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Hello…I want to buy this template.. Can you include registration page??

Hello! Is is only html and css files, or template?

I love this template but before i buy it i want to ask if this template have admin panel…inserted??? i mean how i can manage the eshop (add products, change product)?

Hi, I downloaded the latest jquery library and it seems the radio.js doesn’t work with the latest jquery version (it works with the version included in your package). Where did you take the radio.js plugin? Did you write it? It seems there’s a function removed from the latest jquery version, which one I don’t know. Any help? Cristian

I’m sorry, I prefer the latest jquery library file. Can you help me fix the issue?

Please use files from theme.

Ok, I will search for the issue and fix by myself.

Curious to know if this template is built on Twitter Bootstrap as the base framework. This would be my preference, if at all possible.

Let me know your thoughts Thank you

It based no on Bootstrap.

great template, bought this one. But with one major issue (and I realize this after I purchase the template).

The top navigation bar doesn’t appear correctly on IE. I’ve tried it on IE 7, 8 and 9. See here:

I’ve tried on another computer as well, still the same.

Any thoughts?

We fix it soon. Thanks.

just saw someone post the same problem a month ago. Still not fixed til now. Thanks for your response btw, please do try to figure it out.

hi, great templae,but not seem to work correctly in IE8 and IE10..

The following picture is in IE8, but same in IE10.

Thanks for bug report. We will fix it soon.


I’m considering buying this at it seems great. The problem is I don’t know much of JavaScript so I was wondering:

Is there any documentation on how to deal with the things that are JavaScript? I have no problem passing them JSON or whatever they need, I just don’t know or want to touch any client-side JavaScript.

I am especially interested in the filters for the category list: how I should do when someone adds a filter (price, category, etc) and when someone removes one of them.

Thank you very much!

No, there is no JavaScript documentation included into template. Actually, it’s template and thus there is no store functionallity.

I presume it would be bery easy to add simple Paypal add to cart code to the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons in this HTML site?

Just need a site to sell about 10 products via Paypal.. Will this work?

Also the main banner on homepage not working:

All works well .

Hey there, great template but having a hard time adjusting the speed of the slides. I inserted duration: 10000 for example in main.js and still doesn’t do anything. Any ideas?


Can anyone answer this post?

In order to improve customer support all future questions related to this subject please send to or facebook . Support requests in the item comments will not be taken into account.
Support provided during 24 hours, additional time may be required depending on the complexity of the question.

How do you link the slider images?

I bought this theme and only after that i found that it’s not twitter bootstrap based :( Now i have alot problems with it, coz i can’t use twitter bootstrap, so i can’t use any other my sources that already coded/tested for bootstrap.

It would be really very nice to have bootstrap theme. And actually, using own ‘css framework’ is a really bad idea. If that’s not “one-time” product – sell and forget.

found two shortcomings:

1) can’t increase the slides duration. 2) parent item of drop-down menu does not work .current class (not highlight bgcolor)

how to fix it?

Hello deaction, sorry for inconveniences but all support provides on Please open a ticket and we will help you soon. Thanks.

nice and clear design ;)


Love this theme, is it possible to enable the ‘parent’ link in the primary navigation when clicked. Currently parent hyperlinks are disabled, I want to re-enable them.


Hello, coldfuel.
Information by the link below will help you to solve this issue:
Sorry for inconvenience.

hi, does it come with an admin panel ?

Hello, r_ahangi.
No, Breeze HTML template doesn’t have admin panel.

hello ,

I would like to buy this template and want to create a online store like so will it be possible ? I am going to remove the slider and put some big image with animation is it ok? also is this fully responsive ?

also do you have a proper back end for this?

Hello, ywarnas.
There are three Breeze themes for different CMS. You can find them in our portfolio.
Sorry, but replacing slider with big image using animation is not available in any of them.