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Hi QODE, Wondering if you are experiencing issues with the google maps on your contact pages for any of the templates. I seem to be getting the error Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Its happening everywhere.

Hi, I posted a private ticket #810520 (36 hours ago): please kindly reply me faster on that. Thank you


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I just updated to WP 4.5.3 and my portfolios won’t work. Is this a common issue or am I having some other problem?


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I currently have only an option of Qcode holder process only 5 collumns.. How can i get 6 or 7 ?? when i ad the 5th and 6th code processor, it gets a line down beneath the 5th one.. i want them on the same line.

I tried making the circles smaller, but then they get out of proportion..

Oh and your google maps, Qcode, doesnt get any street adresses … while normale google maps does recognize them..

How to fix? If i put in for example, amsterdam, netherlands then it does find it. but not specifik street names..


I’ve been testing the new Bridge 40… the menu does not display correctly in Internet Explorer 11 latest current stable version. There is also a gap at the top of the screen. Works fine in Firefox and Chrome.

This problem is also visible on your demo site:-


I am having the same issue all the sudden as somethingcreativeuk posted above, I cannot see the back end of visual composer at all! My theme and wordpress are all up to date, perhaps this is caused by the latest version of wordpress as it only just started happening? I can see all my shortcode when in “classic” mode, but the backend edit just won’t load. All I see are the VC buttons to switch from classic to backend and just under I see my revisions but no backend editor loads :(

Also, is there a versioning error in the latest update? For some reason my dashboard shows that I’m running 4.9.2 of VC when their latest version is only 4.1.2???

Hey guys

After updating, my portfolio only shows items in one column on the left. Changing to 3 or 4 columns doesn’t change it.

Hi there – does the shop area work also for selling digital downloads? I’d love to purchase this theme but am new to all this so just want to be sure before I go ahead. Thanks a bunch!

Hello, I’m using the following CSS code: .blog_holder article .post_image img { width: 40%;} to bring down the size of the featured image that’s shown on a blog post (single post, not the listing page) The problem is, this also shrinks the image on the listing page.

I’m using “small image with sidebar” and generally like the layout. however when you click on a blog post, the image is massive, this is what I’m trying to take down. I think by default the width is set at 100%. (Even if I use small images, the post images are still massive) can you recommend another custom CSS to help achieve this. Thanks!

Hi, i’m finding it hard to change my webpage header and header text. Where do i change this?

I have an issue with Google Maps

“This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”

After updating the theme and Wordpress to version 4.5.3 I can no longer add elements using the backend mode of Visual Composer?


I’m using Bridge Theme since a couple of years and I think it’s by now the best theme on ThemeForest (I tried many and many themes).

I think there are two things in which Bridge theme lacks, in my opinion:

1) There is no template for search (like mansonry), today it’s one of the most used functionalities in all websites and it’s very important for users 2) There is no integrated style / management for events

Are there any plans about development of one or both of these things?

Thanks Francesco

The language selector is not in the header. I have WPML set 100% but I do not see the language selector. I missed some settings?

I want to report a bug in Firefox When the menu is set to right position in firefox it sits on the left almost stuck the logo I tried on my computer and also on gtmetrix where they use firefox.

I have a suggestion to make your theme even better: WPML customization: font colors and hover colors, custom fonts and dropdowns also Woocommerce deep customization like special headers for each page etc these two additions will for sure make this theme more universal

Thanks a lot for this unique and amazing theme