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campru Purchased

I feel like Columbo….”just one more thing” I’m tring to set up a Two Thirds Column but my columns are underneath each other not horizontal?????



Hi, the column shortcode work under the fullwidth page. The page with sidebar only has a area of two thirds of the whole page so the shortcode one third column is in fact the equivalent to having a one half column in a full width page.

The page you referred in your above comment uses the Contact page template and has a sidebar (widgetized).

campru Purchased

Works when I set the page to full width but when I set the page template to Contact , the columns are underneath each other.


Replied above

I’m also having problems getting my Twitter feed to display in the widget, like ryank a few days ago. I tried messing with the cache folder permissions, still nothing. Weird thing is, when I insert any other Twitter handle it works – just not mine!


Hi, the twitter feed is retrieved in an Atom format by querying the search.twitter.com service. Try going to that site and on the search bar type the following: from:your_user_name and see if you get results shown.

There are several reasons why they might not show:

My Tweets or Hashtags Are Missing from Search!

Nevertheless I’ll try a different approach in the widget’s code and try to solve this issue in some accounts.

Best regards


I tried that, and no luck. I see that it only indexes tweets within the last 6 days or so… that won’t work in my case since I don’t tweet daily – I try for quality not quantity… is there any sort of fix you recommend? I really like how it frames the tweets in the bubbles, but I may have to resort to a generic twitter widget if I can’t get this to work…


Hi again mate, since my last reply a few minutes ago I’ve managed to completely change the core code of the twitter widget and it now uses the Twitter API .

This will definitely work for those who have problems displaying tweets in the Breeze theme. Try the following URL with your username instead of mine and it will display your tweets: http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/unispheredesign.atom?include_rts=true

I’ve already submitted the theme update to ThemeForest and I’m just waiting for approval. I’ll let you and everyone else know when it’s available for download.

Best regards

bctv Purchased

First of all, great theme. You did a good job.

Can you tell me how I can adjust/change the language of the theme?


Hi, thanks for purchasing.

I’ve provided a detailed explanation on how to translate the theme in the Breeze FAQ .

Best regards

bctv Purchased

Thanks so much for you quick reply. It worked!

Great Theme,

Curious when you plan on releasing another WordPress theme. Im going to buy this but Ill need another design. I can wait, I was just curious?


Hi mate, I honestly don’t know when I’m releasing another theme although I have a few rough sketches laying around :)

Depending on the inspiration it may take less than a month but I’m just being optimistic ;)

Best regards

Hi unisphere-First of all ,thank you for the quick response on the translation question, it solidified my decision to purchase your fantastic theme. I also greatly appreciate that when you have a PowerHouse WP theme, like yours, that you thoughtfully include a .xml import file. That is a time saver, and visual organizer beyond measure.

My next question is about the “Light Box Evolution plugin for wordpress ” that was talked about a few posts ago. Will it work within the theme,or should I just not mess with it. I can save for later projects, if need be, because AS IS , “Breeze” is already a showcase. Thanks, Tim


Hi Tim, thanks for the kind words, appreciate it :)

I honestly don’t know if the “Ligh Box Evolution” plugin is supported, the user who talked about it earlier didn’t send me a link to their site for me to take a look. I’ll keep an eye out in that plugin’s discussion forum and might actually buy it to try it out.

Best regards

Great looking theme!

I am considering purchasing this theme but there are several features I am really looking for: 1. JQuery Toggle Content shortcodes 2. JQuery minimalist horizontal menu tab shortcodes

Would it be easy to implement these into the site?

Also, is it easy to change the overall background colour of the page other than white and dark grey?

Thanks, Dan

Hi soulnecta, please don’t take this the wrong way but I’ll ask you not to display links to other authors files. That’s why I reported your comment, I hope you don’t mind :)

Here are the answers to your questions:

1) Yes I’m planing to implement jQuery Toggle Content and Tab shortcodes, it’s on my todo list for the Breeze Theme but I’ll only start working on this next Monday. I’ll let everyone know about it when it’s updated.

2) Changing the overall background color of the page other than white and dark is as easy as adding the following line of CSS code to the Custom CSS field:

#container, #slider-container, #sub-header, #footer-container { background-color: red!important; }

Best regards, and very sorry again for requesting the removal of the link in your comment.


How do you add just a HTML link to the menu. For the school website I am creating I’d like to add a ldropdown ink to their webmail from the menu.


Hi, you have two options. First you could setup a Wordpress 3 Menu which lets you customize a menu in a drag and drop interface, link to pages, categories and external urls. The other option is to install a plugin called “Page links to” that allows you to set a custom permalink of a page, so in other words you can add a page and set its destination url.

Best regards

Hi Uni…

Before I purchase, I need the answer to a few questions:

1. Can the slider call only posts from a category? I want to set up a category called “Slider” so it only holds key blog posts only. (As I add new stories to my blog, I don’t want them to enter the slider just because they’re the latest posts).

