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Hi, I would need your assistance for these few issues: 1. How to remove or disable the “News Ticker” on header? 2. It is possible to make the slider (single) to change to one photo to the next automaticaly, like an autorun? Because we have to click on te arrows to go to the next image… 3. It is possible to change the size of the slider (single) in order to make it smaller? Thanks for your helo with this issues, Regards. Phil

Sorry Patrika, about number 1, we have update this feature in update version.
Please dowload the update version and thanks for your suggestion.
About number 2, we still developing this feature. Hope you can wait the update version.
And about number 3, in page builder you just need to decrease the block size.

Hi, Thanks for your aswers. But just one more question: if I have made some changes (logo, etc..) if I reloaded the package all my changes will be deleted? It´s possible just to upload only the files needed for the update? Thanks. Regards.

No, you will not lost your changes and settings, because it’ll stored in your database.

I really like this theme. It almost has everything I’d like it to have. One thing noticeably missing is one of those amazing sticky menu’s that allow the menu and the site logo to follow the visitor as you scroll through the site. Plan on implementing this in the future? ( Example: http://mashable.com/ <- Amazing sticky menu with mega menu )

Thank you Mercury,
Yes we plan it :)

The Theme looks great, just a couple of pre-sale questions:
  • Do you plan or is it possible to add a way to customize Categories? Logo, Background, colors, etc
  • Are the review posts Optimized for “Rich snippets”?
Thank you.

Hi, thank you Artur.

1. You can customize the categories through page builder. For Logo, background, colors, you can customize it with the theme admin panel.

2. Not yet available, the rich snippets is functional that we afraid that when you change to other theme, you will lost the rich snippets data.

Thank you for the quick reply, about the customization, what I want to do is to customize each category independently.

Are you planning on adding Rich snippets support, I love how they show up when you google the sites that support it and would really like to have it, I love how the theme looks and works, but would love to have that option at least in the future.

In version 1.3.0 you can customize each category indepedently using page builder.
Here’s the steps how to do that:
1. Build your layout in page builder, and please Include Post Loop that contain that match the category which you want to create.
2. After you’ve done in page builder, copy the generated shortcode. see picture here:
3. Go to: Post >> Categories. Edit the category that you want to customize. In the description form, just paste the shortcode from the pagebuilder. Save it and you’re done.

For google rich snippets, we do can add that feature into the theme. But this is so functional, we afraid that when you switch to another theme, the settings of that rich snippets will be gone.
But we will try to add this feature for future update, indeed.
But while you waiting for next update, you may use this plugin:
It’s great and it’s free.

I’m new to WP, so this might be a pretty newbie question, but the theme is supposed to have all these different templates included (and I see 20+ ‘example’ HTML pages in the Bonus folder) but I don’t see ANY of these templates when I create a new page. Am I supposed to build all these myself?

Actually there is already demo data in the package file Inside the folder named “demo data”.
You can upload the demo data to your website to get the content as same as our demo site.
Just go to Tools >> import >> wordpress, and then upload the *.xml file.

Thank you.

Awesome – thanks… Still finding my feet with WP obviously.

Good day! I paid $ 42 on this subject and even $ 79 for wpml. But I can `t make the site fully bilingual. Would you be kind enough to add to the theme languages switcher in the header. And to do so “Hot news” headlines could do in other languages. Thank you!

Yes, we will help you.
Just give us access to your wp-admin.

So, I tested v1.2.0 :) First of all, thanks for the improvements. And here the things that I noticed:
  • The date at the top of the right – the Format doesn’t fit if you change the format in the wp-settings.
  • your demo-content – i installed it to a fresh and empty wp 3.8 installation. I’m missing the sidebars, at home-4 for example or at 2-right-sidebar (there is just 1). Do I have to do something that the’re all showing?
  • the font-color of the footer-menu in the dark theme is dark ;)
  • and a question to the dark template (thank you for that) – will there be the possibillity to change the colors easily? the background is to light and the red not red enough to me, for example :)

But… the theme really looks great – like it very much!

