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a couple questions:

1. is there a way to place a banner in the header, or some content other than the logo? 2. is there a video widget? how can we post video content?

1.) You can’t. But if you want to add such thing, you need to do hard coding in header.php file
2.) You just need to use plain text widget to post video. Put the iframe code into that.

A couple further questions: 1. How can we change the base template (the one that the system uses for categories and tags) from classic blog to blog masonry?

2. Our template is only shows 3 horizontal posts on the blog masonry template, how do we make it show 4?

1.) You can use page builder content.
Just paste the generated code from page builder to categories description: (navigate to post > categories > edit the one of category: put the code to the description field).

2.) Use full width in the main layout.
The content is adapting the parent width layout.

Hi There,

Still having issues with my site I was wondering if we could communicate directly via e-mail? Much appreciated. Adam

if a create a page using page builder using the blocks how do i then add stuff to the page I have created. I see the edit page so for example if i place the 3 in 1 slider and put images into the page will that automatically add them?

Hi Adam, just take it easy, we’re happy to help you ;)

We checked and tried the reply function out and that’s works as well. please See the pic: http://snag.gy/xXXLT.jpg

  1. We don’t see any vimeo connection reset you mentioned in the widget. Could you please take some screenshot?
  2. Please see our question to make sure what you really need to get our help. See pic: http://snag.gy/wf0jo.jpg
  3. We’re happy to help you, but until now we don’t get what you really need. So, we think we need you to take screenshot for each issues you have and highlighting the problem with some notes, just like the the screenshots from us above.

Hi I thought I was making progress until this morning. I really can not fathom it. I was trying out posting from my e-mail and posted site renovations. Oddly I have been working on my site all morning in firefox but when I use other browsers it just shows Site renovations please help rectify this issue as I have deleted the post and it still comes up with the same. Thanks Adam

Hi I thought I was making progress until this morning. I really can not fathom it. I was trying out posting from my e-mail and posted site renovations. Oddly I have been working on my site all morning in firefox but when I use other browsers it just shows Site renovations please help rectify this issue as I have deleted the post and it still comes up with the same. Thanks Adam

ah just noted under construction widget! Did you guys add that phew deactivated it. Very useful though as I get to grip with everything. Its been a long night many thanks chaps. I noted you added some menus for me as well. To add content do I now create a page and link it? Superstars

Hi, we’ve fixed your website. You can test it on your browser. make sure to clear the cache. And yes, we added that plugin, because it’ll prevent your readers to get the “messed up” version while you just editing the website.
Actually, you can simply create some pages, and navigate to: Appearance >> Menus. There is “Pages” tab that contain your created pages. Just check the thick box, and hit the “Add to Menu”. See the screenshot: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/41zgq/ihwm

Many thanks. I am able to navigate the menus now and added Mt Template by page builder to the footer menu but one thing I don’t know is how to change the content in the page. If click edit I can add text. I don’t know how to write code is that what I need to do? I was looking for a more simplistic way to change the content.

Hi Can I ask a questions;

What are the best dimensions to use to see the whole image in the featured image box. Every image i insert does not look right as it crops it. Thanks

The size for image post is 757×351.
For featured image in single page is 1147×537

I would like to add an interactive banner to my site how do I add a BannerSnack file? I created a text box but in the BritaNews panel there is no option to make your own header. Thanks

Navigate to britanews themeoptions, click the “adv” tab, you will see “top adv” sub tab.

There is settings that allowed you to upload image and it’s destination url.

I only have ads tab and when you click on the top banner adv nothing happens.

the top banner ads is set by cookie, which is the banner will appear on next one day from the close button clicked.

And do not forget that in ads settings, there is Destination URL field that you can use to refer the ads link target

Hello. First of all, I love the theme! :D

I have a question though. I use the theme on a website where polish language is the main. I’d like to change the current date shown to be polish

I mean the date selected on the screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/vtoQquJ.png

Also, how do you put icons near the widget titles? It seems I don’t have any options to put the icons like ‘quote’ or ‘video’ etc.

Also, it seems there is no string for “Latest Entries” in the language files.

Hello ;)

For Icons, in each widget title, you just have to do this:

[i class=””][/i] Your Widget Title

Go to britanews/js/custom.js
Find this code: //Get Today’s Date
You will find the days names there.
You need to edit that.

For latest entries string, please open your index.php and replace the words of “Latest Entries” to this:

<?php echo __('LATEST ENTRIES','envalabs');?>

I cannot seem to find where to add the sliders to my home page, I can see where to do it by creating a “home” page but not directly to my website.

To add Sliders, you just need simply to use the page builder.
Navigate to Appearance >> Page Builder

Found it, I needed to create a static “home” page and not just my blog roll. Thank you.

You are welcome :)

Hello, i recently bought this theme and i have some questions. 1. why is different how ipad size shows in the live preview of this theme.


i like more how it shows in the live preview (whitout the widget place), how i can set it?.

2.how i can change the date to other language (is only in english actually)



Hello Shinichi,
  1. The demo is using our latest version which is version 1.4.0
    BUT, when we tried to update our files in themeforest, we got some problem, so our customers can’t download the latest update files, yet. We have uploaded the latest update couple hours ago. Hopefully envato will approve it as soon as possible.
  2. Go to britanews/js/custom.js
    Find this code: //Get Today’s Date
    You will find the days names there. You need to edit that.

very thanks!

You are welcome :)

Hey :) Some design questions:

1. I would need a darker background-color of the dark layout (#111 for example) for fitting better to my red link color – what would be the easiest way to do that? I tried to change some parts through custom css but I didn’t found all parts that must be changed… Would there be an easier way in a further version?

