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This is a very good template!. However, I don’t find a way to set my twitter account, can you tell me how can I do that?


Never mind, I found it XD Very good job indeed!

I don’t see any examples on what/how images added to sections in the portfolio look… whether they simply stack, or in a light box etc… How does this work?


Hi, Sorry, but I don’t really understand what you mean.

Hi, Great theme!

I was wondering if it is possible to exclude portfolio categories from the filter. I use the portfolio items for two different things one of wich is sortable.

Looking forward to your reply.


Figuered it out by making sub categories.

How do I adjust the size of the sub page title area…I have found the font size and adjusted it and removed the background….. I want to make that area less tall in height….Not the header which I have already resized but the area directly under menu where sub page titles are..


Hi sorry I’m not explaining it properly. For example, in the demo if I click on “portfolio” then the category “Graphic Design” this page shows up:

Is there a way to display more images under each project?

Hopefully that makes more sense…


Just love this theme!

Question: is there a solution to the problem that thorsky had, i’m dealing with the same issue.

“The slider will cycle through and then on loop the slider shrinks in height to less than 1/4 its original size and you can barely see the slide ???”

I haven’t placed a link, the slider just shrinks after the cycle.


Hi adoedennis,

Please send access to your WP admin panel via form at our profile page and I’ll take a look.

Hey adoedennis,

You have to name your image on the slider. Once it’s named, it won’t shrink up.

Now, the problem I’m having is removing the black box with the name of my image title. It’s now covering up part of my slide image. Any idea on how to turn this feature off? It looks great on the Breath template preview of this template…but I don’t want it on my actual site

Also, how do you change the top header pages to be the cursor-active style like the template has?

Hi fsampognaro,

Please, update our theme, we already added option to turn off title for slideshow.

Great theme so far…...Thanks for your quick responses on my site.. I have sent information for site login via private message…

fsampognaro, thank you for your reaction but what exactly do you mean by “name your image on the slider.”?

All my slides already have a slider titel if that is what you mean.

That is what I’m regarding to. Weird, thought that may have been your problem. I’ll look more into it and see if something else may be the problem.

Anyone know how to remove the black box that’s covering my slider images? It’s the title of my slides but I don’t want them to show on the actual slide show.

Also, how do you make the top titles become the black boxes like the Breath example? Since my color is light gray, it’s hard to see the header categories.

Here’s my site in case it may can help understand where i’m talking about.

thanks, and this theme is great!

Hi Fsampognaro,

Please, update this theme to latest version. You can download it from your dashboard “download” tab or just send us email via form on our profile.


fsampognaro, to remove the black box go to your slideshows >> All slides Then select a slide and scroll down to “Options for jCycle slider” and check the box “Hide Title”.

I just actually looked and i do not have that option – maybe I need to re-download the template. All I have for “options for jCycle slider is:

“choose a content position for slide” and “Write a text for call to action button”

Under that is options for the image…

Hi fsampognaro,

If you don’t have those options, then you need to update our theme. Go to download tab in your TF profile and download our theme again and then reinstall. I suggest you to make a backup before update.

Thanks for the great support so far… Also for the small custom tweek for me to position button in a different place for the home page slider…

For anyone reading themoholics have given great support on multiple things and got back to me a in a quick manner on all the different occasions so ic an fine tune and customize site…

just wanted to give a shout out of thanks.. :)

Thanks thorsky!

Hi! First of all, congratulations for this awesome theme!

I have one question:

In the demo template, you have used a float element at the left size named as “Change Styles”. Is it possible to add this in my Breath Theme too?

Hi Lekoc,

Send an email via contact form on our profile page and I’ll reply you with instruction.


The logo fails to upload. You should really have an Upload OR URL field on here.

I’ve tried in IE and FF.

Is there supposed to be an “Upload” button? I just have “Browse”, “Save”, “Reset”.

Also, the UI for the logo seems to be a bit confusing. I would try and simplify that more.

Hi voudini,

Make sure that you click “browse”, chose your file and then press “save”. If it still doesn’t work then, please, send access to your admin panel via form at our profile page.

After the update, Flawless Theme! Thanks~! 3 Questions:

1. Is it possible to re-arrange the order of the slides in the slider? 2. Is it possible to create multiple forms of the contact form? For example, Form 1 = Contact, Form 2 = Requests, Form 3 = Etc. (with different fields) 3. Is it possible to place the form on other parts of the site as well, such as in a post?

Thanks. Be sure to use latest version 1.52!

Below answers on your questions: 1) You can re-arrange slides by post’s publish date. 2) Contact form hardcoded to theme framework and can be use only for one page. But it’s nice idea to use forms at multiple instance. Will move this form to page template at future. 3) A lot of forms builder plugins that support shortcodes to insert it everywhere. I don’t know if it make a sense to overload theme with this feature.

Hello i bought the theme yesterday and i can not go any further as the feature image tab is not working. I click on it and nothing comes up any reason for this?

Hi FrazerC,

Feature images function is a built-in in WordPress. If it’s not work for you, it’s mean that your WordPress not properly installed.

P.S. Video tutorial how to set feauture image for post

BUG FIX : It seems “adoedennis” & “fsampognaro” are both correct. THEMOHOLICS , upon loop of the slideshow, Any image that has “Hide Title” Selected, shrinks and only shows about 10px in height of the entire slide. Therefore, in order to show the entire slide after it loops thru the slideshow, you CANNOT have “Hide Title” Selected on that slide. The Problem is that My banners have full graphics and NEED to Hide the Title, but then they would Not show after the loop. I believe this is a Bug that needs to be fixed. PLEASE CONFIRM . Great Theme though!

Hi idgraphicslive, Yes it was a bug and it fixed at latest version of our theme 1.52 (it’s just approved, will add info at description asap). You can download new version from your themeforest dashboard “download” tab.

GREAT ! Thanks on Both Replies!! & Beautifully FAST Response!!!