Thank you for your notice about the theme bugs and glitch. We will fix that asap.
To answer your last question, we will make it possible in the next update. So you can choose any colorscheme you want. ;)

Great theme, please check if it works fast and correct with iphone. I have small problems.


Could you tell us what’s problem you have?

We checked it and it works on any mobile devices. May we know what your problems? we glad to help you.

Hello! I get the message “Waiting the facebook.com” see it on page http://wp.envalabs.biz/britanews/2013/11/7-bootstrapping-tips-for-the-resourceful-small-business/ How to remove facebook social on this page? Or Why is this happening?

Hi, we don’t see any facebook message as you mentioned above.
Here’s the screenshot of the link: http://snag.gy/YdxAA.jpg

May be it’s caused by slow internet connection.
Sorry for inconvenience.

How I can remove, facebook button?

You need to remove it manually, but in next update we’ll added the options to make you show and hide the social share buttons easier.

I purchased this theme, but had a few questions before we make it live and start editing it.

1) Is it required that a post have an image associated with it? The single post page seems to require it versus checking to see if an image is present and displaying it OR not. Most of our articles would have no feature image so this is important.

2) If a featured image is not present it looks like it displays a default image (not the best solution) but is that default image customizable by category?

3) When displaying the 3 grid slider on an iPad mini there is a space under the bottom right image which diminishes the symmetry of the page.

Hi devost, we’re sorry for the inconvenience, today we gonna upload the newest update.
Anyway, to make this theme better and to make our client feel happier, could you please tell us the list of issues you’ve got?
We’re always trying to hear our clients’ problem.


Here are just a few:

Fields to enter data (like ads, Google tracking) are all spaced at one character. You can paste code in there, but you can’t read it.

Viewing on Chromebook Pixel resolution the 3-1 slider expands to large causing an ugly step inward as the page continues.

The Glass slider (unless at full width) shows too much text and it bleeds into the Read More text and icon.

No way to disable breadcrumbs.

Columns headers are offset making the page look bad if you select two columns in page builder and put single slider in one and widgets in the other. The widget is spaced about 15 pixels higher (using blue box for first widget).

Favicon settings are not being retained. You can load the image and it shows up fine in the settings, but not displaying on the site and when you go back into settings it shows broken image links for the favicons that were just set (even though the image links to favicons are perfectly valid).

We made the mistake of pushing this to a live site, so we are having to code changes. If you update, please provide a DETAILED change log so we can track changes accordingly.

Thank you for your inputs devost, we will make this theme better and fixing the issues you listed above.


I’ve just bought your theme, great design and function. I’ve few problem on Sliders:

1. 3 in 1 doesn’t have title and the small thumbails don’t work (no title, no image 2. I’ve the same problem on the Single Slider

How can i fix it.

Best regards, Sébastien

In theme options,
there is toggle button with label called “Show Top Banner Ad”
Please turn that toggle on first, then the rest of its settings will show up.
You can see how it works, please see this screenshot: http://snag.gy/qGpiU.jpg

Ok thx, i’ve tried on Safari, i see theses option. But on Chrome there is no Option.

The screenshot was taken using chrome :)

So beautiful theme! If only it’s compatible to ie8.. :S

Thank you mate,
We’re working this theme compatible with ie8

Hi, I could not find any reference to image sizes. I believe wrong image sizes are causing pages to shift irregularly. can you advise on image sizes height/width relations?

The images size will be cropped automatically. Just make sure that you upload image that have large enough size.

Hi again,

Now I would like to ask you how or where can I remove the icon on the top right side of the theme, just in the middle of the social boton and the search one. There is a botton and when I click on it a message displays: “Go do admin panel to creat your menu…”. There is the same message on the footer that I would like to remove also. You can see that on this link to my site: www.smellofprovence.com Thanks for your help and information. Regards

Hi Patrika,
We apologize for making you wait a long time.

