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very nice ;) added to my buy list ;)

I can not see the preview

Looking good Adrian! Been waiting for you to release this, as I’ve had the honor of a sneak preview a long while ago and was really digging the outcome. Good luck with the sales!

PS: I can’t seem to be able to access the live preview either. You must have missed something when setting the link, because I’ve managed to get to the actual preview on wptuning.com.

Alex / QBKL


Thanks, Alex! Didn’t get a chance to welcome you to ThemeForest, so welcome! Looking forward to some awesome WP releases from your team.

Amazing theme, must buy, but I can not see the preview²

Page not found for previews.

If you are still looking for a preview, you can manually reach it at http://wptuning.com/demo/brink/ . Hopefully he will get the links updated soon though..

I fixed the preview. It was missing the http://, that’s why it didn’t work. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

clean work mate! good luck

What other color schemes you got? Any demo?


Check the screenshots.

This design is something I can really appreciate! I like how you did the “Category Archive” pages. Your content looks to stand out as something worthy of reading. It makes me want to blog full time again. :)

The “Gallery” page really does it for me as I wasn’t partial to those 3 column full width ones. Much respect. And the “Archive” page is sweet as hell all the same.

Anyway, for me this is a future must buy. Unless the ratings come back sour. ;)

Nice Job, is there a way of contacting you besides TF? I am trying to make the index default a blog look.


Please use the TF form, I reply to every single message. Depending on the nature of your request, I will let you know if it’s something I can quickly help you with or include in the theme or if it’s something I can quote you for, in which case I will provide a different email to continue the conversation.

What would be the possibility of adding a specific page template for “Games”. For instance, you could create a page for a specific game that would contain box art, publisher, a description, a review score graphic, and then at the bottom contain a section like the bottom of the archive pages that would have articles pertaining to that specific game (using tags). The slider you already have could be used to upload and display screenshots in between the info and blog sections..

Just a thought, as it’s something I’ve always looked for in pre-designed themes but never found. If you don’t think you would ever add it to the theme, how much would you charge for custom work, i.e. designing that template for me personally and incorporating it into the theme.


- DC


I’m probably not going to include this as part of the theme. While I used gaming screenshots for the demo, I don’t want to make the theme too specific. In fact, with future skins I will present other ways of using the theme.

However, I will think about your request and I’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

I updated the theme options to use the default fonts. Once I wrap up some of the skins I have planned for the theme, I will implement a switcher of some sorts for the preview site. Thanks everyone!

Hi Rubiqube, is PHP5 needed to use this theme?


No, it works just fine on PHP4 . I just tested this.

Can you use shortcodes in the post templates? Are there shortcodes at all?


There are only shortcodes for content columns.

Awesome looking theme – am considering it for a radio/news website!

Will you be releasing a red skin for it in the future?


Thanks! Yup, light grey is in the works, then I’ll try something on red. ;)

Very, very awesome theme!!! Two questions:

1) On the archive page, when you mouse over an image you get the titel of the article, which looks very cool … could you make it so that that happens also when you mouse over the carousel on the main page?!? (right now it just shows the name of the picture, which is pretty useless, I think.)

2) Do the images have to be of a specific dimension, or can the be whatever? What I’m asking is, does BRINK crop large, vertical images?



1) Very good point, check the test site. I will include this in my next update, but it’s easy to implement the change: just edit onload.js from the js folder and on line 54 replace the quotes with ’#thumbgrid a, #featuredposts a’.

2) Check the latest article from Videos to see how a tall image behaves.

udgang99 Purchased

Thanks for the reply – I already bought the theme a couple of hours ago!!!

... and I LOVE it!!!

udgang99 Purchased

Q: in Theme Options – Homepage: I can’t figure out what “Recommended Posts” do … no matter what I put in there, nothing really changes?!?

It’s for those links next to the last post (below the large 450×300 image). You can put some IDs there or leave it empty if you want 5 random articles each time. Thanks for the purchase!

hi there, just a pre-sale question: can the carousel slider slide automatically?


Sure! Have a look at the test site now. You can set all the options for the carousel in the onload.js file from the js folder. I’m using jCarousel, more examples and options here: http://sorgalla.com/projects/jcarousel/.

However, you might want to avoid using both the auto scroll and the tooltip on the image, as this generates a bug that is tough to fix.