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Hi Qode,

I’m planning to buy the theme, and I’d like to know if I can have a blog with both masonry and sidebar. Regarding the masonry itself, is it possible to set some tiles full-width or spanning 2 columns, in order to create variation?

Thanks, JL


Hi Qode, I’ve noticed that single posts have sidebars, so that could do if adding them to the main blog page wouldn’t be possible. This still leaves the question about the width of blog tiles. Basically, I would like to create a bit of a “magazine feel”. With a carrousel of featured posts and a few columns of posts listed by topic. Thanks, I’m looking forward to work with the theme! JL.

g4chensi Purchased


We’re doing some edits to our site but for some reason the drag and drop feature in the VC does not work.

When we click on the drag and drop anchor, all it does is fill the content container with some random pattern.

The theme is updated yesterday and the version of VC is 4.3.4

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hi, I have several small issues : 1. The site does not load properly on Firefox on a Mac. I am using the video background ( MP4 format ) and The video does not play. For Firefox on Linux, it asks if you want to enable Flash, and if you say no, the video does not play. This should not happen because we are not using Flash.

2. Also on Firefox, we are getting strange artifacts. See line 5, the shape between ‘for’ and ‘two’ and next to the icon on the screenshot : https://www.dropbox.com/s/u8juzs5urjc1fad/Screen%20Shot%202015-04-17%20at%2008.57.11.png?dl=0

3. when we wanna print the page, the print preview gets all messed up. what Print.css formatting shall we use and how to apply it ?

4. where shall i put the text I want to be displayed as Search result snippet from Google ?

Thank you for your help. KR , Alexandra

whats the best way to add social icons on the header. Ive tried shortcodes with the header widget and only the first one shows. all other icons come out in a small box with an X in it.


2 things:

1. I go to Highlight Color under elements on the Qode options, and I’ve tried changing it to many colors, yet is does not change from the demo green (I imported the demo and have been editing from that). Is that a glitch or do I need to change other settings as well to reflect the text highlight change?

2. Similarly, I’m trying to change the web address color on the testimonial – and have looked around for an “author_company” class to edit, but to no luck. (I know where to go to change the URL, but not the CSS for it)


AndrewNYC Purchased

Hello I tried updating the theme to V 6.7 via the envato toolkit plugin but it created a folder called bridge.tmp and now both 6.6 and 6.7 are installed. The child theme is active and it’s still using 6.6. How to update?

I’m getting a white space between my Qode slider slides. It also glitches out a bit before moving to the next slide. Why does it do this?

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Hi Qode !

How do I display the cart icon in my main menu ?

Thank you

Hi Qode,

Although I have chosen to hide the Author and category on the blog page in Qode Options, all of this is still visible on my blog page. I also have chosen no sidebar, but when clicking on a single post, the sidebar is visible.

Can you please help me?

Kind regards,


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Hello, How can I have a different menu on the home page and the archive/post page?

My home page has #links point to content on the same page. Yet, the blog is on a different page so the main menu no longer works.

Thank you

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Hi, i imported the Mist Demo Site content into the theme, can you please tell me where can i change the background images of each pages?


MARCOPGF To add a background image to a row go to edit the row you would like the background image in: http://screencast.com/t/IEV77fX5u

And in the row options, you will see the option to upload a background image: http://screencast.com/t/9va90xxMzH1c


Sorry disregard

Hi Sir, my qode carousel dont work. Can you help me?


Same problem with the update as AndrewNYC. What happened?

Hello. I am looking for a gallery in masonry style, but the pictures are always too small, or there is a big gap between the pictures. Are the typical masonry galleries done in Portfolio or are they done in Pages? I want to link the individual pictures to Posts.

Thank you in advance.

How do we do a search in the “public tickets” area of your new Support area?

I can’t seem to import any of the demos, I’m new to Wordpress and not sure what I am doing wrong?

Hi can you please look at this site: http://bagnodesignglasgow.com On Chrome, CONTACT menu moves to the middle of the screen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe534lcyj7u5kp7/bagn.png?dl=0


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Qode Carousel NOT Working.

I try to set Qode Carousel in a page with Visual Composer. I follow the instructions in your documentation. But NO image is showing.

Could you help to fix the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Jose M.

Can I make the Qode Search Results to Infinite Scroll?? Well now the setting is fixed to the pagination, but the error is up!!

When I click to the next page 2, it goes to Main Part 2. And when I clink to the 3 page, it goes to Main Part 3.

I don’t want the pagination, So I just want to make the infinite scroll to the search result page.

I want to know where the infinite function action is placed or how can i put that in to the search.php.

Thanks for all. I will wait for the Reply.