The answer:

Go to:
britanews theme options > custom codes
in css editor, add this code:

.topmenu .hdrbtn:last-child {
    display: none;

Hi Guys I am a teacher who has been blogging for the past 3 years. The theme I was using was free and had limited functionality. I came across your amazing them and decided to purchase it. Having spent 3 years getting everything the way I wanted it for easy of access for me I now find myself on a steep learning curve. Referring to a previous post comment how do I import one of your demo themes I went to import but no such plugin is there a specific one? Also I like my blog page to have 2 sidebars how do I change this? Finally my menus from my previous them are not showing on the current theme. Sorry to ask so many question but new to this. Thanks for all you hard work and effort on this theme. Adam

Hi Adam,
There is already demo content in your main downloaded file.
The file is located in “demo content” folder.
To import that content, please login to your wordpress admin > tools > import > choose wordpress.
Upload the xml file and import all content.

Hi sorry I am having issues with creating pages for my site. I have created a page but it does not show up in the page list. Installed the page builder and used it to create a page I wanted but still can not see it. Cheers Adam

When you’ve done creating content layout with page builder, you must to go to: Add new Page.
Above the wordpress post editor, there is button labeled with “Add Template”.
Click that to get the list the generated page builder content.
Click one of them (you can add more than one).
See this pic: http://snag.gy/q9x6t.jpg

More detail on how to create content layout with page builder, you can watch the video here:

thanks for that working my way around lots of things. Also noticed my leave a reply box has developed an error it keeps saying connection reset.

Hi Adam,
Please leave your website url address.
And if you do not mind, please email the admin user and password to us (info@envalabs.com).
We will try to help you.

Hi Envalabs, i have a problem with your theme with wp 3.8. Whena i chang some style params in “BritaNews” like color, font and other, nothing seems to apper. My site and mobile vs remains with default color, font and other option. Why? There is a cache? Look http://snag.gy/NrqWY.jpghttp://snag.gy/mrwVj.jpg Another question, how to translate in Italian? Thanks

Hi Stefano, It seems that your web server won’t allow wordpress file rewriting system. So we moved the custom styling code to header.php. Now it’s works as it supposed be.

Thanks, it’s seems to be ok but mobile vs remain with defaukt styling. Why?

We separate the layout between desktop and mobile devices to give the theme best performance in hand-held devices.
But there is options to disable this feature in BritaNews Admin panel.

Hi, I just purchased the theme and was wondering if there was any way to remove the “Brita News” logo from the header.

Can I set up a custom header?

Yes of course, you can upload your own logo image.
Just go to britanews option panel > general settings > header settings.
You will find there is logo upload form there.
Upload your image logo and don’t forget to save the settings when the logo have been uploaded.

Sorry for my bad english :p
Thanks. :)

Hi having real issues with the layout of this them. For some reason or another the layout has changed and not by my hand. Also it duplicates what ever widgets you place in the sidebar very frustrating. In addition to this my sight has been renamed blogtastic and not sure how. In addition to this i have gone in and selected sidebar left content sidebar right but it does not change.The leave a reply function is still not working and i have sent you and e-mail with my wordpress details. I have been working on this since 9am now getting bog eyed.Please help. I am basically trying to get the same layout in you live preview.Thanks Adam

I would also like to know how to set up a multi language function on my blog so different users from around the world can fully access it. Many thanks

Sorry me again I would like to set up some top level menus which I have done but how do I put new content on there as currently each page replicates my blog posts. Thanks

Hi Adam,
  1. Give us some times to make your web looks like our demo site. You just take a rest.
  2. You need to use qtranslate or wpml plugin, those plugin will allow you to create multi language to each post your create.
  3. Navigate to appearance >> Menus.
    Set the position or menu that you have created.


I’d like to know how I can change the coding of the scoring system for reviews. We’d like to make it so the overall score doesn’t average the scores we enter in the system. We’d like to be able to put our own overall score in place of the summed up average.

Please send us an email to info@envalabs.com
We will send you the instruction on how to do that. Thanks!

I have a problem like uniquemultimedia about colorsheme and background. Can you please help me? My email colintier13@gmail.com

3 in 1 Slider didnt change too when i edit it’s setting. I guess it cause by webserver. Choose is move my hosting?

Seems your server, doesn’t allow to rewrite the file.
Please send us an email to info@envalabs.com with your site admin login information, we will fix your problems asap.

I sent you an email. Please check.