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how i can create an homepage like the home of demo themeforest?


Hi, It is basics.

Use column shortcodes ( you can find them, integrated in default edit in html mode) to make columns, add media button in visual editor to add images and use basic html tags ul, il to make list.

Same question as baggio-8481..

Also, how do I change all the Italics. I want normal font.



Due to the frequency of requests, we are going to add possibility to turn off italic in our tomorrow update.

is it possible to receive a dummy file?

baggio, I already sent you XML by email. This is all we can provide for now.

I loaded the file.xml but nothing has changed.

Our update with “sample data one click auto-install” was approved. You can download it now from download tab at you profile page.

Hi mate,

Great Theme :-D !

Looking to purcahse the theme asap! Just one question – is the homepage fully customitible either through widgets/shortcodes?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi NP,

Yes it’s fully customizable. If you know html – you’re a boss.

Hey great design, one question about the slider i see you have one of the sliders images size as 533×483 can the slider be any size? say I wanted the slider to be smaller so it did not take up so much landscape. Something like 533×237


Hi DigitalDigg,

Yes, images can have any size. As you can see from our preview, images in different slides have different sizes.

Thanks for your previous responses.

I noticed, when I view the source code for my site, it displays a “meta name= author content= http:/” at the top. How can I remove that? I’m sure many can agree that after purchasing it for single use it should be hidden like other themes we purchase.

By the way, impressive support. Thanks

Hi theinfadgroup,

You need to edit header.php or wait for update a day or two.

Our latest update was approved. You can download it now from download tab at you profile page.

It’s include your request also.

Hello, I’m having a problem getting your template to look the same as the demo. I have spent a few hours trying to do this. Could you please assist with this issue. I have read the directions and still I’m unable to figure this out. I have sent you a private email with my login information.

Thank you for your assistance. Donna Perry

Wait a second. I am not asking for you to design my website. I am proficient at that. I am having problems with setting up your whacked out theme according to your demo you had posted as version 4. I have read your instructions and cannot figure out how to make the adjustments as necessary. If you look at my profile you will see we have bought quite a few themeforest templates and very few times have we had any problems installing them and configuring them. Yours is becoming troublesome especially when you will not provide support on your theme as to how you achieved the look you gave in your scenario of layout version 4 in your demo. I think you have a wrong attitude with what we’re asking. We do our own work I just want to have what I paid for and what sold me on your theme was version 4’s layout. If I had known before I bought this buggy theme that version 4 was not achievable and that you were going to charge someone to get that version when you posted it in the demo I would have never wasted my money on such poor support. If you aren’t willing to show us how you achieved version 4’s layout I will request a refund immediately. I will be sure never to support a company like you again if your responses are sarcastic and demeaning as you have already done.

We achieved version 4 with html basics and using column shortcodes, that you can find integrated in editor in html mode.

Why are you panic?

Our update with “sample data one click auto-install” was approved. You can download it now from download tab at you profile page.

Sliders: heading position and width


Breath is a great theme and I’m happy that I bought it :)

Just two questions:

1st) Is it possible to change the maximum width of the slider headings and text areas (for bigger slider titles)?

2nd) Can the top padding for the slider’s headings be modified?

Thx and regards :)

Hi morecoffee,

1. It will be possible in our next update.

2. Nope, It’s always centered on the height, by script.

Where did the two images of the globes come from? I’d like to get some work done from the original artist.

Kind regards,


Hi Gareth,

Globe is by

In the documentation ‘You can read how to setup portfolio posts at this chapter.’ (and it wants to go to #galleries) That link doesn’t work. Do yo mean 2.3.d Portfolio posts?

And again, Slideshows is not the same as Slides <- this one is correct. And Portfolios is not the same as Portfolio Slides <- this one is correct.


Hi surfaap,

Thanks, we’ll check links in documentation.

Well, first sub menu is just same menu item as the main, that’s why they are called the same way. But maybe we’ll change it.

hello I bought a template and a little surprised I’d like it to look like the example with all its contents. Because I do not know zabardzi wordpreassa please help and how you can send werscji with the set contents. my e mail


We will add “one click auto install” option in our upcoming update.

thank you but when ?

In next 1-2 days.

