder – so I got to upload the image I want to use and the only option I get is to add it as a medium size – I want images full size.

Has something gone wrong?


any help?

this has now been sorted!

Hi, first purchase Brave template i have to ask a qeustion:

The portfolio code like: [portfolio category=”” column=”4”]

Can i add different category for exmaple:

[portfolio category=”gallery,video” column=”4”]

I want to show multiple category in different page.

Thanks in advanced, best regards.


I am trying to change the main (body) font size, but no matter what number I put the font size at it stays as the default and is a little too small.

Can you suggest anything?


Theme Options panel generates custom stylesheet file in your theme directory. Some of the time this file doesn’t created for a reason of high permission of your hosting. So suspect similar issue there too.

Please check and make this faq configs there and try again. If this doesn’t help you, you should add your customization in style.css file manually (line 36, attribute “font-size”)

Thanks a lot

thanks iv sorted this in the custom css.

Is this theme working with wordpress 3.8?

do you have any better examples of the carousel sliders for posts?

Not yet. This has only this style now. Thanks for interesting


This theme works great on Firefox, Safari and chrome, but unfortunately there is major issues with internet explorer:

1) the header moves to the right and pushes out of the sides 2) the column options I have on my site have stretched some images vertically and distorted them. 3) The main menu navigation moves onto two rows.

How can we get the theme to work properly on internet explorer?

thanks, C.

Your logo is too big. That is the exception. So please add following style on Custom CSS field of Admin panel.

@media (min-width:980px) and (max-width:1199px){
  .logo-img {max-width:940px}
  #menu>ul>li>a{font-size:14px;padding:0 10px} 
@media (max-width: 979px) and (min-width: 768px) {
  .logo-img {max-width:740px}
@media (max-width:767px) {
I’ve improved some responsibility on those resolutions with case of big logo image

Thanks a lot

I have added the coding above but unfortunately this has not worked and is doing a lot of strange things in terms of readability of posts on the footer, stretching photos and still moving the header etc.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks! C.

Hi this website is ready to go live, but I need this sorting above, do you have any other ideas? The coding above did not work.



Is there anyway to close the gap between my header/logo and the navigation menu, the gap is far to big – can anyone help with any coding?



Hi there,
Please use this style on your Custom CSS field of admin panel
#menu, .search_header { margin-top:10px }
Margin top value is 50 now and this style decreases by 40px.


Perfect! Thank you for your help. :)


using the template Brave, I am wanting to create multiple news pages which i have done successfully but…

The main news page works fine, (http://www.stmarys-church.co.uk/stealth/news/) when you click on the page it lists each news item with a gallery of images showing on the left side which is great.

If I use this same method for a different “blog” page the images do not show on the left side despite me specifying this in the options.

Can you help?

The page I am specifically talking about is:


As you can see the post and snippet is showing but no images to the left, apart from the small gallery logo?

I would like it to look like the main news page please.

Thank you.

message has been sent! Thank you :)

Can you help with this, its quite urgent?


Hi this website is ready to go live, but I need this sorting above, do you have any other ideas? The coding above did not work.



regarding the flickr widget/plugin that is part of the theme, I have mine in the footer like the one you have in the demo, is there a way be able to click on the photos and they open up in a new window?

Instead of taking you off the website and opening in the same window.



Typically opens anchor on a new tab is means add Target attribute on there. Seems api doesn’t allow this option. So I’m following this internet discussion and my suggestion is to add following code into “framework/widget/flickr_widget.php” file. http://d.pr/i/yKNp

<script type="text/javascript">
      jQuery(".flickr-channel a").attr('target','_blank');

Thanks a lot


thank you for this – when i put this code in the php file its bringing up two syntax errors on lines – 68 and 83.



Hi this website is ready to go live, but I need this sorting above, do you have any other ideas? The coding above did not work.