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Looks nice. Good luck with sales!


Thank you. We’re glad to know you like it :)

Looks great! Question – How would this look if the background was white?


Thanks ;)

We’ll add to our preview site a Style-changer like on our HTML demo and you will have an opportunity to check how it looks with different backgrounds.

nice work, GLWS :)


Thank you, AliA :-)

Great color combination.. Like it..


We are happy to know you like it :)

Would love to see a demo tool to change the background and what to get a better feel of the theme. Any chances for that?

Also what is the name of the font you used for the logo? Very cool font!

Bookmarking for sure. Got a church site coming up this may work well for! :)


Oh, that’s a good suggestion! Thank you! We’ll add a Style-Changer right now :)
The font we used is XtreemFatDemo.

You may learn more about theme capabilities from our online documentation: http://brilliant-docs.cmsmasters.net/

Thanks for adding the style changer to the demo. This theme is super sweet!!! The more I look at it the more I love it!!!! Definitely gonna have to buy soon! :)

PS – Thanks for sharing the logo font name! Very sweet font!

Has everything I’m looking for! like others what are my color options?


We’re working on a Style-changer to make it easier to see how Brilliant theme looks with differeng backgrounds. Will be added asap. But you can see it also on our HTML demo here.

If you have some time, you can learn more about theme capabilities from our online documentation: http://brilliant-docs.cmsmasters.net/

This is it! well done, Have a many sales :)


Hi, Louiejie, thanks a lot :)

Nice theme:) good luck with sales:)


Oh, thank you very much! :D

Great work. I like transparency effect. Good luck. :)


Thank you for your wishes, Smartik :)

Hi, This looks so good,just right for my jewelery website. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to create the site without problem.That is because I don’t know any code and programming. I was looking at Striking and Bapia themes for option.I like them too.But this theme is better in looks. Also,will I be able to attach a contact form like a landing page?Will it require an extra plugin? Thanks, Ambika


Dear Ambika.

Sure, you can add a contact page. You should know, that we don’t guarantee compatibility with extra plugins, except of Contact Form 7.

You will easily elaborate your site after studying our online documentation: http://brilliant-docs.cmsmasters.net/

enote Purchased

Great job guys!

Quick question, I looked through all the files, but couldn’t find where I can add the ‘latin-extended’ subset to the google fonts.

Thanks in advance, Enote


Dear Enote, thank you for purchasing Brilliant theme!

There’s no opportunity to add subsets to this theme, but we can make changes in your theme code to make it work. You will find info on Fonts Set up in our online documentation: http://brilliant-docs.cmsmasters.net/?p=304

Please, note: all support is given through our Support Forums or you can submit a personal support ticket.

Please, submit a ticket, describe how will you use a subset, provide your wp-admin and FTP data. We’ll get back to you asap

Thank you.

Nice job! If it had a pricing table I’d buy it right now.



Well… Thanks for being interested in Brilliant. It has only simple table shortcode :)

I have purchased this theme after viewing your online documentation.


Oh, thank you! We hope you’ll love working with it ;)

Hi. Beautiful theme! Just two questions:

Is it possible to include a YouTube video in the homepage slider?

Also, how easy is it to change the overall font scheme from sans serif to a serif font, if desired?

Thank you!


Hi, thanks for being interested in Brilliant WP theme :)

1. Sure, you can add a Youtube video to the slider on any page.
2. You can set any Google Font easily. We have a detailed online documentation, where you’ll see how to implement this.

Hi, looks very nice! :) I have a few questions.

Is it possible to change the color of the navigation bar and links? (Blue in preview)

Is there a search function somewhere?



Hi, thanks for your interest.

Sure, it’s very easy to change navigation menu and button colors, links and fonts. And yes, we have a search widget.

You can learn more about this theme from our online documentation.

Good Mourning! As I mentioned before Brilliant has everything I’m looking for! One last question before I purchase, is it possible to change the (body or content color) from white to a color that may complement my chosen skin or background color?


Well, there’s no option in this theme to change content area color. But you can change general background even on each page/post.

Hi, I would also like to know if I can upload my own background? Although the backgrounds you have given are all beautiful.Still I may need to match the background to my jewelery page. Thanks You


Hi. Have you read this instruction in our documentation?

OK! Thanks I was hoping for a light dark feature for the content area, I feel my content would present a little richer with a darker content area and would compliment many of the potential backgrounds, I still love the theme, for me I believe a US based developer is to my advantage. I’ve been working and learning WP for over a year now, I’m a securities trader and have developed some high percentage techniques of analysis that can be displayed graphically and thru audio. I have a number of high quality trading related domains, some I’ve owned for years, my ultimate goal here is to develop a member based site’s. I’m looking at several options Cleeng now has a pay per view video option, there pay per view post tool does not integrate with themes very well in terms of styling. I’m also considering to membership plugin”s (Your Member) and Member Mouse which seems to be more of an app than plugin. I feel my project has tremendous potential, just being a year into WP I ’m hoping I can develop a good working relationship with a developer thru support forums, and any other considerations. Any thoughts on membership sites, commerce or related would be awesome. I’m confident I’ll be buying your theme after the trading day today!

kindly,  Nick Kroker

Thank you, Nick, we highly appreciate your interest an intention to develop your skills and achieve more goals.

We would like to note one thing:
We don’t guarantee compatibility with any additional plugin and don’t provide assistance in regard with plugins compatibility or help to set them up. You can download them at your own risk. And also deep customization and coding help are beyond our support policy. All responsibility for deep theme modification and its consequences lie on our customer.

Kind regards.

Oh,got that,thanks.


You’re welcome ;)