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crylon2k Purchased

Great theme! Just one little silly thing. In my Posts, how do I remove the date and “Posted at time in Uncategorized” ?

Is there a way to suggest and vote for the new layouts to be created or it’s all current includings? It would be great to get a few layouts related to design and printing press business. The more I got here, the more I can’t wait to get my hand dirty with this amazing theme.

P.S: 1. I also hope to see ‘Blocks’ included where we can use, create and share the presets to use with the page builder with shortcode. 2. More section dividers like curve, rotation, etc to make unique appearance for the page. OR are these two already included?


One more thing, please: Is there any plan to tightly style the page and elements for WooCommerce as all the demos have none; or am I missing anything? I also hope the next update will include one for Hotel room booking layouts. Can’t wait to get the theme for my next project. Bookmarked now.

I’m sure you get this question all the time. Is Bridge’s framework much more advanced than Eden or Strata? I’ve seen you mention that Elision’s is outdated. That’s too bad as I like the CSS/html styling of that theme the most.

How does the framework of Eden/Strata compare to Bridge. I also see both of those contain items not in the Bridge demo – I know there’s a limitation of what you can show in a demo.

1) Does Bridge contain the “icon timeline” used in Eden? 2) Does Bridge contain the infographhic progress bar of Eden/Strata/Elision? 3) Does Bridge contain the 4 latest post types used in Strata?


JayAarts Purchased

I really love this theme! Since yesterday I’m trying to use the plugin Gravity Forms. How can I adjust the CSS? When I modify the CSS in stylesheet.css nothing happens…

With kind regards!

benjoyzone Purchased

Hey! Very nice theme! Great job! Thank you so much!!

One question: I disabled the responsive option, I edit header.php file and on line in ‘viewport’ meta tag, set ‘user-scalable’ on ‘yes’, but on mobile it isn’t possible for me zoom in and zoom out the navigation area.

Thanks so much for your support!

hypealbis Purchased


I´m trying to change the transitions of the “nivoslider” by default it´s set to random, but i will like to set ot to slideInLeft, but i can find the nivo code in your theme anywhere, could you help me?



I have the Left Menu turned on and when it’s being viewed on a desktop or laptop it looks great. Sometimes when it loads on mobile however, my logo covers the expandable menu button on the left side. Is there a way to fix this?

Another issue I’m having is being able to select projects on the portfolio slider. I’ve tried entering my project names into it but it just doesn’t seem to work. Works fine when it’s loading recent projects but once I try to specify the projects it doesn’t show up at all. Seem like it should be really easy so I am probably doing something wrong but I can’t figure it out.

Also, when I set one of my media pics to be the featured image on a portfolio project, it stopped being square – it was slightly taller than all the rest of the squares. Not sure if this is a bug caused by the image being too tall but I was wondering if there is a fix for that because it’s a great cover image and I’d love to be able to use it.

Lastly, on the portfolio project page, how do I get rid of the “About this Project” on projects where I don’t want to write anything?

Thanks guys, you have an awesome theme!

rvlaar Purchased

Hi Qode,

In a page based on http://demo.qodeinteractive.com/bridge/pricing-tables/

I’m trying to ‘alter’ the green “best price” text. I am unable to locate it in the page code. Can you reveal where to look for that particular text?


sufiyan Purchased


I have used a visual composer extension function – ‘Gallery images’ for a particular page. If i load the page directly, the lightbox function works perfect. But if i go through the first page through ajax the lightbox doesn’t load.

I am aware of the option of disabling the load through ajax but was just still wondering if this can be tackled in any other way.



is it possible to have instead of three lines menu button on mobile devises a button with the label “menu”.


Hi, can you make the blog sidebar sticky? It would be very helpful for long blog posts. Thanks

haekke Purchased

Please focus more on speed with this theme. We have loads of very large js files and what not.

Akshayz Purchased

Hi, I’ve updated the theme with the latest files, but the Visual Composer plugin still shows version no. 4.3.2

Shouldn’t it be 4.3.4?

Please advice

Pangko Purchased

I have submitted a ticket on your ticksy but have not get any response, I hope you can give me answer here:

I realise that my page sometimes does not load properly when I click from the menu link.

Usually the background I put behind a text doesnot load properly like:

This is how it should be: http://tinypic.com/r/23r6593/8 This is how sometimes it looks: http://tinypic.com/r/1z1fe5t/8

Can you please help me solve this problem? Thank you.

Love your support, and theme. It looks incredible. :-)

Glad I checked this comments section to find out why videos weren’t working in firefox. I suggest including your recommendation to edit httaccess file in your manual. It’s already well documented, but simply missing this important piece.

This is what I am referring to:

1. Edit httaccess file. 2. Enter the following: AddType video/webm .webm 3. Save

HI! How do I change the main menu background color. Right now it is transparent during the slider. I want it black for the whole site. Also how to the dark and light setting work.

Hi, I’m just wondering what slider is used on the bridge 38 home screen and what shortcode is it? Thank you :’)

Hi I would like to know on a portfolio page, is it possible to click on one thumbnail and it goes to an external URL instead of going to the single project page? Please advise. Thank you!