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And another question I am waiting for an answer since 4 weeks now: I would like to change the words “Email adress” and “Subscribe” in the Bluth Newsletter Widget. I was able to translate everything else in the translation file, but those words do not show up anywhere.

I would be great to finally get an answer!

Hey, I’m going through all of the support posts right now, terribly sorry for the horrible support on our side, we have been having a very hard couple of months and are trying to deal with it. I’ll check out your tickets right now!

This is not me trying to change your one star rating by the way, you don’t have to change it, it just so happens that we are trying to take care of the support for Breeze right now, we won’t let this happen again

jear thanks! after many many month :)

i check all steps! i can change the star!

Thank you so much :D sorry again!


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Tried logging into bluethemes and posting in the support forums, but every time I try to “Ask a question” it takes me back to the log in page.

The shares buttons on my posts are not showing up in the front page. I tried everything and nothing seems to work. Help would be appreciated.

Thanks, HG

Hey there, sorry for the late reply. So you are 100% sure that the Front Page is selected in Theme Options -> Posts & Pages -> Show share buttons on:?


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Hey, it fixed itself a few days after I posted the question. Thanks


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Is there any way to integrate Infinite scroll plugin (or use Infinite scroll plugin from Jetpack)? The posts are loaded fine, however, I’m using 2 column layout and if I understand correctly, it uses Masonry. I can’t seem to figure out, how to rebuild the layout, after the new posts have been appended. Can’t find the right code that I should run. Is there any way to rebuild the front page, after posts have been inserted? Thank you.


x2lt Purchased

Figured it out. If anyone’s wondering, you need to put something similar into Callback field in Plugin’s options:

jQuery(’#content .columns’).masonry(‘reloadItems’); jQuery(’#content .columns’).masonry();

Well done!

Can you add a “header banner” to this theme if I wanted too?

Yeah, there’s an adspot above and below the header area where you can insert a shortcode/HTML of your choosing :)


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Hello, I would like to know if you have a manual about the theme and how can i translate it. Thanks,

Hey there, within the zip file there should be a documentation html file, I believe that’s what you’re looking for.

How can I add Slider Images on Home Page?

You can use a plugin to do that :) You’ll have to be more specific though as to where you might want to put the slider

Hi, I purchase your theme, BUT it dosen’t work with the magnificent best selling ‘Essential Grid’ plugin from WP Bakery.

Grids simply don’t appear until changing from Breeze to ANY OTHER THEME (!!), so I’m sure that there is a problem with the Breeze theme, WHY?

Btw, there is the some problem with few grid plugins, ant that happened also with the Breeze theme….


Hey Everyone

If you have purchased the theme and need assistance please visit our support forum.

If you have pre-sale question you can use the comment system here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


I hate to be a complainer, first world problems and all, but your support appears to suck right now. For a premium theme people shouldn’t really have to wait weeks on end to get answers to queries. Currently my wait is at 10 days, others are longer it would seem. To quote Bluthemes themselves on another post “terribly sorry for the horrible support on our side, we have been having a very hard couple of months”. Hopefully whatever problems you are having can be sorted and you return to your awesome ways of the earlier days.

I’m sorry for the long response time, we’re trying to be more organized with everything we’re doing and hopefully we can get the support into better shape.

Thanks, Ivar Rafn


My dashboard is not working well. What can i do?

(the printscreen:

Thanks! =)

Hey there, did you change the theme directory name? Looks like it’s having trouble encoding the html. Disable all your plugins and see if that works.


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Great theme, great support! I fully recommend purchasing for these guys :)

Thanks, we really appreciate it!

I noticed in the demo website, if you scroll down and then back up to the top, the menu items go out of alignment. Is this a general bug, or just something that is on the demo site?

Hi, How can I increase the logo placements dimensions. I would like to insert bigger logo on my site.



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How can i disable responsiveness? Is it also possible to disable responsiveness for only a few pages? I want to display 3 columns next to each other, but on a phone he will display the columns underneath each other, but it must be next to each other.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.


i really like this theme, but i checked the demo page and the other sites you mentioned that used this plugin and all of them gave bad results on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, any possible near future solution to speed up the theme?? maybe minifying CSS, JavaScript, HTML…?

I purchased your theme and I like it. Just one problem, I cannot make the single post page centered. It goes to the left and no idea why. The configuration of the theme seems to be ok, but it doesn’t do as instructed. My page is Thanks!


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Hello, could you tell me why my accordion is always open? On e.g.