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Hi does it include google metadata for reviews?

Hello, I’m having an issue with the 3 in 1 slider, I’m testing my page and attempting to configure it. However, when the 3 in 1 slider loads only one picture shows and the other 2 dont and there is no text showing from the one post that shows.

Hi, please make sure each category that will you use in the slider has at least 3 posts to get that works as supposed to be.

Hello friends,

I bought the theme, installed it in my server, but it is showing some errors.

When I access the dashboard and I click on “BritaNews” option can not click any of the options from theme settings panel.

Can you help me?

I’m using WordPress 3.4.2

Hello. Please send us an email to info@envalabs.com with your site admin login information, we will try to fix your problems asap.

The worst theme i have ever bought and the worst support ! If your looking an easy to use wordpress theme do not buy this one ! Cant even change the background now !

Problem after problem after problem ! A complete nightmare !

Hi Chris,
What do you mean you can’t even change the background?

How could you say you can’t change the background while we’re so easily change the background?

We did what you asked and update the theme regularly based on your request and then you say this thing? We don’t even know how we should help you.

Hi, when will there be the next update of BritaNews and what will be included? Before i start working on a real site.. :) Cheers, Markus

Yes of course. We still trying on that. Will need more time.

Sounds great! Thank you.

Hi Markus, the new version had been released. Hope you happy :)

Keren bang, GLWS!

Aamiin. Matur nuwun :)

Hi, I have a small problem: I figured out how to build the pages, but how do I apply a template created at home? The method shown in your videos, allows me to apply only to the template pages created.

Thanks, Anna.

Hi Anna,

When you finished creating custom template with page builder and pasted the shortcode to your page. Then you need to navigate to settings > reading. There is static page settings. Click on that and choose your page to make it appear on homepage.

Thank you so much! I was so taken by the many options that I have not thought about the most obvious thing.

I have another question if you do not mind:

The slide into my home has white text, but by problems in the case of clear images. Is there a way to create a shadow in the font? so that it goes well in any case, regardless of the background light / dark.

Greetings Anna.

Hi Anna,

Add this code to css editor in britanews theme admin panel.
In custom code:
.flexslider .capcontain .slidetitle h2{ text-shadow: 1px 1px 3px #000; text-shadow: 1px 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,.7); }

Hi there, my columns are all messed up and being cut off. Also non of my posts are showing up in their respective category directories.

Really need to get this figured out – thesquarecanvas.com

Hi there, could you please give us (info@envalabs.biz) access to your site admin? We will try to find out why this happened and fix that. Thanks


I would like to know how I can remove the date on the slider (simple) images in order to just les the image with the title? Thanks in advance for your response. Regards.

Hi Patrika,

Please navigate to britanews theme options, in header settings there is an option to hide/show the date.

Hi, Thanks for your response but it´s not this date that I´m talking about. The one I want to remove is the one wich appears on the images of the slider (the one coming with the tittle of the image, etc..) On my website -> www.smellofprovenece.com the date December 10th on th images of the slider. This is the one I want to make desapear =) Thanks for your help. Regards

Hi Patrika,
Sorry for waiting.

Here the answer:
Navigate to britanews theme options,
go to custom codes tab, you’ll see there is css editor.

Paste this code into css editor:

.flexslider .capcontain .slidedate{ display:none }

WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [image_no_editor] => Array ( [0] => ???????? ) ) [error_data] => Array ( ) )

some problem with this msg, i didn’t install any plugin

You have to upload the featured image for each post.

i have upload featured image already

Hello chungai217,
Thank you for your comment.
Right now we are trying to improme our support system.
We will back to you on monday GMT +7.
Sorry for your inconvenience.


Guys need fast awnser. How to disable the post icon thats releated to #listcomment, and the “No Comment” text and icon inside the post ? Disable coments in Admin pannel dont work.

Hi, sorry for waiting.
Add this code to css editor in britanews admin panel.

.postmeta ul li:last-child { display: none; }

Works fine thx :)

You are welcome :)
For the second question, you can find at Theme-init.php
And you need to access the main directory of britanews folder and go to “includes” folder.

Hi Envalabs, I tried to create post with photo gallery inside but why the images in gallery did not display as slideshow when I click on it? Is there something I did wrong? Thanks URL http://goo.gl/4FWKeW

Sorry my clients want to switch to another template now

it wont let me make anymore templates, is there a limit?

Hi there…
There is no limit to create template.
You can add another template as many as you want.
You just need to find the ”+” icon to add another template.
See screenshot: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/41zgq/2ap0

One more question when i make tables in post is there an option too turn off borders boreder=0 not working?

Just add this code to css editor in theme option:

table td{border:none!important;}
table th{border:none!important;}

Excuse me, I want to ask you something about the header:

I created my logo with the title, but I notice that regardless of the size of the image, it is always reduced to the same extent. Is there any way (including by code) to increase these limits ? : \

Hi Nana,sorry we have trouble to post the right code in this comment. Please send us (info@envalabs.biz) your email so we can send the right answer for you.

Hello, as suggested, I sent an e-mail to your address :) You are very kind!

OK Anna, we had sent the answer to your email. Hope you happy :)

That`s the last one i hope. When i can change default image that is http://placehold.it/562x211 to some other image.

Hi, we don’t get what you want to do. Could you please pointing us (some screenshots will be helpful) to the problems?

hi pre-sale question, I don’t see any contact form inside the demo. Is it contact form 7 compatible? Or style for contact form 7? thanks.

Yes,It’s compatible with contact form7.

Yes,It’s compatible with contact form7.

Yes,It’s compatible with contact form7.

Merhaba, teman?z için Türkçe dil deste?i mevcut mu?

Yes, our theme is multilingual ready. But you still have to translate it to Turkish by yourself by editing languange file. You can also try to use WPML plugin.

You can copy that file and rename it to your language international code.

After you rename that file, you can edit those strings with poedit.

E.g, if your language is germany, you need to rename the file to de_DE.po

Thank you. Buy’ll contact again after

Hi, I’m having problems uploading the updated version of the template. When I do I get this message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /home/zoeleigh80/public_html/wp-content/themes/britanews/

Theme install failed.

But the version I have installed still makes an error in including “Default Page” as the page title.

Can you please help?

Hi Zoe,
Sorry for long time waiting.
Please don’t upload the theme on wordpress themes page.
You should overwrite via cPanel.
It’ll caused the error.

is there any site where i can download the brita news page builder. i have some server problems and i can only upload plugins with ftp software for some reasons.

The plugin is included in theme folder.

Just open the includes > plugins folder inside britanews folder.

You will find the compressed plugin there.