Our update with “sample data one click auto-install” was approved. You can download it now from download tab at you profile page.

oh men i have weekend – i must make this site in this weekend

Can you add a shadow or box behind the WHITE TEXT on the SLIDESHOW /SLIDER (like the TITLE ). Or can you tell me the php file that I can edit and the code I should use to add a background behind the text. Thanks!

Hi theinfadgroup,

Go to Dashboard->Breath->Custom styles

and add following code:

.jcycle_content .entry-content {background:#211E1B;padding:11px 14px 13px}

Hello. Thanks for doing the automatic charging style. I have a question. Spoof icone on the home page. PNG , and I give a gray background, I do not know how it would change the icons to be transparent.


You need to switch to html mode in editor and remove class named “imgborder” from your image.

I’m getting a Error message when using the twitter plugin. It keeps my content from loading on the portfolio post. It allows the content to load on other pages.

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_description() on a non-object in /nfs/c09/h01/mnt/130329/domains/ on line 39

If I remove the widget and add it back and or change the number of post it sometimes will remove this error and work fine.

Hi fly2006,

This happens because your server can’t connect to twitter server. I’ve made small update that will block this error so it don’t break your website but it won’t make your twitter work.

hi I was looking for where to change the height of the header. I would like to make it a little smaller.

Also where do I set the widthof the drop down menus


Hi thorsky,

Header height depends on logo but you can change paddings:

.logo { padding:38px 0 34px; float:left; }

Dropdown width can be changed here:

.sf-menu ul { position:  absolute; top:   -999em; width:   194px; /* left offset of submenus need to match (see below) */ }


I’m about 50% complete with building my website and so far everything is going great.

However, there is a bug in the teasers. After putting content in the teasers (frontpage) section, it loads incorrectly. Sometimes the position is correct but other times (example: when page is REFRESHED ) the image and the text is pushed over the button. I followed the directions in the “How To” documentation and I put the <!-more-> <!-noteaser-> codes.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Theinfadgroup,

You can try specify width and height attributes for your images. I hope it will help you with this issue.


Hello again,

I tried to resize the image to 118 X 118 (similar to the size of your icons). But it did not fix the issue. I have included a link to what it looks like. I noticed that this occurs most often when the page is refreshed or viewed on an iPhone (mobile device), however, it also happens when I directly visit the site as well.

Here’s an example of the issue:

I apologize for taking your time! Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

Hi Theinfadgroup,

Send an email via contact form on our profile with admin access to your WordPress and I’ll test your issue. Can’t help you only with screenshot.


First off, great theme, thank you for doing such great work!

Second a couple questions:

1) my shortcode button for ‘insert button’ isn’t working. A dialogue box opens, I enter the details (nothing appears on the preview section) I click ok and nothing happens, the screen refreshes and I am looking at the dialogue box still without anything filled out. (Mac OSX 10 .6.8, Chrome or Firefox). I would be happy just knowing what the shortcodes are – I can type them in myself.

2) HomePage Slider – I actually want a single static post to be where the slider is. I can have only one slider item, but then the slider navigation buttons on the right and left still appear along with the slider navigation dot at the bottom. Any options here?

Cheers! and thanks again!

Hi jpjanze,

We made an update with some fixes and added static header. You can wait until it approved and uploaded or contact us via form at our profile page with request.

Done building site and had one issue

I am using “fluid image” for the home page sliders

I have added links to all sliders and none of my sliders are linked?

Site just went live, so If you can help me fix I would appreciate…

You can’t add link to images, only to button in section “link current slide to” below the editor. But button will show up only if you write text for button.

I add a link on the full width fluid images by adding a url and the link name, but when I do nothing shows up and my slider breaks….The slider will cycle through and then on loop the slider shrinks in height to less than 1/4 its original size and you can barely see the slide ???

This also happens when I have tried to install multiple social plugins to show social links at bottom of the pages.

I have installed these same plugins on many other sites and they work fine…

Can you assist me in resolving the issue with adding a link… and hopefully that can fix the issue with adding social bookmarks as well….There is some conflict because I have tried to add multiple social plugins and they all break the slider…...*the slider will not stay at its size and will shrink to less thank1/4 of its original size and you can barely see the image…

Hi thorsky,

Check if your social plugin has option to exclude specific post types. It adds its code to slideshow and script can’t calculate image height, so the slide is broken.

Please, send access to your WP admin panel via form at our profile page and I’ll take a look and also you can write how much you want to decrease title area.