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Excuse me, I have a problem with mobile version of theme. The droplist doesn’t word, it appears blank. Some elements doesn’t appear, for example carousel menù.

I’ve update to 1.60 version, but that problems are still here :( any suggestion?

Thanks, Anna.

Hello Ana, have you turned on adaptive mobile? Thanks

Hi! Of course! I have Turner on it! If you want i show you a screen of the site. Also don’t work the buttons on the main menu :\

Ps. these errors were also present in version 1.5

Thanks for the answer.

Any news about my problem? :\

Theme doesnt work with Wordpress 4.1 - No ColorTheme change its always green. - Pagebuilder doesnt work right. (the Modal Window ist behind the background) - The Fontfile doesnt load and make a 404 request

fix it!

Hi when im using the page builder and want to pick a image gallery to add t the page and it only gives me 5 galleies to pic, but i have added 8 galleries created. why are all my galleries not showing up on the selection list? is something bugged maybe?


For those who have problem with the FontAwesome fonts, just rename the “font” folder to “fonts” (../wp-content/themes/britanews/font), and it will be ok.

Thank you :)

Hi, I cant use Page Builder anymore since update to Wordpress 4.1.

I just found out that this problem is already reported 2 months ago. And still not fixed.

Is this project abandoned?

We apologize for our mistake. We did not do a revision to the wordpress version 4.0 and 4.1

If you want, you can give us the login information to info @ envalabs.biz, We can find the solution for you.


I think that it is time to remove this theme and blacklist the author for not responding to all the issues here. And i would really like to have my money back now.

Hi, Britanews theme already in the review by the Envato team. If you have any problems, you can contact us via email or support forums. And of course, not all problems can be our response,

Many users britanews, fine with this theme. So you can’t just say “blacklist”

Please contact the Envato support for refund, Thanks :)

Hello , I’m using your theme and I’m having difficulty it does not appear the options of the top banner , need urgent help !

Hello , I’m using your theme and I’m having difficulty it does not appear the options of the top banner , need urgent help !

I can’t write to your forum. The registration form doesn’t wok.

But my main problem is something doesn’t work on your theme.

Here is the develop URL. http://nba1.creativewebideas.co/

The icons isn’t working…

Can you help me?

Thank you!

If you need admin access please write me!


gawrix Purchased

I’ve just bought your theme. Small problem appeared. I don’t see a icons in top menu and next Author name, date, category, comments. Please, help me solve this problem. http://bezodmowy.pl/ubezpieczenie-warsztatu-samochodowego/

edwinsa Author Team

Hi Gawrix, we’ve check your site, and the icon at top menu and other place is oke. https://goo.gl/LJjMG0

How do I set which posts are displayed in the featured slider? The documentation doesn’t say anything about it.

Forget it, I see it in the Page Builder.

it is possible to enable auto-play in main slider?