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Beautiful 1st theme, congrats mate! Happy sales!

Thanks and gl with sales to you too :)

welcome to themeforest :) nice work on your theme!

Thank you, appreciate your comment ;P

Now this is really beautiful work. I love this design and the homepage slider is the best I’ve seen. I just wish there was more oomph. If this theme had buddypress incorporated with the same beautiful design or woocommerce or better yet both it would fly. It’s awesome as it is though. I absolutely love it. Great work and good luck.

Thanks a lot, gl to you too!

Nice one,congrats :)

Thank you :)

Bold and bright. Welcome!

Thanks !

Looks good. I like it, just found one small bug you might want to checkout:

Good luck and welcome!

note: Using the latest Firefox 9.0.1


Thanks for report, fixed. Good luck to you too :)

very nice work! welcome!

Thank you designesia!

content file please

Please, make a request via contact from at our profile page.
Thank you for purchase.

Our update with “sample data one click auto-install” was approved. You can download it now from download tab at you profile page.

how did you make the teasers in the demo site have custom text and icons, when the only option in the theme is to select a source?

At the page that is a source for teaser:
1. add content for teaser
2. add your page content
3. and then separate them with


Love it! I’d love it even more if it had a ‘Boxed’ option too. Is this something you’re planning in a future update?



Hi arksey, Glad you like it! It is easy to change, if I understand correctly what is “boxed” option :)

Hi, is it possible to have a slideshow on top of the main blog page ?

Hi surfaap,
You can have slideshow at any page/post. You can find slideshow options below content editor at the post/pages.

Okay :)

I bought this theme a little while ago and have a couple of questions to be going on with…

1. Is there a way of turning off the italic font. Some of my content doesn’t look right in italics and the bits that need to be in italics don’t show up as they are masked by everything else.

2. On the demo, the menu changes to a black background when hovered over. Mine doesn’t do that – the menu works but there is no change in colour.

Cheers, A.

Hi arksey,
1. I can turn off italic for you.
2. Hm, that’s strange, can you send me access to admin panel so a can take a look what is wrong and also remove italic.
Thank you for purchase!

Our latest update was approved. You can download it now from download tab at you profile page.

it’s include your request also.

First of all welcome to Themeforest.

i like your first theme, nice style!

Thank you, nice to hear that :)

Hi, awesome theme! But from where did you get these icons?

Thank you Sedro89!
Icons are not included in theme, check hints on them to see credits.

Gorgeous theme! the color combination was perfect 8)

Thank you :)

Lovely work, welcome to themeforest!

Thank you very much :P

Oh, very nice…. ! Will show to client, am sure she will love it.

Thanks, glad you like it :)

Great job! Any idea how to turn Google Font off? Thanks.

Hi matush, We will add this option in next update. If you need it asap, please, send access to your wp admin panel via form at our profile page and we’ll turn it off for you.

Our latest update was approved. You can download it now from download tab at you profile page.

It’s include your request also.

Hello! How to add a video from Vimeo website? Thank You!