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Hello -

Love your theme and so far everything works great.

There is one issue I can’t figure out -

When using slideshow for homepage, the slideshow background is larger than the media I upload. I’ve noticed if I upload a very tall image, there is no extra background—but when I upload the size I desire (1920×515) the slideshow carousel background adds padding that I don’t want and sets the height at 664. I’ve tried to find where this extra padding is calculated but can’t figure it out.

I would like there to be no vertical padding – I want the slideshow to be the exact height as my slide height – How can I do this?

Here is my site:

Many thanks!


Hi Adrian,

It happened, because you inserted transparent image at slide content with bigger height (602px) than your feature image height (515px). You need make them equal at least.

Kind regards.


Hi There,

How can I delete the custom footer in the admin area?

Thanks, Tee

Hi Tfaltings,

You need edit /inc/tweaks.php file and search for:

function custom_admin_footer()


Hi there,

could you tell me how I can make my H1 headers different to my page title?


Hi Drog1998,

You can add custom CSS rules for:

#pagetitle h1, #pagetitle .title

At this way you can customize page titles to your needs.

Kind regards.


I’m thinking about buying this template, but I’m wondering is it possible to have the area where the logo is one color and then the area where the slide show is another color?

Thank you,

Hi Dreambig207,

Yes, it’s possible. Theme have options to change background colors and patterns for both that areas separate.


Thanks for the quick reply! I’m giving it a test drive and I only see options to change the: header, content and footer color settings. When I change the header it changes both the menu/logo area and the slider background color…. so how do I give each of them a different color?

Hi again,

Sorry, my previous reply was wrong. I’ve think about other our theme.

For Breath theme you can add custom CSS rules to change background colors for header and slideshow areas separate. It’s easy changes and I can show you how to do it.



How can I make a custom thumbnail in portfolio. What I mean is that when I set a featured image in a post it automatically makes a thumbnail. I would like to emphasize a certain detail in thumbnail not just to have it as a small version of lightbox image.

Hi Favorit,

It’s how WordPress work with thumbnails. You can find your images at /wp-content/uploads/ identify your thumbnails and edit it manually.

Kind regards.

Any way to get toggles within tabs? Trying to create a FAQ page.

Hi Billymangino,

Send me email and I’ll reply with update.


Hi themoholics,

i’m not sure how that works, where would i enter my customized title?

is there a custom header/title panel anywhere?


Hi Drog1998,

Now I’m not sure that I understood your previous questions. Can you send screenshot with your issue to ?



How can I make the the 4 boxes on the homepage clickable instead of only the read more button. So I want the whole box to be clickable to a url.

Hi Ruurdkooistra,

It’s not possible from the box. You need modify front-page template and css.

Kind regards.

Can you tell me how to do it?

Hi Ruurdkooistra,

It’s a complex modification. Can be done as paid customization. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.



Is it possible to customize prettyphoto js. Actualy I would like to have a lightbox without white border (background), or to make it thicker and maybe in another color. Also I would like to remove social net. buttons (Twit. + FB) and prev. next. buttons in the footer.

Hi Favorit,

Yes, it’s possible. You can find CSS for prettyphoto at /js/prettyphoto/css/prettyPhoto.css file and you can disable social buttons with options to passed at javascript at /js/script.php Check official prettyphoto site for options documentation.


HI there,

how can i remove the line that site just under the main image and the main content area? (just under the main image dots)


And also, this is my last question I promise… how can I change the text color of the current page in the navigation/menu from say white to orange?

Hi Drog1998,

I’ve answered via email.


Loving this theme but just found out that our site is not displaying properly in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is not displaying:

<section id="slideshow">


<section id="contentarea" class="container_12">


Hi bloomdigital,

It doesn’t work in IE because you closed P tag with div. Other “smart” browsers ignored this code.

<!-- <div class="container_12">
<p align="right">888.869.5550
</p></div> --!>

Thanks you so much! If you have time, could you explain how you troubleshoot this issue?

You can try add next code exactly after main menu:

<div class="container_12 clearfix" style="position:absolute;top:110px;">
<p calss="grid_12" style="text-align:right;font-family: 'Open Sans', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:21px;color:#fff;font-weight:600;padding-right:20px" open="">888.869.5550</p>

Just move inline styles to custom or theme css.


Hello there,

I am thinking about the purchase of your Breath theme however i am curious as to whether it has support for display on all devices (responsive) e.g. iPad, iPhone etc?

Thanks in advance, B

Hi basenine,

It is not responsive, but device friendly.


How can make hole area of slide “clickable” / linked, and not just the button “read more”?

Hi favorit,

You can’t do it from admin.


Great theme. How do I edit the ait-portfolio so that links open in new windows?


Hi discoverpb,

It is not possible.


first, thank you very much for this great theme! I have 2 questions: 1. I added a Article-Image to a Portfolio-Item for preview, but i don’t want to show this image on the portfolio-item-page. Where do i have to disable this?

2. Is it possible to position the content-text from my contact-page OVER the contact-form and the goolge-maps widget? And is it possible to position my portfolio-text UNDER the normal portfolio-items?

Thank you very much for your help. Best regards

Hi SuessSauer,

It is not possible to make from admin panel, only by editing theme files. If you want, make a request via form at our profile page and we’ll send you instructions.

Wasn’t there an update planned?

Cheers, Tee

Hi tfaltings,

It was planned but not yet ready. Can’t say when it will be done.

Love the theme so far. Installed dummy content and have a couple of questions. I see where the other person who asked if there was a support forum was ignored, so hopefully my questions get answered here.

1. I’m unable to upload images for the slideshow. I’m sure this is a server/site issue as opposed to the theme, but the slideshow doesn’t seem to “open up” so the entire image can be seen ( Where’s the fix for this, main.css?

2. The home page I want the slideshow and underneath it, a sortable portfolio like here: How do I do that? That’s to say, the ONLY thing I want on the home page is the slideshow, below that the sortable portfolio and then the footer.

I’ll figure everything else out…I think!

Thank you!

Hi foulmouthedleon,

1. I can’t check your problem, because it is not our theme here:

2. You need to choose page with portfolio as frontpage in Settings ->Reading.