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Hi there! I had a problem with this theme that it wasnt showing how many facebook likers, which you were able to fix for me, but now the twiiter fans amount is not showing?? The site is

Hi Lion, I noticed that page/post content are not showing in android devices, what should I do to make the text appear?



Dear buyers,

We no longer are able to provide support for our themes. Please, download from your downloads page our themes, if you haven’t done it so far.


Hello there! I wanted to see the live preview but its currently not working. This is fyi.. Thanks,Carla


I recently purchased the Brennuis Magazine theme, and I’m having problems with the sidebar. At first all my widgets were located on the top right of the page, but now they are all at the bottom. How can I get them to go back to the top right of the page? just as its displayed on the LIVE VIEW of the theme

What do you charge per hour to do an update to the menu?

Your demo isn’t working. Thought you should know.

Its a shame that your not supporting your themes. They looked great and worked great. Im still using one. Oh well..later guys.

Hi Lion,

i got some issues with the page builder. In my theme i set up a new page. First I used the “Category View” template. Now I want to switch to “Page Builder”. I already did the changes an also set up a slider. But it keeps showing the category view. With new pages the page builder works fine. But I cannot change existing ones. What might be the problem? Here is the link to the page: Normally it should show a slider and a carousel…

Thank you for your help :)

Having problems with Facebook also. It doens’t open the link correctly. And yes, I have checked.

It opens like:

Hi there, I am using the Brennuis theme and its great, but the plugin doesnt work at my site. Whenever I activate Ubermenu, it shows 2 menu bars at the given location, it doubles the menu.

I have the latest version of Brennuis, so that should not be the problem. Any help on this issue? Thanks!

Well, I have to say I am not so happy anymore with this theme. Some functions wont work (like the Ubermenu-plugin) and overall the theme is very slow. I just found out the theme uses the query_posts function, a function that shouldn’t be used anymore and slows things down (say all the WP-experts). And no support at all from the developers.

Hi! The slider is not working anymore (since yesterday). Can you please help me? Thanks!

Hello, How to remove pinterest icon ?

Hello, How to remove pinterest icon ?

This problem was resolved. Another question – how do I make comments to show time along with the date? Now it’s January, 25, but I need it to be January, 25 12:25PM.

Guys, I need your help, I bought the theme Triangle Magazine some time ago and now is no longer available for download, help me.