2. The tag cloud(widget) in the dark layout has a light background-color.

3. On the slider on page “home-4” the background-color of the tags doesn’t fit to the chosen Color (it is blue instead of the chosen red color)

4. the “read more” button on “home-5” is also blue.

5. And a non-design-question :) i would need custom taxonomy for my music site to have taxonomies for genres and for bands in every post. I found the great “wp types” plugin but it would be great to have this feature included in your theme – otherwise i have to change your code what would be bad for updates. Do you think that would be possible? Maybe it could also be a good feature for other users.. So, now trying your page builder… :)

You’re welcome too :) I got some further questions before I start setting up my site with BritaNews. 1. concerning the dark layout: did I get you right, I have to find and change the css by myself if i want the background-color(s) darker as they are? That would be possible but I suppose ther are lots of css to change..? 2. We talked about the taxonomies – do you see a chance to implement it to your theme? That would be very very nice. :) 3. And, another question, concerning BritaNews not directly but maybe you can help? I got lots of data to implement from another self written system with cross-references and so on. Do you know somebody who can help me with importing and assigning it to the wordpress-db? Thank you :) Markus

Hi Markus, sorry for the late replay.
1) Dark or light layout style in the theme settings Britanews. You do not need to change the css file.
2) Taxonomy for now can not be in the implementation. We would put on the list for the next update.
3) The solution to this problem is to convert the files to xml. You can find tutorials somewhere else :)

Please note that for better response, all support now conducted through our support forum http://support.envalabs.biz/
Thank you, we look forward to serve you there! :)

Super theme! I want to buy, but on wp 3.8 theme works correctly? Yeah I saw in description support 3.7, but how it works on wp 3.8 Parker? Thanks.

Thank you :)
This theme works well on wp 3.8
We’re sorry, there is no option 3.8 in the description. If you find some trouble in 3.8, we are happy to help you :)

Hello! When i add thumbnail image to the post, i see an error https://www.dropbox.com/s/zkf0xhcdrmxbv3x/screen1.jpg WP 3.8 How can i fix that? Thanks.

Hi Algaretio,
I do want to apologize for the delay in our reply.
Sorry for asking:
  • Do you using image editor plugin?
  • We didn’t place font preview in the theme options, because it’s caused error. We’re trying to fix this, we’ve asked the creator of vafpress framework why it’s happened.

Thanks for the answer, but I’m not using any plugins for images. And now I tried to disable all my plugins, to exclude this variant. But error is remained (

Hi, please send us the error message and details to us through email (info@envalabs.biz). Thanks.

Hello and gratz on a theme well done. I got 2 questions :

1) How can i make the news ticker move horizontally like you have in your demo. At the moment it displays 2 up and down arrows and it works like a slider.

2)How can i make the sliders move every couple of seconds automatically, i havent seen any option to do that.

Thanks for the support

Hello Duke,
1.) if you use the updated version (1.4.0), the newsticker will slide horizontally.
2.) you have to do it manually. Please tell us which slider you want to automatically sliding.

Hi thanks for the support, i would like to make the 3in1 slider move automatically. Thank you!

You are welcome :)

Hi, support RTL ?

Hi… Not yet, but in future we plan this theme support RTL.


would it possible to add a social counter box. Counting all subscribers/followers on social media?

Yes, it is possible.
There are great plugins at codecanyon for that.
Take a look at this link:

Hi, – few Pre-sale questions 1. is it possible to show the full post instead read more option in the blog since my posts are short (around 500 characters ) 2. how to show a post without featured image in the blog ? 3. is it possible to show a one big full width header banner image instead small left side logo? 4. is it possible to re-size the left or right sidebars? 5. is it possible to place a widget area any where I want in the theme? specially in blog grid

  1. It’s depends on what blog loop type that you’d use with.
  2. What blog type do you use now? could you give us some screenshot? thanks
  3. Yes, but you need to edit the code.
  • You can open header.php and find the logo section: class=”grid_3 logo”. change grid_3 to grid_6.
  • Find: grid_9 text-right. Change the grid_9 to grid_6. After you finish doing that, save it.
4. Yes of course you can. Use page builder to make content layout as you like.
  • 5. Yes you can, again, use page builder, there is widget module there.
  • Hello, I’m having an issue with the 3 in 1 slider, I’m testing my page and attempting to configure it. However, when the 3 in 1 slider loads only one picture shows and the other 2 dont and there is no text showing from the one post that shows.

    I have sent the information

    I’m still experiencing the issue with the 3 in 1 slider

    Hello Taune247,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Right now we are trying to improme our support system.
    We will back to you on monday GMT +7.
    Sorry for your inconvenience.


    Hi guys. What is the font that u used on headers and can i get this font with polish characters?

    Sorry, we are not sure what you mean.
    We use oswald for heading font, if you asking for logo font, we use Hall Fetica, if you asking for menu font, we use Roboto.

    Thx i already find problem and fixit :) Needed the name of the Oswald font :)

    Hello any word on how to make the 3in1 slider rotate images automatically?

    Hi Duke,

    Please open up your theme folder (britanews)
    Go to folder “js”
    Edit file called “custom.js”

    Go to line 147, or simply find this code:

    You will see this code:
    slideshow: false,

    Change word false to true,

    Save the file and try to Hard Refresh (CTRL+F5) your browser.

    Ok thanks that worked nicely.

    One more question, i am trying to display an icon in the main menu like you have on your demo and i cant seem to find out how. For example i want to display the home page with the small home icon.

    Advice please on how i can do this, thx!

    Go to Appearance > Menus
    Please see the image here: http://snag.gy/6z5Tl.jpg
    You can use html tag to display FontAwesome Icon.

    This theme using fontawesome version 3.2.1
    Please refer to this page to see complete icon list: