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Hi! Does this theme have an option for adding a “Pin it” button?


Thanks for being interested in Brilliant theme!

There is no “Pin it” button now, but we’ll add it for you after purchase :)
Just have to submit a personal support ticket with this request – and we’ll send you necessary files to enable this option.

Hi, love the theme. Question – on my home page how do I disable the “Leave a Reply section/form?” I cannot seem to find out where to disable this.

My static home page is a PAGE titled home.

Thanks for your help


Thanks for choosing Brilliant!

Please, read our FAQ here (second question): http://brilliant-docs.cmsmasters.net/
This is our online documentation, you will find there everything you need for your site elaboration. :)

Thanks – I disabled it but it still leaves a small rectangular white block where the comment form would go. Any ideas why it is showing like hat? It is in the middle sidebar.


Are you sure its a default Page, not Blog or Portfolio? Portfolio/Blog comments can be turned off in appropriate sections of Brilliant Options: http://screencast.com/t/31fdPfwLSx


For further assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket here, as providing help via comments is beyond our support policy.

Thanks. Sent support ticket.

Hi, i have one question: in the portfolio i have 5 projects and i want to see them in the main page (like in the demo page), you have a middle slider with the portfolio, how can i do that? thanks


Hi, thanks for choosing our theme :)

We used a “Post Type” shortcode (http://screencast.com/t/xOl2XXP6M) in a home page content area on our demo.
See the settings here: http://screencast.com/t/yjjouRtmf
And you should just set projects quantity and choose “Add scroll to content area”. Don’t forget to set the Title.

Please, note:
There’s a detailed documentation here: brilliant-docs.cmsmasters.net

bolkey Purchased

What an awesome theme! Thank you!

Highly recommend, nice look and easy set-up.


Thank you for your kind words and recommendation, bolkey :)

Hi there,

First of all, thanks for this theme! I’m currently working on a new website and I’ve got a few questions.

1. I’ve changed the margins and widths of quite a lot of elements, and I noticed that when I visit the website on my mobile phone, a few things of the website have changed positions. For example, the menu is now beneath the logo, although it should be next to the logo. Can this be solved or is it just because the theme is responsive?

2. Is there a way to let the slider image go all the way from the left to the right of the screen? I’ve tried to change it to 100%, but it didn’t work.

Could you take a look? http://m2.salescaredev.nl/

Thanks in advance!


Hello, Tamers. Thank you for using our theme!

1. The menu at your web site looks fine, it should go beneath the logo on small resolutions and look like a single button. It’s not about your customization.

2. Unfortunately there’s no such opportunity.

Additionally we would like to draw your attention to the following points:
There’s a detailed online documentation. You can easily elaborate your site after studying our “How to”.

All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket in case of need. The cmsmasters support center works Monday to Friday.

You should know also, that it’s beyond our support policy to provide help for the customers who modified our WP theme code. We aware our customers, that all responsibility for code customization lies on them.
Thank you.

Hi, I have bought this theme at a regular license,and I am sooo surprised by the speed with which the support staff has replied to and solved my questions regarding this theme.It is as if he is at the next desk and I have to put my question to him and in minutes it is solved. The theme is just as wonderful as its support staff is. :)


Thank you very much for these kind words! We do our best :)

Hi there. I bought the theme and overall love the look and feel, however; I am disappointed in the behavior of customizing this theme. There seem to be several glitches in the admin panel when trying to edit. For one, I can’t get to the footer. The HTML box will not open up. It appears for a few seconds, then disappears. Therefore I’m stuck with just the edited credit in the footer. I thought there would at least be a footer sidebar to load from there.

When modifying colors and fonts, it sometimes it takes a couple tries before making the change. That’s annoying. When viewing the site on my iPad, it’s not scalable, and in portrait mode the navigation sits in the content area. It straightens out in landscape, but still not scalable.

Another problem is the contact form won’t install on pages (only on the sidebar). So I’m stuck there as well. The rest of everything else I got through it. I even tried modifying this theme in multiple browsers and it still has the same hiccups. There’s not much help particularly with this theme online other than what most would know.

My main issues are getting inside the footer content area, scalable view on the iPad, and installing something as simple as a contact form on pages. Thanks in advance for your assitance.


Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!

Please, note: All support is given through our Support Forums or you may submit a personal support ticket.

You can also read our online HOW TO .

It seems to be either plugin incompatibility, or incorrect theme installation. Anyway, it’s hard to find a solution having no access to the back-end of your web site.

Please, create a support ticket and don’t forget to provide FTP and wp-admin credentials so we could study your issue deeply.

Thank you.

canito Purchased


Can you tell me how do you this http://cl.ly/IimI I cant figure out.



Hi. Thank you for choosing Brilliant.

These are Text Widgets. You’ll find the instruction on how to set them up here: http://brilliant-docs.cmsmasters.net/?p=380

Read more about sidebars and widgets in our online documentation:

Hello. Excelente theme. I wonder if can I make the menu “sticks” to the top when I scroll, like your Shepard theme (http://shepard.cmsmasters.net/). I want to buy the theme “Brilliant”, but I like the floating sticked to the top feature of the “Shepard” theme. If this is not possible, could you suggest any alternative, hack or work around to use the Brilliant theme with a sticked “Shepard” menu? Thanks.


Oh, unfortunately we can’t give you any advice on this modification. We don’t provide assistance in regard to deep theme customization.

I have other two questions:
1. Can I implement the “Shepard” social icon pop-down into “Brilliant” theme? If yes, How?
2. When I buy the Slider Revolution, Can I integrate it with your theme instead of the current slider? If yes, How?

You may compare these two themes using their online documentation and make your choice basing on their existing capabilities:

We won’t provide coding support for the customization mentioned above – it’s beyond our support policy. Sorry.
One can use our theme as-is or customize the code – and be responsible for the modification and its consequences oneself.

canito Purchased

Great theme amazing support, fast and professional !! 5 stars !!


Thank you for your feedback, canito ;D
We are pleased to know you’ve been enjoying our service.

Hi there, I have a pre-sale question: I understand I will be paying 45 U$S for a single installation, but what if I want to develop the site on a local server first (MAMP on my mac) to later upload it to the live server? Am I allowed to do that?


Sure you are.
But we kindly advice to elaborate your site online – to avoid some unexpected issues.

Why when I install your theme nd import deafult content my website look like http://logos56.ru/ ?


As about your menu – you should specify the main menu in Appearance/Menus.

The error at the top may be caused by incorrect theme installation or additional plugin incompatibility.

Anyway, we have a detailed online documentation here: http://brilliant-docs.cmsmasters.net/
You’ll easily elaborate your website following these instructions – and you’ll find there FAQ as well.

For further assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket here, as providing help via comments is beyond our support policy.

Thank you.

Hi, very nice theme!

How to change height of Google Map in shortcode? Adding in code height=”500” (for example) not working



Thank you for using our theme and for your kind words:)

The Map has 16×9 aspect ratio. And unfortunately there’s no way to change its height without affecting all other features, such as video player, etc.

When I upload my logo it shows text not the logo? Why is this?

Many thanks



Yes i did submit a ticket on Thursday but did not receive a confirmation email. I will resend another one.




I have just submitted another ticket but again didn’t receive a ticket number? Below is the what I have sent to support.

This issues which is my main concern is the fact that if you view the site via an iPad or iPhone (haven’t had the chance to test on any other tablets) the background, especially the wooden panel backgrounds do not fill the page an is left static so when you scroll down the page you are left with a pale grey background…not very pretty.

Also on the homepage I can seem to get rid of the space and the divider underneath the scrolling portfolio (is it possible for the portfolio items to rotate on their own rather than the user have to use the arrows?). You don’t have the divider underneath on your demo so was wondering how you do this?

Last thing is that when I create a portfolio page there is a divider directly above the image. I don’t want this as I would like it to display the same as a normal page created (without a divider above the image).

I would really appreciate it if you could help out with these problems I seem to be having. Although the iPad issue is the same when viewing your version of the site (demo) on Themeforest so maybe a glitch.

Many thanks in advance, will look forward to your reply. Dan


We don’t provide support via comments. Sorry.

I can say only that iPhone and iPad don’t support static background – with “No repeat” enabled, you should use “Repeat Vertically” option in bakground options (Brilliant/Backgrounds Manager).

Can you, please, specify your ticket number so we could speed up the process? Thank you.

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Hi How can I add slide show and quiz band to my website? I have been trying to do it, but it doeant seem to work out.

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!Unfortunately I can’t seem to understand what you are referring to.
Have you followed our “How To” instructions?
bsundman Purchased

Hi, I would like the featured image set on my posts for use in thumbnails etc. but I do not want the featured image to show on the top of the post page. How do I remove it from the individual post? Thanks.


Hi. Thank you for using our theme.

Unfortunately there’s no way to hide the featured image in the post.

Does this theme integrate with Simple Press plug in? I ‘d like to create a forum for a site I am using this template with.