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Congrats bro, GLWS :D

Aamiin… Makasih om… :)

Congrat, Good luck with sales :-)

Aamiin… Makasih om… Mdh2n bisa sukses kaya om :)

Very nice theme! :)

Thank you :)

Clean and very nice theme. Good luck bro :)

Matur nuwun om :)

Looks wonderful, congrats.

Thanks :)

Nicee! May the sales be with you! :D

Jossss…. Aamiin…. :D

Great job!GLWS :)

Thank you sir :)

Really Nice! I think i must have it :) But two things seem to be wrong yet: If i got no fitting search result the result page looks broken (right sidebars are on the left side?). And on an iPad i got Problems hitting the symbols on the top right. try searching something and then hitting the two other symbols. can you take a look please?

The fastest way to get dark layout, you can add custom css code to smart css code editor (in the theme options), the container class (which is currently colored as white) is named .parentcontainer.
For example:

Thank you, we’re gonna to add dark layout feature ASAP.

thank you very much!

You are welcome :)

Great Theme! Pre-Sale Question: Is it possible to get the Photoshop Files?

You can get the photoshop files through our support forum after you purchased it.

Interesting theme. Question – Google fonts in your theme have the support of Cyrillic alphabet?

You can check your favorite google font that support cyrilic alphabet at http://google.com/fonts
There you can use live font preview feature by google fonts.

I know how to view Google fonts. Question – is there support for Cyrillic by the Google fonts in your theme?

Yes there is.
We have tested it and it is supported.

Check your demo. I got malware alert right now from Avast. Aparently here: http://demo.envalabs.com/britanews/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/7052860743_2c13f36d37_k.jpg


We have fixed it already. You can revisit the demo page.

Thanks for your information :)

What a gorgeous theme! WOW!

Thanks :)

Good job, GLWS ;)

Thanks :)

Is there an option to leave the 2nd level of the menu always opened?

Not yet, but we will consider it. Thanks

Super, clean and pleasant to look at, so bright.

A few questions,

1) Is it an option to have drop down menu?

2) You have a page builder on your demo. Are all these capabilities available to page builder or just to the home page?

3) Are these capabilities (carousel, gallery etc) available to posts to?

4) What the slider can pick up? Posts, pages or anything?

5) Is the grid presentation available to pages too?

6) How the posts / pages in grid to be shown are selected? By category, tags, post / page id?

7) Are the two columns / sidebars available to posts too?

The reason I am asking all this, is that under the content (page / post whatever), I would like to have a slider or grid to link to link to posts or pages that I could select by category, id etc.

The only think is that is not ie8 compatible.

  1. Yes, there is. You can configure that on menu option under appearance tab.
  2. Not only the homepage, you can create posts or pages based on page builder.
  3. Yes.
  4. For this time, it’s only pick post queries by category.
  5. Yes.
  6. It’s by category. We will consider to make this compatible with tags, post and page in future update.
  7. Yes of course. You can look at the demo that the post and page layout have 1 and 2 sidebars. You can configure that through meta box.
  8. The best way to do that is you can create slider in page builder, then you can paste the generated shortcode (by page builder) to your posts and pages.  
  9. Yes, it’s not compatibleto IE8, since themeforest announce that IE8 is optional for authors and IE8 users are dramatically decreased day by day. So we can pay more attention to theme updates, adding more features, and answering our customers.

Thank you for your reply.

My only concern is about ie8. I know it is an outdated browser, but still has a significant share. Each visitor is a potential customer. I will see. I probably purchase it and I’ll try to minimize the incompatibilities.

Ok. We will consider this theme can compatible to ie8. Thanks

Great theme! All in I need!

Short question: can I tranlate the standards like “ReCent Post”, “Categories” and “date” in german? will I am be able to find the labels? Or can you help me on that?

Yes, all default text like that are translatable, you can use poedit to translate it. Also, we have translated the theme to germany (Not full translated, but this translate job is still ongoing) as an example, so our users can copy and paste the *.po and *.mo file to the language folder and translate it to their own language.

How can i switch to classic blog and remove placehold images pleas? BTW theme is cool

Create new template through page builder, drag the “Classic” post query.
Please take a look at this picture:
Now you can create classic blog page just simple build a layout like that.

Excellent work my friend!!!! Congratulations, wish you many sales!!1 ;)

Thanks :)

Hey I just bought your theme and it looks great. I have a problem when adding a template to the page. I look at the page and it keeps telling me to provide a template name? The title of the page matches the title of the template and the shortcode with the id is in the body and the template for the page is selected to “PageBuilder” I do not know what else to do can you help?

Never mind it ended up being a plugin that was installed. Once it was deleted it showed up. I apologize for the above comment!

Hey can you email me the documentation as a virus error comes up and i cant download the full file pack.

Thanks Chris

Please visit http://support.envalabs.com/ to get the documentation file.

Dear Chris187,
If you can’t access our web support, would you send your email to us?