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Hey Guys, I saw today, that your twitter widget isn´t working anymore. It shows “Can’t connect to twitter.” Your demotheme is showing the notice as well: Could you please fix this and provide the fix, so i can repair it. I can´t update the theme, because I changed a lot. I need to know where the mistake is precisely. Thanks guys!

Help with Breath I just sent an email to for help please

Excuse the spelling but use a translator. Sorry

is there a way on this theme to use custom buttons?? Maybe like PNG Images? Instead of just regular fonts?

Hi Zionweb619,

You can insert your own buttons as usual content or you can order paid customization to implement custom buttons as shortcodes etc.

Kind regards.

HI Guys,

Any news on this twitter feed issue? Or does anyone have suggestions around the problem?

Hi CoolBeansDesign,

Update will be available today.



Hi, Can you tell me how can I remove or change the big image in the but not to remove the feature thumbnail image in the Portfolio page – Thank you!

Hi Mitaka,

We’ve included this option at today update. It will be available soon.

Kind regards.


Please let me know how I can add my own prebuilt portfolio layout. I’ve added my own to the loop-portfolio file, but it is not available for selection in the back end when adding a portfolio to a page. please help

Hi discoverpb,

Sorry, but I have no idea what you do. We can make it as paid customization.


There is a small, medium, and big portfolio layout option. I have created another option, medium2. I added code to the loop-portfolio file for another option, medium2, but it does not show up in the admin section as an option. How do I get it to show up as an option?

You need edit next file – /inc/portfolios_type.php and add your new option to next select

<select name="th_portfolios-layout">....</select>


How can I trigger a lightbox when linking to a vimeo video?


Figured it out!

Last question—can I control the size of the lightbox video? It currently displays rather small, and I’d like the video to be larger (like 864×486)... is that possible?

You need add next parameters to vimeo url:


Thank you so much!! Again, great job on the theme and the excellent customer support. Much appreciated.

Hi! I really like this theme! Does it include a custom logo upload option, where I can upload my logo to the website?

Hi RavB2796,

Sure, it’s have an option to upload custom logo.


The slider in home_page don’t function and i have this error msg:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_description() on a non-object in /home/mhd-01/ on line 39

Hi Baggio-8481,

You need update your theme to latest version.

Kind regards.

How i can update without to lose my data

Hi! Any idea why shortcodes (button, notification, toggle and tab) are not working after I changed server? My page URL changed from -> and I made .htaccess rewrites so domain points straight to

Hi FaTFoX,

It’s look like file permissions or ownerships issue . You can simply test it, just try access shortcode file directly at your browsers. For example:

If you can’t access it via browser you need check permissions.


hello could you help me create a Custom Settings Styles for the logo is in the center?

Hi Balsart,

Could you send url of your website? And what about menu on same line with logo?


I have an image that I’m placing the direction from the panel is thanks for the help

i have videos on my server Mov format 720p can i use in this template, i don,t wanna use vimeo,

Hi emadresa,

Self-hosted video can be played only in lightbox.

Click on “Self-hosted video example” thumbnail:


how can i add more than 4 news box under the slider.

in that example:

i added a fake 4 more boxes to make the number 8 boxes. but because i copied the code into index.php, you can see those 4 fake boxes at the other pages like that:

How can i add 4 more boxes in a normal way ?

Hi Yunuslu,

You can’t, as you can see in options it is 1-4 teasers.

this is what I’m putting placing from the panel.

is the address of Citium is

  thanks for the help

Hi there, I sent you an email yesterday, could you possibly get back to me regarding some small customisations, or if anybody else can help me with some small customisations that would be great.

Hi Monkl,

Our developer will reply you a bit later today via email.

Kind regards.

Where are the beginner Tutorials?

Hi Beaker1Media,

Inside the archive that you downloaded from themeforest.

Hi, I haven’t received an email yet. I would be very grateful if you could get back to me to as soon as possible.

Thank you