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I installed a fresh wordpress with the theme and dummy content now. There was no png with transparent elements in the dummy content. At least, I didn’t found one. Anyway, I can tell that there is nothing wrong with the png-images, because the same transparent image-file works as a header, but not as an element of a slideshow. The problem itself also occurs on the fresh installed Wordpress.

I am working with Opera, were this malfunction occured. Now I also checked with IE, and there the images in the slideshow don’t even appear. With IE it’s a slideshow without slides. Have a look yourself:

Ok, we identified the problem, edited the main.css and now it works.

Hi There, is there a way to improve the results of related content within blogs. They are most of the rime empty.


Hi Tfaltings,

You need set tags for posts. Related posts assigned by tags.


I bought this theme a few days ago and love it so far. I am wondering if it is possible to make the fluid slideshow scalable? How would I achieve this? So if you scale the browser window the image scales down or up with it.


Timothy Kortman

Hi Timothy,

It’s not a possible from the box. It’s require a full customization or replacement of slideshow.

Kind regards.

Hi there,

a couple of questions…

1. how do I add images yo my teasers. I set a oage to be a teaser with an image but the image hangs of the side and has a thick line around it.

2. how can i change the colour of the teaser heading?



1. Same way you add image anywhere on your website. Use add media button above the content editor “Upload/Insert ”. Please provide a link to your website.

2. What do you mean by teaser heading? Whatever you what to change in teaser colors you need edit specific lines in css.

Also, is there an official support forum for this Template?

Hi guys, i figured out the questions above but how can I change the footer background colour from black to a grey. It doens’t seem to be in the css, only in a PHP file?

Please help.

Hi again Support

Is there an update to the Theme, as WP have done an update, Im getting this error

Notice: current_theme_info is deprecated since version 3.4! Use wp_get_theme() instead. in /home/allscal/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2628


Hi Shanni,

Don’t worry it is only a notice, not an error. But it will be changed in our next update.

Also we do not recommend you to use WP_DEBUG on live website.

Is there any support at all for this theme? It’s not looking very good at this stage. Tried to reach the developers by email as well but no luck.

Still no support after 5 days!!!

Seriously if you’re thinking about buying this theme keep in mind that you’ll get no help with it. There isn’t even a forum to ask other users.

Very disappointing.

Hi, I have one more question : how can I edit the 404 page? thanks for your help, chloro

Hi Chloro,

You need edit 404.php at root of theme directory.

Kind regards.

Hey there I have a complex question but I hope its a simple fix for you!

is there a way i can change the background color of the actual slideshow without it effecting the header and menu?

ex: the slider bg is blue and I want it white while keeping the other colors intact.

Hi, love the theme but I’m not a fan of Wordpress. Do you happen to have an html version?

Ok, i’m going to assume that’s a “NO” to my question. Too bad, its a nice theme.

Hello there,

Just a quick translation issue in the post list. I need to translate the Read more which is in the loop.php file. I’m using WPML to swap from FR to EN.

<?php if ( comments_open() ) : comments_popup_link(__('Comments (0)','breath'), __('Comment (1)','breath'), __('Comments (%)','breath'),'comments');echo " | ”; endif;?><?php _e(‘Read more’,’breath’); ?>

But if I translate in the loop file it gets changed for both languages.

Any idea on what I should do? Thanks -David

Hi Trouded,

You did something wrong. If you translated via .PO editor you need create with translation to French. If you using WPML string translation you need translate default string to french version only.


Dear Themoholics,

I added portfolio categories to my theme and they worked beautifully. However, I decided to delete the green, frog, love, etc and I accidentally deleted my new categories. Oops!

I have the ability to roll back files on my server, so I rolled back the public_html files, but my portfolio categories did not return. Is there a file on the server where these settings are stored so I can roll back that file to restore my portfolio categories?

Thanks, SuperMike in San Diego

Hi SuperMike,

Sorry for long reply.

All content stored at database. I think you need recreate all your categories again.

Kind regards.

Can I use featured image without showing it on gallery?

Hi FatFox,

From the box this theme use feature images for thumbnails at gallery. You need modify gallery loop or add new gallery layout to achieve your needs.


How can the slider stop when I’m watching a video from the slider? It only stops when the mouse is on the slider but I want it also to stop when the mouse is not on the slider.

Hi ruurdkooistra,

It’s impossible because not every video player have an API to interact with slideshow javascript.

Kind regards.

What if the last slide(video) stops and doesn’t automatically slides? Is that possible to do?

You need edit file /js/script.php, found:


and add option:

autostop: 1

Hi themoholics,

how is it possible to include a Facebook-Like-Button in the Theme? We would like to place it on the top right next to or included in the Header Menu.

Best regards, Christian

Hi Christian,

Yes, it’s possible as a paid customization.

It’s not a hard task, but i can’t write complete instruction for you. You can also try google how to add FB like button to WordPress without plugin.

Kind regards.