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very well done mate…

Thank you buddy :)

This Theme looks amazing, very fresh and professional.

wow, what a lovely thing to say!

Thank you very much

Nice one pager – GLWS!

Holy smokes! thanks for taking a moment to comment AJ!

Without trying to sound sycophantic your stuff has been inspirational to me for years!


Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

It is what I want for my personal page.

Does this theme has one-page or multi-page option?

Hi there

It does support pages too :)

Thank you, Danny

Nice work, I want to use the background for adverts, The bg shows well on pc( to the right), can it also show well for Ios?Ipad?

Hi there

Thanks for getting in touch

I think due to the responsiveness of the theme a lot of the bg will be covered by the sites content on smaller screens – the best I can suggest is have a look at the demo on your various devices so see how it responds

I hope that helps, anything else, please do let me know

Thanks, Danny

I just purchased this theme and went to install it and am getting this error message: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.



Up to you really, I have mine set to 64mb which will allow very large files in the future

Thanks, Danny

I contacted my server and they addressed the issue. Thanks for your help!


Just purchased, but I’m having issues where bg slider isn’t showing up, no home-posts show up on home page, and I can’t find the purchase code so that I can log into support on your site, can you help me out?

Hi there

Thanks for getting in touch :)

The purchase code can be found via your downloads page (but dont worry about this for now – iv setup the support section of my site in case things get busy in the future, but for now im happy to help via the comments here and email)

Firstly, the demo content should get most of this set up for you (barring the bg slider (you need to upload some slides via the options panel to get this to show up)

Have you imported the demo content?

If you cant see any demo content, on your downloads page, click the button labelled ‘download’ and from the little menu select ‘all files and documentation’ – its this zip file which contains all of the juicy good stuff to get your ready to rock and roll :)

incidentally, that little menu also allows you to download the purchase code (for your future reference)

If you need some help and the site is online (ie – somewhere I can access it) feel free to email me via my site or via my profile here and ill be happy to assist you

Look forward to hearing from you

Thanks for purchasing my work

Regards, Danny

Hi Danny,

I sent you an email through themeforest with a link to my site, if you get a chance to check it out please let me know. I uploaded the demo and it’s still not displaying content on the home screen correctly

Hi there, I replied almost immediately after receiving the email

Please check your spam folder in case its gone in there

Basically I can see the site, and can see the content etc, what I cant see is any problem, so please do check your spam folder and reply with details of what you think is not functioning

Look forward to hearing from you


Great theme. I was wondering if you can include subtabs. I have a few services I offer. Would like to group them as subtabs… thanks

one other thing. When viewing on a cell phone, a calendar pops up first. It also doesn’t render properly. Have you run into this?

Hi there

sub menu is done :) just uploading the update shortly so will comment to let you know when its approved.

As for viewing on phones, iv used several android and a iphone 4s and 5 all of which work great – so some specifics here and a screen shot will help me understand and resolve any issue

Thanks, Danny

Update approved – you can see it in action here


Just hover the contact menu item to see

Thanks, Danny

Hi – I have just purchased the template – but was wondering exactly how to get/install the demo content?

Many thanks

Hi there.

Just import the XML file provided in the download package. If you are unable to find it feel free to contact me via my profile and I’ll be happy to send it to you direct :)

Thanks, Danny

Hey Danny, I wrote you on your support page and its now 6 days with no answer…

You theme doesn’t work on IPAD/IPHONE…

You already have my link… open it in your IPAD/IPHONE please…


Hi there

I just checked the forum and see no thread


But i see you have posted in two other, unrelated threads

Please let me know any details of the issue via the relevant forum and ill be happy to help

I have tried to post my question on your forum – no luck. I want to be able to change the black banner for the “home section” – to a different color. Can you please help? Thanks

Hi there

Replied via forum

Thanks, Danny

I have tried to post my question on your forum – no luck. I want to be able to change the black banner for the “home section” – to a different color. Can you please help? Thanks

Hello, I am having a viewing issue. I’m also having issues viewing the site on Safari and certain mobile platforms. In Safari, it shows the sidebar but the entire site is white… When I view it on my Galaxy S3, I see lots of white space under the “fold” and can not view the site properly.

On the desktop, I can see it fine on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but Safari shows me a blank site. And although I have a similar all-white problem on the internet of my Samsung Galaxy S3, when I looked through an iPhone, it works perfectly.

I have to make sure the site shows properly on all web browsers for my client. Please support, thanks!

Hi there, I’ll have an update ready for you within the next few days which will aim to address this – I’ll let you know when it’s done

Can I ask if your using mac or windows safari?

Sounds great! Looking forward to it :)

On desktop, Mac Safari. But on the cell phone, it’s the “Internet” application that comes stock with the phone, which I believe runs as a Windows application – since it’s a Google operating system.

thanks for the info – and more crucially thanks for the patience – i would be on this quicker but one of my plugins is having a meltdown and demands my attention!

Thanks again – danny

Hey Danny – I have posted various questions in your forum – some 2 weeks ago, even 4 weeks ago with no response. I’m confused as you have been really responsive. Can you please let me know how I can contact you/or get my issues looked at.

Many thanks T.

Responded via forum :)