2. Can I do a homepage with Slider and Blog Posts with details easily?

3. I need a 3 column portfolio without the Javascript (so I can have multiple pages). I saw the code you suggested in a previous response, which is cool. My question is: can I have that plain, 3 column portfolio paginated AND have category sections like your original template?

4. Can the slider just slide from one post to the next? I’m looking for a slider effect like that. Not sure if this one does.

5. I’d like the navbar to be right above the slider. I’m not too bad with CSS , can I just move it down a few lines and center it over the slider? Any suggestions here would be appreciated.

6. FYI : When I view your demo site’s posts with galleries, there’s an issue. If I hover over the gallery pictures, then resize my browser window (Safari 4.0) the “magnifying glass hover icons” all become visible, all in a row. Wondering about this…

All in all, great job. I definitely want to purchase this one.


Hi, thanks for your interest in my work :)

1) The slider doesn’t use a category, it’s in fact a custom post type (functionality added in Wordpress 3.0) so your slider images are completely separate from your blog posts.

2) Here’s an example of a Home page with slider and blog posts: http://www.unispheredesign.com/demo/breeze/home/home-with-blog/

3) At the current state of the theme you can’t select have the portfolio with 3 columns list different categories in different pages although it’s a nice versatile option that I’m going to implement in the next update (will do this on Monday, out of town at the moment).

4) You can set the Nivo Slider effect in the Breeze custom admin panel and here are the different options for the transitions: random, fold, fade, sliceDown, sliceUp, sliceDownRight, sliceDownLeft, sliceUpRight, sliceUpLeft, sliceUpDown, sliceUpDownLeft.

5) Pushing the navbar down is easy, centering may be a bit hard as it’s positioned using css positioning although when you have the final menu ready with all the elements it’s just a matter of changing the positioning set in the menu class in /css/screen.css.

6) Thanks, I’ll have a look at it.

Best regards

I love this template so much, and I think this one may be the perfect one for the site I am getting hired to work on.. Wondering: Is it possible to put Youtube videos or Vimeo videos in the Slider image on the home page? Would love to be able to put some kind of Welcome Video right on the very front, with an Email Newsletter sign up thing right away.

I ask, because the Awake template just updated with the ability to do video in the slider… Purrfect.

Thanks, Sitka


Hi, right now it’s not possible but I’ll see if I can custom code the Nivo Slider to support it. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Best regards

How do I remove just the slider captions below the slider image?



Hi, add the following CSS code to the Custom CSS field in the Breeze admin panel:

.page-template-template_home-php .nivo-caption { display: none!important; }

Best regards

Hi Unisphere,

first of all i want to thank you for providing us such a Wonderfull Theme and one of the best i’v ever seen.

Before i buy this one i want to ask you a question. You mention above that you are going to implement jQuery Toggle Content and Tab shortcodes beginning from Monday.

Any idea how long can it take? (i dont need an exact date, an appro. date is enought).

I’m asking this coz after buying the template i would like to change some codes and make it little custom. And at this point i need this new features which you are planning to do. I dont like do all the work with the actual template and then do it again when the updated theme comes :)

Thanks a lot in advance


Hi, the jQuery Toggle Content and Tab shortcodes will be ready and submitted on Monday. Then I just have to wait for ThemeForest to approve the update which can take up to 2 days depending on how fast the reviewer approves it.

In my honest opinion this is one update that won’t change that many files so if you want to start working on the theme and then update it won’t be any trouble.

Keep an eye out on this discussion as I’m going to announce here when the update is available.

Best regards

nuv Purchased

Just came back from holidays and anxious to try this beauty :) bought it without hesitation.

Question: I need to set up 3 different folios and would like to use the 3 columns page template. For example: illustration folio with the categories |editorial|advertising|books|etc: photography folio with cats like b/w|landscape|people|etc; and painting folio with another 2/3 categories.

Is this possible ? can we create 3 different folios using the same page template and exclude the categories that don´t belong to this folio? How to do it and if not possible, how do you think is the best workaround to achieve such a structure?

Congrats for the theme mate, looks stunning!!

Saudações setubalenses ;)


Hi mate, at the current state of the theme you can’t select have the portfolio with 3 columns list different categories in different pages although it’s a nice versatile option that I’m going to implement in the next update (will do this on Monday, out of town at the moment).

I’ll let you know when the update is ready for download.

Best regards

Saudações portuenses :)

No worries about deleting previous comment, I understand. I will be buying this when the next update comes.

I have a few humble requests!

1. 4 column portfolio with sorting ( I find the 3 column images quite big for a portfolio index and I’m sure 4 column option would be very popular)

2. image border options – option to set image border colour as alternative to no border rounded corner style

3. homepage slider option to add text heading and paragraph

4. image rollover option with lightened tint and no rollover icon

And questions:

Is it easy to turn off the image title heading text and bar on the portfolio images and the slider dots underneath the sliders?

