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Awesome template manserro, glws mate! ;)


Thanks man!

The live preview link goes to a blog post instead of a live preview.


We are protecting our HTML from stealing with Video Preview

It’s like buying a car and not being allowed to test drive it.


Video cast is took from live preview so no worries about quality of template. Of course if something is wrong we will help you asap.

Answering about car, well… no one allows you while test drive, to look inside motor stuff.

We are protecting HTML from stealing. Hope you understand us.

tjyoung Purchased

Great template, just need the video option included.


I’ve sent you a e-mail with video version. Thank you for Purchasing our Template.

Hi there,

Can you please let us know if it is based/built on a framework like bootstrap or something similar.

Thanks, Stelios


Unfortunately it’s not built at any of frameworks. Thanks.

Nice work guys! Could you publish previews of the responsive versions please ? Thanks


Item Price is same as regular Landing Page, looks like Responsive is a bonus. We are protecting HTML from stealing. Hope you understand us.

How about that fancy newsletter box animation…i suppose it wouldn’t be easy enough to make it work with mailchimp and still have the animation…is it possible ?


We don’t know. All depends of your programmer skills ;) Basically it’s only a template for only $8 + Responsive for free.

vandermr Purchased

Great Template, I too would love the video template as well. Keep up the great work!


Hey! Glad you liked it! Send us please your request from my profile page. I’ll send you video version.

screen shots of other pages? team Etc?


I’m sorry, but it’s not a Site Template, but a Landing page. If you need any help and development you can contact via profile contact form.

Good design! But I don´t receive the complete package!
“In zip file you get: html dark & light version…” I don´t see both versions only one.
“ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD , JPG Image, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files” I don’t see the php files either or the form fields validation script.
I am sorry to bother you, but please send me all the files, included the video version.



I was wrong about light version – cause it’s a mix of colors, but I’ll send you a video version. Btw contact me from my profile account please, so I could send you a file.

this looks nice but we cannot view live preview…


Sorry we protect this template with video preview


... nice try but we’ve been down that road one too many times. Video preview looks all nice and dandy, we fork over the money and then guess what? Landing page doesn’t work the way that it’s described. Also, you may want to contact support and have them remove the live preview. It looks very unprofessional to click on the live preview and be taken to an error page. We’ll be purchasing a different landing page template from an author who is more than willing to give prospects a way of testing the theme before purchasing.

Could you provide more screenshots please, the video is not very detailed and does not show us whether you template does what we need it to do. Also, would you consider to include an inner-page template (considering you show a menu on the top)?


This landing page, what means it’s one page website. More pages might be done for additional price. Video shows all functionality, except responsive version, but it’s included also ;)

Theme looks great, but I will not purchase unless I can actually demo the theme. Video preview does not allow me to test in different browsers to check loading time and functionality.

By not offering a live preview, you are losing sales from genuine buyers (like myself) who require it, and you are no better off because the people who you believe would have stolen your theme aren’t likely to now purchase it because they can’t steal it.

Let me know if you ever release a live preview.


Please, send us an e-mail using profile contact form, so we might talk about live preview

I agree with the lack live preview. I’m an active buyer and would never buy a template without trying it and seeing it live. I don’t watch videos at all… so I will be moving onto another design sadly. :(


Up to you ;) Thanks

Intrigued but won’t purchase…no demo…no buy :P


That’s a strange things you are saying

where can I find the REAL demo or better saying the REAL preview?


Click Live Preview ;)


that is no REAL preview… it is only a blog with a video and a little screenshot…


sorry, you right, fixed now!


Great template! Thank you for that :) .. however, I have a changed a few things around in term of layout and it isnt working on a mobile phone… but looks proper on a desktop … so how do i retain the same desktop look on the mobile screen?

Thanx so much!


We can’t really say how to fix it, without actually seeing it. Please contact me via profile contact form, and send us your link and a problem ;)

redroy Purchased

I am finding that when I load the site on my iPad, it shows up without the responsive on both my regular iPad and iPad mini. Then when you flip the iPad, the responsive kicks in.

Can you let me know how to fix this? We are using this for an app download in the next few days and so responsive is crucial for iPads. Thanks!

Website: www.sunshineactmobile.com


Because ipad got kinda big resolution.

redroy Purchased

I think you’re missing my point. It looks great, but only after I rotate the device twice. On load there is severe left to right scrolling.

demo doesnt work, domain expired.

Myykk Purchased

Great template, just need the video option included. Could you send please? thanks!