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Good job! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thanks AirTheme :D

Useful, Simple and Elegant. My warmest congratulations Jen!

Thank you Mario :)

Great theme! Best of luck with sales :)

thanks codeex!!

Hi thejenyuan! I’ve just purchased this amazing theme and i’d like to know how to add the disqus comments under the posts, i hope you can help me bro, thanks.

Hey, go to your customize panel and find “Disqus Shortname” enter your username and the disqus shortname block will start appearing under each posts.

How do I get this to work with Tumblr when there is no theme code?……..

The theme code is a txt file titled “Theme Code” in the folder

Before I buy, do you have any examples of where ads can be placed? (home page side bar)

Hey, thanks for your interest! You can place the ads in the sidebar within the masonry bricks.

Also, can this theme do categories and change where posts are placed?

It can sort categories, but it cannot change where posts are placed

I purchased this recently, and have it all setup and running fine, just one thing though. How can I remove the black overlay that goes over the top when I scroll down?

Hey, you can do so by inserting this into the custom css section

#cover #cover-overlay{display:none !important}

Hello I downloaded a theme, but I can not exactly brick install it. please help me

Hello I downloaded a theme, but I can not exactly brick install it. please help me

ok I added you to skype contacts

Great, I’ll go on skype right now

Please go on my tumblr blog ad tell me if you see your theme or not Sorry for the inconvenience

I’m having a similar problem as PepinhoStile. I past the code into the html editor and when I preview and save the Brick style theme that I purchased doesn’t seem to be showing up.

Hey nferrn1, thanks for purchasing! Once you pasted the code, click update preview and save. Then click exit, and wait for 2-5 minutes.

When I pasted the THEME CODE into the html editor, the navigation bar looked identical but that was it. For some reason my site title is under the navigation bar and there is not image header.

You need to upload the cover and sidebar image yourself, the theme is also very customizable so you can play around with the options or adjust the colours

This is an AWESOME theme. :0 Don Myers

Thank you very much!

Is it possible to have the nav bar stick to the top of the page when you scroll up so it’s always visible?

Hey sorry, the navigation bar cannot be sticked.

Hi! I purchased a regular license for “Brick-A Responsive Tumblr Theme” back in November. I love it. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

But I have been having one issue with it: If I have a photoset, it always reposts the first photo again at the end. I’ve gone in and looked and looked to see what might be causing it, but I am stumped.

I’ve just kind of dealt with it because it really isn’t a big deal, but I had some time so I thought I would write to see if you had any suggestions.

I did play with that. I lose the alterations that I made, and to view photosets, followers have to click and have another page open, which I really didn’t want. But if that’s how it has to be, I’m okay with it. Like I said, it hasn’t been that big of a deal.

Great, let me know if theres anything you’d like me to help! :)

Ok. Thanks.

I purchased this theme and upon pasting the code continue to receive an error saying the HTML code is invalid. Please advise ASAP.

Hi Jonlorentz, please try it a few more times. It’s a problem caused by tumblr’s update.

Hi! Great theme. I’m having trouble getting links to new pages to show up in the nav. I tried editing the HTML and everything looks right, but it just won’t appear when I update the page.

Hi, please follow the instructions listed here: https://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/pages.


How do I change the height of the cover image? I’d like for it to take up more real estate on the page. Also…any way to change the padding of the post boxes so they are closer together?

Hi, please email us for theme customization: themes@thejenyuan.com

Hi, I purchased this theme and I was wondering how I could make long blog posts only show as a “picture sized box” which you can click to open the full post instead of displaying the full post on the main page? Thanks.


Turn off “Photo Captions” in the customize panel.


Hi, thanks for your answer. My bad I wasn’t clear enough, but I wasn’t talking about “pictures” posts but “text” posts. Maybe have a look at our blog it will be clearer: http://blog.myminifactory.com/

Unfortunately you can’t make that change, I would recommend you posting it as a photo post and then add the caption beneath it.


I want a theme that can have option to post only text (which can be clicked to expand) , picture only, picture and text (again a small part of the text is visible and can be clicked to expand). I would be launching a deals and coupon website and need a theme for blog. http://www.thedealbuddy.com/ Can you suggest if your theme can be used? If yes, do you have preview.


If you toggle “Photo Captions” on, the captions will appear under the photos; In the caption part, you can add a read more break which will lead users to the full permalink page.