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Hi, I have just purchased this theme and experiencing the same trouble as pont123. I have WP 3 .2 and cant find the option tree plugin. Is this a 3.2 problem or am I missing something. I have used themes before with option tree and they have updated fine to 3.2.

I didnt receive a zip file of the theme so I zipped it myself and installed it. The theme loads but no text corresponds with the images and I cant edit any theme options.

Can you help?


Can you not see this on your dashboard?… http://tinyurl.com/3tt8g4o

hi, does it have an archives template?


Yes, the archives template is used to display categories or tags related pages.

Just bought the theme! I love it. It’s so easy to upload and present galleries. Takes a lot of load off blog posting.


Thanks for purchasing! Glad you like it! :-D

Hi Chris, Love the them, I can’t see the Option Tree dashboard at all. I tried reinstalling the file and I get a message saying it’s already there. My side bar doesn’t look anything like that though. I’m missing Theme Options and Theme Check

Oh I got it! I had to delete the old and then re-install! Hopefully I’m on my way to rock this theme!


I do not have an address. How difficult is it to replace the map with an image on the Contact page?




The map isn’t part of the actual theme. I just pasted a Google map code into the post, so inserting an image is super easy (via WordPress dashboard).

I just wanted to let you know that I recently became one of your customers and I am using your template on my blog site, http://blog.ronaldnztan.com

I do have a question (I’m new to WordPress). How do I make my posts (not pages) full width?


Thanks for purchasing!

Only pages utilize page templates (i.e. full width page template), so posts don’t have a full width template option to choose from.

Since this theme is designed specifically for photographers, the post layout is intended to showcase photos and the actual post content is more of a secondary focus.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for taking your time to look into my new question. I would like to know how could I change the default font size (universally) on your template.

I am using your B+M as my photo blog and would like, say, the menu fonts and the post and pages fonts.

I appreciate you very much for your knowledge and expertise in this area. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,



In the theme options panel, there is a “Custom CSS ” section. You can customize the fonts there. For example, to change the font size of the menu items, add something like

#dropmenu li a {font-size: 12px;}

Thank you, Chris! That did the trick! :-)

Hi!!! Love your theme!!! I want to purchase it but I need to know if it is compatible with qtranslate!!! Please, Can you answer me to my email?


Hi there,

I haven’t tested that plugin, so I can’t say yes or no, but I’m not aware of any reason it shouldn’t work.

Sorry I can’t give you a definite answer…

Sorry I forgot to tell you my email: aeris.noe@gmail.com


Beautiful theme and it seems so easy to upload 100’s of images to a post without so much work.

A question: In one of the sites that uses your theme (http://photographyblu.net/2011/06/24/brooke-bobby-reece-valrico-family-photographer/) I realized that when reaching the tenth image (when opening it in lightbox), it says ‘10 of’ and does not show the total number after.

It seems that the text has a limited space to show more than a fixed number of characters. Can that be fixed?

I am thinking of changing my blog and this theme fits my needs very well. I do I just have to find the time to do all the work…



Ah, yes. Looks like an issue with the lightbox plugin CSS . I’ll submit an update for this, but all you need to do is add the following to the custom CSS theme option…

.pp_nav p {width: 100px !important;}

Thanks for the heads up!

I love this theme but I’m really struggling to add a gallery to a blog post:

Here’s my blog: http://www.belikepablo.com/

I was able to do this by accident in this post:


However, I don’t seem to be able to replicate this in any other post. I’ve been trying for some time now.

I can’t seem to get anything to display in the main area of the post – here’s any example:


Can anyone advise? My email address is: rossswatson@gmail.com




To add a gallery on individual posts, simply upload images to that post. That’s it :-)

You don’t need to insert them or anything. The system will automatically grab any images attached to that post, so just make sure you’re uploading the images from the actual post edit screen.

Just bought a theme doesn’t support embeds or flash video with out digging through and recoding everything it seems. I am no coding master just wondering how friendly is this theme/layout for a video blog/portfolio, any extra coding needed on my part?



There isn’t a built-in option for self-hosted videos/flash, but this theme supports embed codes. Just copy and paste the code and that’s it. Examples of services that provide embed codes are Vimeo, YouTube and Google Maps just to name a few.

I have a problem with pages. I create a new page, use the image upload and “insert gallery”. When I go to the main page, no new page appears. When I use this process with posts, everything works fine. The post also has a series of thumbnails along the left side, instead of text and comment fields show in your demo template. Any suggestions on how to remedy these two problems?


You don’t need to “insert gallery”. Just upload and that’s it :-)

bbxweb Purchased

Hey, thanks for this awesome theme!

1 question: is it possible to link the thumbnail on the homepage to the post ‘behind it’. Just like the title beneath the thumbnail does?



Thanks! There’s a checkbox for this in the theme settings :-)

bbxweb Purchased

Thank you for the fast reply, sorry for the dumb question ;-)

Good luck with your sales!


No worries ;-)

Hi there,

before I buy, I would like to know:

- it is possible to disable the lightbox?

- is it possible to show 1 big picture on the single site?

Thank you!


1. Yes, I can provide instructions for this.

2. Currently this is not an option.

glm Purchased

For me, the best wordpress theme for photographers…



Glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks for purchasing :-)

This looks very very sweet. Just what I have wanted. 2 things… Is it at all possible to self host videos? With plugins or whatnot? Can you control each pages extension? i.e. mycoolwebsite.com/portfolio thanks!



1. The theme is setup to work with embed codes for videos, maps, etc. As long as the self-hosted video you’re using can generate an embed code (via plugin?), you should be fine.

2. The extensions are controlled by WordPress, not the theme, so you’re limited to what WordPress allows.

beautiful theme, but fonts looks like different in some browsers (Opera, IE, etc). Why? Can you fix it? I really want to buy this theme, but I need that my blog looks same always and everywhere…


This theme uses Google custom fonts, so it’s possible these browsers render certain fonts a little differently. You can change the fonts to suit you’re preferences.

Please keep in mind that it is generally accepted that websites DO NOT have to look exactly the same in every browser. The industry realizes that each browser renders content a little differently.