It is easy to take out the white bar behind the main menu and simply have text links on the background?

Thanks again!


Hi again.

1) Will definitely consider a 4 column portfolio template. Almost sure I’ll include it in tomorrow’s update.

2) Image border won’t be that easy to add because border takes space and would require extensive CSS margin tweaking to keep the layout from breaking.

3) I’m currently in the process of implementing my own jQuery Slider but I’m still learning advanced jQuery and can’t give an ETA on this sorry.

4) Maybe by hiding the rollover icon through CSS (one line) will get you that lighted effect.

Other Questions:

1) Yep it’s easy, just 2 or 3 lines of CSS code which I’ll obviously provide.

2) Same as previous answer.

Best regards

Nice and flexible design — thanks for such a theme!

Before purchasing, there’s an important thing under consideration for me: is it possible to show a post (not only pages) in full-width?

If the theme does not provide a turn-key system for that, could I tweak it to achieve that purpose without too much trouble?

Ideally, I would like a per post setting: sometime in full-with, sometime with a specific side bar depending of context and subject…

Thanks for any reply!


Hi, unfortunately the theme does not support showing blog posts in a fullwidth layout. However you can apply the following 2 lines of CSS code to make all the posts detail page fullwidth but you can’t select it per post:

.blog-post #primary { width: 900px!important; }
.blog-post #secondary { display: none!important; }

Best regards


Thanks, I tried your trick on the theme preview with Firebug and it does the job.


Is it possible to get the 3 Homepage Boxes to appear on the Home with Blog version?



Hi, edit the file template_home_blog.php and replace this code with this code.

Best regards


Thanks for your reply.

Is it also possible to set the three boxes to display a post each? So they kind of work as a second set of featured posts?

And, is it possible to make the square thumbnail a separate image than the rectangle thumbnail in the posts?



Hi again, you can’t assign a post directly to the 3 home boxes although you have full control over the HTML in each box and they are widgetized areas so you can add widgets to them.

Best regards

Great theme,

If I drop the header to

header {


How do I drop the Page navi as well? Couldnt find the css with firebug.


Hi, add the following line of CSS code to the Custom CSS field in the Breeze admin panel:

.menu { top: 60px!important; }

Make sure to adjust the value “60px” to fit your needs.

Best regards



That did the trick

Hi unisphere,

I am having several problems with your theme.

1. I have the homepage set to “Homepage with Blog” I then have a blog page (as told to do in your documentation). Do I simply delete the blog page.

If I do delete it, what do I set in the Reading options?

2. How do I set the featured image for the search page?

3. My thumbnails on the widget “Popular Posts” are the wrong size. How does this work, as an explanation wasn’t provided?

4. Do I set the default media sizes to make it easier, or is everything manually uploaded, image by image (which seems to be the case)?




Hi, could you email me ftp and wordpress admin access so that I can take a look at the issue?

Best regards



Sorry i cannot provide this information.

However the URL is : http://dev.rebeccaireland.co.uk




Hi, from looking at your site without admin access, the problem might be in the following line of the code (/library/widget/twitter.php):

$cache_rss = file_get_contents($feed);

The above line of code isn’t returning any result and the $feed variable is probably correct, it has the value http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/your_user_name.atom?include_rts=true&count=3. If you try to open it in the browser with your twitter username you’ll see it returns your 3 latest tweets.

I’ve read there are some servers who have problems with the php function file_get_contents() and my advice would be to contact your host and ask them why that function is not returning any data for your twitter feed.

I wish I could help you more with this but without admin access there’s not much more I can do.

Best regards

Hi, I bought Breeze yesterday, and it’s very nice! I’m setting up a site for puzzle games, and I want the visitors to be able to browse through all files, categories and tags. There will be hundreds of items, so it’s important to find them easy.

I thought I could make one post for each puzzle item, and then make portfolio- or gallery pages for each post category, but now I realize that there is no way to link the images back to their posts. It only opens the Lightbox, which I don’t need at all.

Is it possible to remove the Lightbox function and replace it with a link (when clicked) back to the post that contains the image?

Or do you have some other suggestion on how to solve this? I really don’t want to buy some other theme just to make this function available.

Best regards


Hi, thanks for purchasing.

You can disable lightbox functionality in portfolio posts and even set a custom destination URL when someone clicks it. As to the gallery, Breeze uses the default wordpress gallery functionality and it doesn’t provide a way to set custom URLs on click (in fact the only change I made to the default wordpress gallery is to open the full image in a lightbox, else it would open the fullimage in another page).

You have another option which is to use the [image] shortcode provided with the theme that lets you have images link to custom URLs with or without lightbox functionality.

If I didn’t answer your question fell free to email me with an example so that I can take a look :)

Best regards