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nazarius Purchased

I was brosing my files on server, I think is about permissions ¬¬ WP 3 .2.1 hate u


So I understand you sorted things out? And if you did, what exactly was the issue? Thanks for sharing!

mertensr Purchased

Hey rubique,

thanks for your great theme. ive just one question: in the demo there is a GALLERY page how can i create a page like this with your theme? i cant find any template or help in the documentation.

thanks !


That’s just a default WordPress image gallery. This video should help you add one: http://wordpress.tv/2009/01/05/creating-an-image-gallery/

mertensr Purchased

uh thanks a lot :) didnt noticed that this function is included into wp

Can you Update this theme for WP 3 .2.1?

Fantastic theme. Was wondering if you’d be able to guide me on placing a 728×90 banner below my logo/site name and above the main menu bar/featured posts. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Again! Is there any way to center the featured image above each post? Also, would it be possible to place a boarder around the featured image and the thumbnails on the homepage?

muradh Purchased

possible to change it to trl? also a complex script font?

Your demo is “Error establishing a database connection”


Yeah, I think I might have deleted the database by mistake. :( I will set up another one ASAP .

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Hi rubiqube,

How can I exclude posts from certain category to be appeared on the Homepage?? I had tried to do it by using tag query_post, but the last post appeared double on the homepage. Do you have a solution to solve this issue?


You would have to add cat=-ID to the existing query on line 31 from inc/latestposts.php. But you’ll have to exclude the most recent post too, which means you’ll have to create a custom query for that as well.

Maybe use the same query, but with showposts=1. I’m not sure what the implications are.


Great theme. Can I use a Twitter/Facebook Widget on the side of the theme? Can you recommend a better place to do it?


The sidebar is a good place for that, it’s widget ready and allows you to drag and drop any widget you like.

I need to put 9 text links somewhere on the upper half of the main site.

Currently I use this:

<ul> <li><a href="#">Bla</a></li> <li><a href="#">Blabla</a></li> <li><a href="#">Blablabla</a></li> <li><a href="#">Blablablabla</a></li> <li><a href="#">Blablablablabla</a></li> </ul>

As far as I understand widgets are only at the bottom of the main site? That would mean I would have to change a lot of code to make my list appear on the right top. Interesting would be the possibility to remove the photos of the 4 posts (“The Venusian Executive’s Anarcho-Syndicalist Maiden”, “The Frankish Communications Major’s Unctuous Actress”, ...) and put there some “small sidebar”.

So my question is, ... widgets only at the bottom of the main page possible (without changing the code)?

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http://www.diablohq.com/ Really loving this theme. I’m having some issues though:

When I try to edit a post via admin panel, upon clicking on a post, I am getting this error:

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 11010048) (tried to allocate 5445 bytes) in /homepages/46/d282856245/htdocs/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 183

I have tried the PHP memory thing, no go.

Any advice?

Note: if I change the theme the error is gone


It’s the first time I hear this, not sure what to advise other than to contact your hosting provider. Before that you can also try to rewrite the file formatting.php with a fresh version from wordpress.org, maybe that will help.

clbattle Purchased

I purchased this theme today; looks fantastic. I downloaded the zip file and went to Wordpress theme install page where it says to select the zip file to upload. I choose the zip file, it uploads and I click on install. After going through the full install process, I am taken to a page that says “Wordpress Failure Notice.” The only thing on the page is this: “Are you sure you want to do this?” And then there is a link that says “Please try again.” I click the retry link, but I just go through the same process.

As you may be able to tell, I’m just a blogger, not a programmer. I’m not very technical, but the process seems pretty straightforward. Do you know what the problem could be?


I replied via email, let me know how that works out.

clbattle Purchased

Adrian, I received your email response and your advice worked perfectly. Thanks so much for your prompt response.

clbattle Purchased

Is it possible to not have a “leaderboard banner” on the Brink theme? I’m not sure I understand its purpose; I’m not putting any advertising on my blog. From a design perspective, it creates a visual jumble at the top of my page as it competes with the logo at the left side, but I don’t know how to get rid of it. If I leave it blank, the Themeforest ad automatically appears. Ideally, I’d just like to place my logo at the top left corner of my page and leave the rest of that area clean. I’m sure I’m missing something, but was hoping you’d have a suggestion?


For now you can edit header.php and remove lines 79 to 85.

Hello Rubiqube-

I recently purchased your theme and cannot figure out why thumbnail images are not showing up on the index/homepage. The images do show up on the individual post pages, but not on the homepage. Can you offer any advice on how to correct this?

Thanks so much!


Thank you for purchasing the theme! Please contact me using the contact form on my profile page and I will try to help out. Adrian

The theme don’t support nasted comments? How add this features?

pot sa faca si rss news aggregator?

rss news reader theme?

I just updated to version WP 3 .4.1 and now the menus are all messed up. When i try to include category pages into the primary menu, it strips the ”/category/” off of the url. So instead of http://ilovedetroitmichigan.com/category/detroit-architecture/ (category page) I get http://ilovedetroitmichigan.com/detroit-architecture/ (page)

I employed the obvious workaround by adding the menu item as full URl’s and it is working, but this should not be necessary. Thoughts?

Chrome bug on screen widths over 1028px. The id=”header” does not center properly because of overflow=”hidden” not sure the best way to center but thinking I’m that I need to wrap everything in a parent width 980px. Because child relative to parent needs to be the same when using overflow. Thoughts?