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I’m very interested in your theme. Just one question, can I install a multi language plugin or something like that? I need 3 languages on my site.

Thanks and I’ll be waiting for your answer.

Hi, I’m finding some problems with the parallax effect in a row section using the visual composer. Changing the speed from 1 to 3 as I scroll down my page the image doesn’t start where the row starts (at speed 1 it did). On other comments I found that maybe increasing the height of the image should have worked but it didn’t and also adding some code to the shortcodes.php file doesn’t fix it. Could you please help me with this issue? Thank you

Hi again, is there a way to automatically copy the portfolio name title to a specific place on some textblock? this would save me tons of time :)

here’s a example screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6dSjEga7PxpdWJ2QWFKekMtMFE/view?usp=sharing

thank U

Hi! You mentioned in a previous post that you could supply the code used to create the ! header options pop up on your demo site. Are you still willing to share it?

Hey guys,

Bought the theme this morning and it’s very well built.

I’m just having a roadblock tho trying to set up the homepage exactly the way it looks on your demo site.

The end result that I want to have is this : http://demo.qodeinteractive.com/bridge9/

I loaded the theme and downloaded the content for “Cafe” but when I go through the homepage available, I don’t see any looking exactly the same? Am I missing something ?

Thanks a lot,


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Hi There,

For an individual blog post, I would like to remove the 2nd title (not the first one in the header), the “post by”, the date and time and the “0 likes”. How to achieve this? please advise :) thanks

Im having trouble getting my Navigation bar to appear correctly. Trying to launch come monday. anyway you can take a look and see if you know why I may be doing wrong?


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the theme is great.

How can i set my header to always be on top of the slider (like demo 27 & 49), instead of over the slider like in demo (10 & 24)

My header is set “sticky”...

Which demo package exactly looks like the “Live Preview” shown on the Evanto Market Themeforest site? I like how the “live preview” looks. Thanks.

Hello I have just purchased this theme and I am looking to setup a coming soon page. I have done everything I want to do but change the back ground image. Where do I have to go within the backend to change the image for the background of the link above?


Pre-Sales Question

Can I change menu position? I want my logo to be on right and menu navigation on left side.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Generally I like the theme, but I have a big problem with links to anchors in sliders. Qode slider works fine, I can link to anchors and it works. But I need more options and the ability to clone sliders and edit them.

So I tried Layer Slider, RevolutionSlider and Master Slider. A button link to an anchor doesn’t work in any of them. I tested Rev. Slider and Master Slider on my ready site with another theme and it works fine. I have the same plugins there, so there should not be any conflict. Master Slider has an option to scroll down to the bottom of the full screen slider on clicking a button and it doesn’t work in Bridge but works in another theme.

There seems to be some bug, or is it a question of some settings in Bridge? The anchors are correct, I can open them by entering them in the address bar. What’s funny if I right click a button in Revolution Slider and choose Open in New Tab then it works! It goes to the specified anchor in a new tab! It just won’t do it in the same window.

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Hello team, 1 – good job !! 2 – “your” Visual Composer doesn’t seem complete. In the settings, I’ve got only “general settings” and “my shortcodes”, but don’t have “design options” or “custom css”... what is the deal ?? (WP 4.1 – VC 4.3.5) 3 – I don’t understand, how VC is visible on front-end ?? Thx

Hi there,

Is it possible to upload different marker images for each address in your Google maps?

I have two address’s but want to upload two separate logo markers for each.

Thanks in advance.