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I would like to know if a look book plug in can be used with this theme? If not, can a photo gallery be installed? Is there a limit of sections or features that can be used? I’ve seen a few sites running this theme such as stayglam.com have turned the area with the ad’s into a section area with articles….is this something that can be easily done or would I have to hire someone to do this work.


The look book plug in is a gallery of photo’s or images. I was asking if the section were the ads are on the right hand side on the demo page can be used for articles instead of ad space. I have seen other sites use this area for articles and I was curious to know if it would be simple to turn this area into a section with articles. If you go to www.stayglam.com you can see where they use the right side of the theme for articles instead of ad space. I just need to know if this would be simple work to do myself.


Hi 26monroe,

The right sidebar is a widgetized area and you can place any widget you want in that space. You don’t have to place an ad there at all, so yes, you can place other widgets there that display articles instead.


Great!!! Thank you for responding!

Hi, if I buy this theme, can i set custom width single post body? I need minimum 680px width. Thanks for reply


Hi maikerock,

Unfortunately, this is not a feature of the theme and is something you would have to modify on your own.

Hi. Beautiful design. Three Presales questions, please.

1. Can I add other kinds of plugins for additional functionality. For instance, the Revolution or EssentialGrid sliders. In both cases, they have shortcodes that can be added to page templates or to post content. 2. Can this template be used in WP Multisite as a parent with child variations? 3. Is there a way to see more of the setting controls. The screenshots are limited and only show the category level.

Thanks, ab


Hi alberg,

1) I have not tested any of those plugins with the theme, so I cannot guarantee that they are 100% compatible, although I have not heard of any conflicts with any plugins outside of a particular Facebook comments plugin.

2) I have not personally tested it with WP Multisite, but again, I am not aware of any conflicts.

3) Unfortunately, I don’t have any other screenshots or way for you to test the Theme Options. However, the theme does come with documentation to explain each of the features of the theme and support is available if you have any questions.

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Hello there,

did someone feel slowness when install the braxton theme?

Our WP backend got really slow with braxton theme installed.

With other theme backend fly but not with braxton, any suggestion ?

Thank you

ebuzz Purchased

Please the issue is on the theme,

On really fresh wordpress installation with no plugins installed. I have come close to compare the theme speed but fortunately produce many database queries for some reason. When disable your theme and active the original wordpress themes site back end load much faster.

So is the reason I’m say you need to improve your theme loading times.

I hope you understand your customers.

Kind regards

ebuzz Purchased

If you look in my ticket I mention some more theme corrections about speed etc. please have a look in to that.


Hi ebuzz,

Thanks for updating your ticket. While I do typically answer tickets within 24 hours, it may take longer on weekends and holidays. I appreciate your patience and I will answer your ticket in the order it was submitted. Thanks!

Awesome theme… almost sure to pick this up… just 3 questions…

1. If we went with the “logo2” location where the logo is on the page in the header. Is it relatively easy to add a mini-logo to the NAV that follows on scroll or would be be difficult to do? Also the floating NAV can you make it non-transparent/solid color?

2. Is it possible to disable the auto-loading of posts on the home page. So you have the standard pagination?

3. In your live demo the sidebar locks on scroll… then continues in the bottom tier of the page. Possible to disable that so it scrolls and follows with the page? As if the body and sidebar are on in a sense.

Thanks for your input! V


For question 1 – if it’s possible – ideally would want the logo to appear in the floating nav once you scroll below the logo of course and not be there from the start… :) Thanks


Hi WebWeim,

1) While you would have to modify the theme on your own to add the smaller logo as well as the header logo, I could give you some code to change the transparency of the navigation once you scroll.

2) Yes, the Infinite Scroll feature is optional and can easily be turned off from within the Theme Options.

3) Yes, this is optional as well, and can be turned off from within the Theme Options.

hi there…

Nice theme. On mobile the side slide navigation, which I love… is not working? http://otheory-dev.com/directlink/



Hi sarvonio,

It is not showing that you have purchased the theme. Please login with the username you purchased the theme with and post a comment here so I can confirm your purchase. Thanks!


Is the newest version of this theme up to date with the newest version of wordpress?