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I love this. Clean, Bright. I especially love the navigation. Is that custom or 3rd party?

It is custom, not 3rd party.

I hope you will purchase this theme :)

Nice theme! Some pre-sale questions:
1) Google fonts are not allowed?;
2) Is it possible to choose one layout for each page/post? (e.g. one full-width, one with 2 sidebars …);
3) Woocommerce integration?;
4) In image gallery lightbox, the right navigation arrow displays too far from the left one;
5) Why not a grey color scheme? More universal for several types of sites?
6) In the theme preview is not too visible the page builder section;
7) In the theme preview is not too visible the theme options section;
8 – Could the widgetbox fonts be changed all at once in black color so that content could be read also on a white background?
Thanks for your answers.

Sorry, grey colorscheme will available in 2-3 days. And we will add additional features too. We will let you know when the update is ready. Thank you.

Thanx for your answers:
1 – Thank you, I checked in theme all-features and there is no written there;
3 – Without Woo-commerce I can’t make my site, so how long will it takes for integration?;
4 – When you open whatever image with Lightbox the right arrow displays badly;
5 – Thanx for the forthcoming grey scheme!;
6 – 7 – Would like to see better with screenshots, live preview or videos how page builder and theme options work. It probably avoid you lots of questions…;
8 – Nice for the white widget with the black text!
9 – I would like to buy your theme for several sites, but sometimes i will need a narrower layout, 1060 px, that I think is responsive too.Is it possible to have a switch for this?
I look forward the new features… ;)

1. We already described on the prview image.
3. We estimate the woocomerce integration will takes 3-4 weeks.
4. Could you tell us what browser you use?
6-7. You can view BritaNews – Theme Option video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_CRVBgNyp8
And you can view BritaNews – Page Builder video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWsOi4HO86Q
9. Not available yet, but we will consider to add that feature in the next update.

hatur nuhun om :)

uwoow,,,amazing theme, GLWS brother

Thanks sir :)

Nice theme! One question… Audio and video post types are available? Thanks!

Sorry, for now these features are not yet available. But we will consider those features will be available in update version.

Nice theme can guess writers/authors sign up to write a post. I did not see a login option.

You have to input your Flickr User ID. Not the username.
You can get your userID by refer to this link:

I know this might be a crazy question. I can’t seem to find out where to add the author’s picture. Can you help?

Please register in http://gravatar.com and use the same email as same as email you use in wordpress admin.

Hi. A few things aren’t working in the template. Can you respond to the email I sent so they can hopefully be fixed?

Please check your email. We have responded your email.


I have few questions please let me know your email so i can contact you regarding that ..thanks

hi, I love your themes , I’am thinking to use it in my site and the blog . but can you support RTL direction . or is there away to support it .

thank you

Sorry, for now these feature is not yet available. But we will consider these feature will be available in update version.

thanks, I wish see it soon .

Hi. Quick question. How Do I get the little “Home” icon and the second icon after it? I can’t seem to find the information in the documentation.

Go to Appearance > Menus
Please see the image here: http://snag.gy/6z5Tl.jpg
You can use html tag <i class="icon-home" /> to display FontAwesome Icon.
This theme using fontawesome version 3.2.1
Please refer to this page to see complete icon list:

Ok thanks that worked!

You are welcome :)

Great… Good luck with sales! :)

Aamiin… Nuhuuunnn :)

Hi. I`m was buying this template. I have a problem with creating page: how set “Page title”? On my page out “Default page”.

You are welcome :)

Hi! Another problem with Saving Changes. I`m a admin and superuser, but I can not save changes to the page BritaNews Option Panel -> Header, eg do Today date Show to set Off/On! Help me please.

We just tested and it works fine.
If you don’t mind, please email us your wordpress website login information.

Hi, I have just deleted and reinstalled the theme as per instructions for updates however I am still seeing Version 1.0.0 within Manage Themes after uploading new update so is this correct (version bug error) or did my update fail.

Ah, we forgot to update the version number, but the file was absolutely updated version. Thanks. We’re so sorry.

Great, an update! Is the dark style already in it? Because adding of custom css for getting all dark really kills me.. ;)

very good – will check ist later on :)

Sorry, we have been wrong. We think Extranews theme (http://themeforest.net/item/extranews-strong-and-elegant-magazineblognews/6072091). If you want a darker version of britanews, we will attempt to provide on the next version update.

ah ok, thanks for the information!

How to change user avatar?

Please register in http://gravatar.com and use the same email as same as email you use in wordpress admin.

Bought it, tried it: great theme. In PageBuilder, I can only choose within normal post categories. Any way I can also have my own Custom Post types listed there? Or maybe point me to the file to change for this, if possible. Thanks!

Hi Siatris,
We apologize if you have to wait long.
Because the answer is quite long, if you do not mind, we will send the answer via email.
Can you inform your email address?

Hi! I bought this template, it’s look like fashionable. I want to add registration, what plugin do you recomend on this template ?

Good day! How to make your theme multilingual?

You are welcome :)

How make “Hot News” caption multilingual?

If you wanna to change the words,
there is already the settings for that,
Go to theme options > general > header. There you can find the News ticker settings, you can change that to whatever you want.

But if you want that really multilingual, then you need to use wpml plugin and you will need to do hard coding in the newsticker.php file.

Looks good but is a nightmare !

Hi Chris, we’re sorry for the unconvenience, but we did tell you that you can find the the offline documentation is already included in first version of this theme.
We told you that in documentation folder, there is “offline” version.
Please ppen the index.html file.

Otherwise, we have migrate the online documentation to http://envalabs.biz/documentation/britanews/
And it seems there are no virus alert from avast any more.
And don’t forget to download the updated theme.

Thank you.

Regards, Envalabs support team.

When i click the above link i get a malware alert from avast ! Do you want me to make you a video to show you ?

I cant download the full theme with everything either as it give a trojan horse alert.

Is anyone else having these issues or are they false alerts from avast ?

I would usually have a complete wp site set up by now and just adding content, think il stick to the more trusted sellers next time, lesson learnt as im just about to delete this whole theme as pretty as it is !

Hi Chris, we apologize for the inconvenience.
We have been working hard to help you.
Please check your email, details of what you are asking has been sent via email.


I have created a normal wordpress page !

How do i remove DEFAULT PAGE from the top of the page, why on earth would i want DEFAULT PAGE at the top of my page ?

I can only see two options on the page. 1.Default template (which im using) 2.Page builder – dont want to use.

Hi Chris, please download the update theme.
We had fixed this issue.

What about the issue that you cant move this so called page widget to the left of the page ? works on the right doesnt work when i switch things to the left were i want all my nav !

So many issues !

I could list 15 here without even breaking sweat !

Hi Chris, please check your email :)