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How do you change the text that appears next the Blog: “Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur in ea voluptate velit”

Hi tmaloneent,

Check options under the editor for any page post.

Hello Themoholics,

My website address is appearing on top left on login page. Do you know why? (With or without the login theme the address is appearing).

Thank you in advance!! :) WP. 3.4.1

Hi kdesign2011,

Yeah, we know, it happens with the latest version of WP. Don’t worry about it :) We’ll fix it soon.

Thank You!!


It’s possible to put the pricing grid of CHURCHOPE theme on BREATH theme?


Hi rodolfols,

Only as paid customization.


How much to do this customization?


Hi Rodolfols,

Our customization rate is 50 usd per hour.

I think it will take about 1 hour to integrate prices shortcode at Breath theme.


Hello, congrats for this theme! A pre-sale question:

Do you consider to implement responsive structure feature on next updates?


Hi Esm2010,

Unfortunately, we haven’t any plans to make this theme responsive.

Kind regards.

I am installing this template for a client and I have a few issues:

The url set for a slide in the slideshow is not working. It is taking the browser to the slide post page.

Frontpage teasers are not working. I have verified in html that the <-noteaser-> tags are there.

Any ideas on what the issue is?


Please could you help me, I have purchased the theme and would like to change the spacing of the category items as I have two rows of categories . Not sure where in the CSS I would make that change.

Thanks for the help!

Hi CoolBeansDesign,

Could you please send screenshot with your issue on


Hello, I’m having an issue with adding Links to the Slideshows.

I filled in the field “Link current slide To” but when I go to homepage I have no link attached to that slide(only 1 of them has Link attached).

I have a licence for this theme and in case you need it I can provide it.


Hi MephiRo,

Could you send url to your website?


Hey, thanks for replying on my message.

This is the url. 3rd slider (caribe one) has attached an external link to it, but it’s not showing at all. I also tried to attach a link from backend to the second slider (the one with havana which has some text inside as well) but without any changes …

Looking forward for your reply!

Also, is there are functionality on the slider to be fully clickable (make a link from whole slider)?


Hi MephiRo,

Links that you have set will apply only for feature images (if you don’t use it as slide background) and buttons (if you typed buttons text)

It’s not possible to make a link for whole slide for current theme.



First of all, congratulation for the theme, I really love it. So far, it has been so easy to install everything and start customizing the theme. Great work!

However I have one question (I thought I could manage by myself but… finally not – I am not a developer). I would like to add an image with its hover effect into each teaser. I have designed them already and added my code into the css. I thought I would just have to replace your images and add my link “ but finally it doesn’t work.

Do you have any easy way that would allow me to add my images with their hover effects into the teasers?

Thanks a lot for your help and keep up the great work!


Thank you. I have just sent you a message via your site. I gave you more information about my problem.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, I really appreciate it.


Hi again,

I have found the problem. My css code is good. However, every time I add in the custom css field my:

background: url(‘http://... .png’) bottom;

It seems that the theme (or I don’t know what) replace the url by:

background: url(‘http://... .png’\’) bottom;

This is why my image doesn’t display correctly. I have tried to edit the main css and add my code but it doesn’t work as well. I haven’t installed any plugin yet (and it is the first time I have this problem with a Wordpress Theme). Any idea how to fix it?

Thanks a lot!


Ok, I have solved the problem :)

I purchased the theme and am ready to use it, but where is the tutorial for beginners or any documentation to review how to use the template? (I know I must be overlooking this)

Hi kmcinty1,

You can find it in archive that you downloaded from themeforest.

Hello, Nice theme! Just one thing, how do I add a link to my feature slideshow. I have only one image and I just need it to link external site.

please let me know

thanks very much

Hi stephenchan_,

If your image is on background, then you can’t. We’ll add this feature in next update.

You can only set links for images that in slideshow content.

Problem solved. The work around to this is to create a transparent image as content and use it as a hyperlink.

Hello there,

I have finished the site. However in the contact page, I wanted to replace the google map by an image. I deleted the original contact page, I created another page, copied/pasted the html of the contact form and added my image (you can see it here However emails are not sent. When we click on “Send”, the “404 Page Not Found” appears.

Could you please let me know how I can make it work? It is really important. Or if there is another way to keep the original contact page but remove the google map (and replace it with a pic).

Thanks a lot!


Hi D6BL ,

You can’t do like this, contact page was made using page template. You need to edit loop.php

Hello and thank you for your quick reply. So what should I do to make my page works? (sorry, I am not a developer). Could you explain me? The page:

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, but it’s hard to explain you how to edit php code, if you are not a developer.

You can use any forms plugin to create your custom contact form page.

hola quisiera ver si me pueden ayudar para configurar mi paguina ya que al momento de seleccionar una categoria no selo se muestra la miniatura si no me manda a una paguina de las categoria y yo solo quiero que muestre todas las imagenes en smoll que debo hacer ?

Hi Balsart,

English, please.


hello sorry if it is well written but I do not speak English and I’m using a translator, I would see if you can help me to configure my web as when selecting a category not selo shows a thumbnail if I send a paguina of the category and I just want to show all pictures in smoll I should do?

Hi Balsart,

Your plugins producing javascript errors and it blocked portfolio filtering.

Try to disable plugins to locate which one is broken.

Kind regards.

Hi, love this theme!

I know this is a basic questions but I can’t find where it is in this theme.

Could you provide custom CSS I need to add to increase the paragraph font size?

Again, thank you so much for the quick reply

UPDATE - nevermind, figured it out…

Last (?) question- How can I remove the border on the images? Putting a 0 border on the image itself doesn’t seem to take it away. thank you!

To remove border you need to remove “imgborder” class from img.

Hello i am interested about the portfolio – How can I make when I click on the thumbnail in the portfolio not to open picture in lightbox, but to open the page with the project.

Hi mitaka,

Open gallery post and uncheck “use lightbox” in settings below editor.

Is there a way to change only header color without also changing the background of the slider? I’m trying to make the header white but keep the slider background blue. It seems the code is in the style.php, but I can’t find that singular line.

Ok, I figured out how to change the header, but I need to change the color of the menu font to a different one. Any help with that? :-)

You can try a but different rule:

#main-menu a {
color: red !important;

This does not work either. Surely there is a way to do this, someone would want a white or super-light header color, no?

Hi claytonbell,

Please send access to your admin panel.

Thank you very much for the answer :) I have one more > When we are in the portfolio page, we see the featured picture like thumbnails, when we go in “Porftolio page example” – we see the full feature picture, can i remove it and put other text, video or picture instead of it. Thank you!

Hi Mitaka,

Yes, you can. Also you can link portfolio preview to any other link.

Kind regards.

Slider is not working in the theme, even not in your demo site. Whats the problem??

Hi Imranasim,

It’s works well for us.

Could you send more details?